Friday, January 4, 2013


I hope to soon post an update on the happenings with me but for now more on Mason. Mason's one year pics were scheduled for December 28 (the day after his actual birthday). Like I've mentioned he came down with a fever about 36 hours before picture time. And with the fever came an ear infection, a sinus infection, and a very cranky boy. In hindsight I should have just canceled the pics and rescheduled but I didn't and boy oh boy did pictures NOT go well. We did NOT get one single smile. Well a few but not while looking at the camera. We did however get lots of tears, lots of hand in (or in front of mouth), and lots of serious Mason poses. Oh well. Praying 18 month pics go better!!! But here are a few for your viewing pleasure...
Fingers in mouth
Hand covering mouth
My Fave
Thinking about smiling
Busy playing
Sad Baby (Take 1)
Serious Baby
Cute Baby (Take 1)
Cute Baby (Take 2)
Sad Baby (Take 2)

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