Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ten on Thursday

1. I absolutely love the fact that (most of) my friends and I have kids around the same age.  Monthly play dates have been a huge success this fall/winter. Yesterday we went to Jude and Rhys' house and had fun with milk (notice both Mason and Rhys' wet spots on their shirts). Both boys took a turn spilling Jude's milk. Mason first and then ten minutes later Rhys.

2. On Monday Mason and I stopped by the cemetery to wipe off the girl's snow covered stone. Mason was such a big help!!! Oh I just LOVE my little guy. Even at the cemetery he makes me laugh with his quirky little antics...

 Of course he had to "help" me wipe off the snow...
 and in the process lose a glove...
 or two...
 this is cold mom.

3. On Sunday we went sledding down the little hill in our yard. Mason enjoyed himself as usual!!! Don't mind the hubby in his shorts (it wasn't that warm). As you will soon see I was a little more bundled up (but in my UNmatching attire again). Don't we make quite the pair!!!

4. This kid has NO fear of climbing. Earlier this week he climbed up one of the chairs in our family room (the chair that happens to be right by the fireplace) and then proceeded to head dive off of the chair and (his head) missed the fireplace by mere centimeters. So the furniture upstairs got moved around a bit. Safety first!!!

5. Mason also loves to climb IN he can get to the things he is not suppose to be getting into (notice the glass jars)...

6. I LOVE me a sleeping baby!!! So sweet. So innocent. Notice the no bumper look. We tried it out for a week or so and...

7. It was a definite no go. Mason uses the bumpers as pillows and without them he just wasn't sleeping as good at night. And his pacifiers kept falling out which was also a HUGE problem. We put the bumpers back and I'm pretty sure Mason was stoked about that decision!!!

8. He was mad at me because I said NO. Anyone else have this problem ;)

9. We celebrated my niece Addisyn's 5th birthday this past Sunday. Hard to believe that she is FIVE years old already. Crazy how fast time flies. We attempted a picture of the eight grands..."attempted" would be the key word.
 Kylynn, Austin, Cambrey, Brinley, Easton, Cole, Addisyn, and Mason

10. Mason just recently became obsessed with our neighbor's dog. Brian and Mason were playing catch with Meike on Sunday. And then on Monday she (Meike) was outside again but Mase and I were meeting my mom and nephew for lunch so I told Mason "later." Well Mason must not have forgotten what I said because when we got home he walked himself right on over to our neighbor's house (NO JOKE). The big bummer for Mason was that Meike was not outside to play.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

14 Months

    • Mason's next well-child check up is schedule for March 27 but if I had to guess Mason is a healthy 24 pounds and maybe a few ounces. And just over 31 inches tall.
    • Back in early January Mason got his 9th tooth. One of his molars. It was a rough few days. And after a few more cranky days I noticed just this morning that tooth number 10 is in and that tooth number 11 is working its way on in!!! 
    • Mason's FAVORITE word: H-O-T. Says it all.the.time. Besides mama, dada, and hot the boy doesn't say too much.
    • PJs: 18 months. Shirts: For the most part 12-18 months or 18 months but a few 18-24 months as well. Bottoms: A few 12 months but mostly 12-18 month or 18 month. 18 month pants are a bit long so they must be rolled. And his jeans are all 18-24 months. Again a bit big but the plus side is he can wear them for awhile. And he is still in size 4 (Kirkland brand) diapers.
    • As of Monday Mason no longer gets his morning bottle. Makes me sad. But he still gets a night time bottle of 6-7 ounces (of Vitamin D milk).
    • Mason loves going for car rides so he can watch his Baby Genius DVD. Which means he is a champ at letting us get his shoes and coat on him because it means...Baby Genius time!!! He gets mad if Brian or I leave without him for fear of missing out on Baby Genius. And once in the car he is an absolute gem...quietly and intently watching Baby Genius!!! 
    • Mason is a SUCH a nosy boy...when in public he just stares at strangers.
    • Mason enjoyed his second Valentines Day and this year his goodie bags had candy in them!!!
     Cotton candy and M&M's from Gpa and Gma V
    • Mason doesn't like many men (besides his daddy and grandpas) but for whatever reason he is obsessed with my brother Brandon. He loves jumping with him and making loud noises.
    • Mason's latest trick is climbing on anything and everything that he can...
    • Mason loves "playing" in Brian and I's shower.
    • Mason loves playing hide and seek in his closest.
    • Mason is becoming (at times) quite the independent little boy. He loves walking all by himself. Doesn't want to be carried or in a cart or in his stroller. He loves to explore the things around him and at his own pace!!!
    • Shortly after turning a year Mason became a champion sleeper. We no longer let him fall asleep in our bed. Instead we did his bottle in his room with the lights off and his music on. Afterwards I would rock him to sleep. At first it took up to 30 minutes. Now immediately after his bottle we set him in his crib and he is out cold. He sleeps on his pillow pet with at least two pacis (one in his mouth and the other in his hand) and the moment we set him in his crib he hits his rain forest peek-a-boo soother on. For the first few weeks when he woke whether it be midnight or 4am we brought him back to our bed. Then we said enough to that too. So when he cried out I would lay him back down and make sure he had his two pacis (again one in mouth and the other in his hand) and I hit his soother back on and he would go back to sleep. However, if he cries out anytime after 5am we do let him come into bed with us. But for the most part he stays in his crib all night long and sleeps "in" until 6:30 or 7:15. All I can say is our sleep is so much better!!!
    • Mason still makes many a weird faces/scowls and still loves electronics. Especially mommy's phone. He is a pro at calling/texting peeps without my knowledge.

