Friday, February 1, 2013

13 Months (A Week Late)

Going to change up Mason's monthly posts. Instead of the format I was using I will just be doing bullets. This way I can still look back and remember what he was up to every month!!!
  • At his one year appointment (a month ago) Mason weighed 23 pounds and 8 ounces. Not quite the 26 pounds I was thinking. And he was 31 inches tall.
  • Mason gets two bottles a day. One in the morning and one at night. About 8-9 ounces (of Vit D milk) per bottle. He's still not sure about some textures. And he still hates ALL vegetables. But I have been giving him Gerber Graduates Grabbers to get some "vegetables" in him.
  • Mason is wearing 12-18 month, 18 month, and some 18-24 month clothing. And still sporting the size 4 Kirkland brand diapers.
My handsome matching boys!!!
  • Mason is really shy around strangers. Likes to bury his head into us if someone "new" tries talking to him.
  • He babbles a lot...but only says mama and dada.
  • He has been a little more daring with trying to climb on things. Although thankfully we don't have much to climb on.
  • He is no longer afraid of the vacuum!!!
  •  He LOVES playing with his birthday blocks!!! (Thanks Uncle Jason and Aunt Kristi).
  • Always has to have a "pillow" to sleep on. So mom caved and the pillow pet he got for Christmas is now in his crib. (Not to be confused with the polar bear he is sleeping on in the picture below). 
  • He still LOVES himself some books (and there's that pillow pet)!!!
  •  Mason gets into trouble often. You just never know what he's going to get into next...
  • Mason is a BIG tease. He'll pretend to give someone something and then when they reach for it...he pulls back so they can't get it.
  • Mason gets a little jealous. If I am holding another "baby" (and when I say baby I mean any other child) he suddenly needs to be right on my lap. Once on my lap he tries pushing the other "baby" off. Or he wants a kiss from he's making sure I like him better.
  • Also when I tell him NO. He makes one of his many weird faces...(yes he still does this and everyone still always comments on it)...and instantly needs to give me a kiss and wants up. Again its like he's making sure I still love him.
  • He LOVES electronics. Computers. Remotes. Phones. My mom told me that she always tells my dad the night before that Mason is coming over and that he needs to hide the computer. =)
  • Mason LOVES playing with other kids (or maybe just their toys). We've been having lots of play dates with cousins, my friends and their kids, and the neighbor kids this fall/winter.
Pushing his cousin Austin.
  • Enjoyed his first and second times out in the snow!!! 
First time in the snow!!!

Mommy and Mason on his second trip out.
  • Some days Mason plays better by himself than others. This was a good day... 

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  1. He is just too adorable. Meg and him would find ALL kinds of mischief...they are very similar. :)