Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Trying Our Best To Stay B-U-S-Y

This was my title about a week and a half ago and we most definitely achieved that goal. We have been crazy busy these last 2 weeks. Filling our time with fun things. We went to Frederick Meijer Gardens to pet the reindeer, played with new toys, went shopping, visited the girls, and, Mason went to Playworld with (most of) his cousins. Of course these activities are all in addition to all the Christmas parties, Mason's birthday party, a play date, and many other evening outings. We have found through all the losses that staying busy keeps us from feeling too depressed.

Petting the reindeer at Frederick Meijer Gardens...
Laughing at the reindeer with Daddy
Checking out the Christmas trees inside FMG.

Playing with his new tent and tunnel from his cousin Austin...

Shopping the hunting aisle at Meijer...

Mason was sleeping during our Christmas Eve visit to his sisters so this is the best pic you get ;)

Mason wasn't a fan of Playworld. Grandma tried to put him in the bouncy area and he wanted NOTHING to do with it.
 But he did enjoy a WHOLE piece of pizza at Playworld!!!

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