    Thursday, February 21, 2013

    Ultrasound Results

    Got Mason's ultrasound results back already. (Yea for being so speedy)!!! And even though his right kidney showed no change (still a grade 2)...his left kidney NO longer has hydronephrosis!!! All in all I took it as very good news. So the plan is another ultrasound next year.

    Tuesday, February 19, 2013

    Ten On Tuesday

    1. I went out for dinner last week with two fellow baby loss mama's. And we had the BEST time!!! Before we knew it it was 10PM. Thanks Heather and Jen and we MUST do dinner more often!!!

    2. I now remember why I will NEVER go back to school. And here's why...because I majorly DISLIKE studying. I had to recertify for BLS (Basic Life Support) and PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) this past Wednesday and I had the hardest time trying to focus. I tried to study when Mase was napping but then all I wanted to do was watch some of my DVR'd shows or read a magazine or bum around on my computer or clean. Thankfully I must have studied enough because I passed with flying colors!!!

    3. I was a little bummed when I got scheduled to work on Valentine's Day this year. Bummed more due to the fact that I NEVER work Thursdays (because its the only day that we have no "daycare" for Mason) and then I get scheduled on the Thursday that happens to be Valentine's Day. But such is life. However, since no one at work would switch with me Brian had to take the day off. I told Brian that he had to dress Mason in his Valentine's Day shirt...with jeans and "spiked" hair. Here is the finished product...
     My handsome lil Valentine!!!

    4. Since I had to work on Thursday (Valentines Day) Brian and I celebrated V-Day on Friday. It was only our SECOND night out minus Mason (and without friends) since Mason was born. Pathetic maybe but I just hate being away from my baby. But we had a GREAT night out (and did not speak about miscarriage, loss or IVF thee entire night). We went to Peppino's Pizza for appetizers and then to the movie Lincoln. I never would have thought that I would enjoy that type of movie but it was SO good. Highly recommended.

    5. Justine (our high school baby-sitter) watched Mason while we enjoyed our night out. Justine watched Mason this past summer and a few times since and he absolutely LOVES her. Smiles the minute she walks in!!! When we got home I asked her how he did. She said great. And then I asked if he "hit" her at all. She said yes and then continued to say...but the funny thing is he made this funny face right before and then had to give me a kiss right after. Oh did that make me chuckle. Typical Mason. Doesn't like to be told no but then once "scolded" wants to make sure that he is still "loved."

    6. Brian actually took this past Friday off (as well as Thursday) because he had some vacation time to burn. If he didn't use it he would just lose it. We decided to make the most of it and head to the Kroc Center for some family fun. Let's just say Mase wasn't too sure of the water. Hoping when (he and I) go back the end of March (with his cousins) he's a little more adventurous. After "swimming" we headed to McDonald's for some lunch. Tasty...YES!!!

