Wednesday, February 27, 2013

14 Months

    • Mason's next well-child check up is schedule for March 27 but if I had to guess Mason is a healthy 24 pounds and maybe a few ounces. And just over 31 inches tall.
    • Back in early January Mason got his 9th tooth. One of his molars. It was a rough few days. And after a few more cranky days I noticed just this morning that tooth number 10 is in and that tooth number 11 is working its way on in!!! 
    • Mason's FAVORITE word: H-O-T. Says it all.the.time. Besides mama, dada, and hot the boy doesn't say too much.
    • PJs: 18 months. Shirts: For the most part 12-18 months or 18 months but a few 18-24 months as well. Bottoms: A few 12 months but mostly 12-18 month or 18 month. 18 month pants are a bit long so they must be rolled. And his jeans are all 18-24 months. Again a bit big but the plus side is he can wear them for awhile. And he is still in size 4 (Kirkland brand) diapers.
    • As of Monday Mason no longer gets his morning bottle. Makes me sad. But he still gets a night time bottle of 6-7 ounces (of Vitamin D milk).
    • Mason loves going for car rides so he can watch his Baby Genius DVD. Which means he is a champ at letting us get his shoes and coat on him because it means...Baby Genius time!!! He gets mad if Brian or I leave without him for fear of missing out on Baby Genius. And once in the car he is an absolute gem...quietly and intently watching Baby Genius!!! 
    • Mason is a SUCH a nosy boy...when in public he just stares at strangers.
    • Mason enjoyed his second Valentines Day and this year his goodie bags had candy in them!!!
     Cotton candy and M&M's from Gpa and Gma V
    • Mason doesn't like many men (besides his daddy and grandpas) but for whatever reason he is obsessed with my brother Brandon. He loves jumping with him and making loud noises.
    • Mason's latest trick is climbing on anything and everything that he can...
    • Mason loves "playing" in Brian and I's shower.
    • Mason loves playing hide and seek in his closest.
    • Mason is becoming (at times) quite the independent little boy. He loves walking all by himself. Doesn't want to be carried or in a cart or in his stroller. He loves to explore the things around him and at his own pace!!!
    • Shortly after turning a year Mason became a champion sleeper. We no longer let him fall asleep in our bed. Instead we did his bottle in his room with the lights off and his music on. Afterwards I would rock him to sleep. At first it took up to 30 minutes. Now immediately after his bottle we set him in his crib and he is out cold. He sleeps on his pillow pet with at least two pacis (one in his mouth and the other in his hand) and the moment we set him in his crib he hits his rain forest peek-a-boo soother on. For the first few weeks when he woke whether it be midnight or 4am we brought him back to our bed. Then we said enough to that too. So when he cried out I would lay him back down and make sure he had his two pacis (again one in mouth and the other in his hand) and I hit his soother back on and he would go back to sleep. However, if he cries out anytime after 5am we do let him come into bed with us. But for the most part he stays in his crib all night long and sleeps "in" until 6:30 or 7:15. All I can say is our sleep is so much better!!!
    • Mason still makes many a weird faces/scowls and still loves electronics. Especially mommy's phone. He is a pro at calling/texting peeps without my knowledge.

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