    7. For the first time in EIGHT weeks...I had a Saturday off!!! It felt so good to "sleep in" on a Saturday and not care how late I was up on a Friday night. Needless to say Mason woke us up by 6:30AM. But that only meant we had more time together =) We had a great Saturday morning just relaxing and playing and then in the afternoon we hit up our "niece's" basketball game and followed it with lunch and some shopping. Brian was done (shopping) after we shopped for him so it worked out good when I ran into my mom and I could shop for a couple more hours. Got me some really good deals!!!

    8. (Back to Valentine's Day) Brian got me a tablet for V-Day. At first I was skeptical (believe it or not...I do NOT own an iPhone) and wasn't sure if I would like it but I am now in a matter of days obsessed with it (as is Mase). Brian got me started on WordFeud which has been rather addicting and Mase is pretty obsessed with the You-Tube app...he always wants to be watching a Baby Genius video...

    9. Mason has his yearly renal ultrasound on Wednesday for his hydronephrosis. Praying that we get the all clear which would mean his hydronephrosis is no more. I will update on Wednesday.

    10. Hard to believe its been a whole TWO months since we said good-bye to our last little miracle. Some may not agree with me but I'm a firm believer in the saying "time heals." Two months ago I was depressed and just trying to muddle through. But today I am able to say that God has given me contentment with where we are right now. Yes I would love to be 17 weeks pregnant but when the time is right God WILL place my next living miracle in my arms. But until then I WILL treasure the miracle I do have...Mason Dale!!!

    On the subject of our last little miracle...I was reading a new baby loss mama's blog the other day. She too has had a couple of she knew the sex and one she didn't. She named BOTH HER BABIES. It got me thinking that I wanted our last baby to have a not just be known as "baby helmholdt." Since the miscarriage it has always bothered me that Luke had a name but not our last baby. I thought of a bunch of gender neutral names and proposed the idea to Brian. He wasn't against the idea but nixed all my first. In the end we agreed on Blake. I didn't know how hard it would be to come up with a gender neutral name. And for those of you who don't think that Blake is a girl's name...what about the lovely Blake Lively?

    Wednesday, February 13, 2013


    Hard to believe its been three WHOLE years since I was implanted for the very first time. And harder yet to believe that some day (in the near future) we will be preparing to do the whole she-bang again. Never in my wildest dreams after finding out we were expecting twins did I think we would be doing another fresh cycle of IVF. Just goes to show that our plans are not always God's plans.

    My first two miracles...

    What we had hoped would be our third and fifth miracle babies...

    And the miracle that keeps me moving forward EVERY SINGLE DAY...
    Oh how I LOVE this boy!!!

    Tuesday, February 12, 2013

    Ten On Tuesday

    1. Loving the GREAT outdoors...
    2. Mason's 1st haircut...
    My handsome BOY!!!

    3. I find trash in the strangest of places...
    (This happens to be Mason's closet)

    4. Mason's new (and naughty) trick...
    (Climbing on furniture)

    5. Mason LOVES cousin time...and since my mom does a lot of baby-sitting and since I only work 2 days a week...if I happen to have the day off when my mom is baby-sitting to her house Mase and I go.
    Playing house with Brinley and Cole.
    Teaching Austin a new trick...climbing up the stairs.
    Jumping on the bed at Grandma's house with Addi, Easton, and Kylynn.

    6. Last week I baby-sat my nephew for half a day and I got a chuckle out of the boys. I turn around for one second and they exchanged paci's. Which is typically all fine and dandy BUT Mason spiked a temp that night and threw up the following morning.

    7. As I just mentioned (in #6) Mason had his first throw-up episode. So sad. He started with a cold last week Tuesday. And then spiked a 101.5 temp Thursday night. And then threw up at 5:45am the following morning. Some more temps, one more throwing up episode, and a few loose stools all occurred before he finally was back to his normal self on Monday morning. But then I got word that my little nephew spiked a temp Sunday night. Sorry about passing on the germs buddy. 

    8. Again I turn around for one second and he unrolls the WHOLE toilet paper roll...

    9. Mason's favorite new activity..."hiding" in his closet...

    10. Excited for date night this coming Friday night. Brian and I NEVER go out just the two of us (since Mason came that is). If we do go out (without Mason) it's always with friends. So here's to a fun night out whatever we decide to do with JUST THE TWO OF US!!!