Friday, February 1, 2013

8 On Friday

  • How is it February already? On Sunday I thought about how I should do a 13 month post on Mason but I was lazy and obviously didn't.
  • Hard to believe on Sunday it will be ONE month since the actually miscarriage AND a month and a half since we found out we lost our sweet baby. But time (and life) just keeps ticking away.
  • I've been keeping super busy by working an extra 12 hour shift a week (yea!!!). Of course those extra shifts are typically a Saturday. And lets just say the hubby would NEVER want me to work weekend option =)
  • I've decided that play dates are a MUST (to keep busy) this winter. Thankful for friends, neighbors, and siblings children that Mason enjoys playing with!!!
Mason with his cousin Austin
  • Thankful that Mason has been healthy the WHOLE month of January. Now I'm praying I didn't just jinx myself Mason.
  • Excited for a low key Super Bowl Sunday this year. Brian said that he just wanted to stay home and actually (get to) watch the game this year. I still felt like having Super Bowly kinda foods so chicken wings and meatballs will still be prepared!!! YUM!!!
  • I'm sporting a "new" vehicle these days!!! Finally. (We were still driving around my college car as our second vehicle). But Brian's parents gave us an awesome offer that could NOT be refused. So I am now driving around their old Toyota Highlander and very happy about it!!!
  • After a snow free December Michigan is finally getting some lots of SNOW.


  1. envious of your "new" car. i've always wanted a highlander!

    cute pics, and glad you are able to keep busy. i'm so excited february is finally here!

    looking forward to superbowl foods this year without the "party" attached as well.

  2. Yeah for the new ride! Our plans are the same for Superbowl. :) So seriously, we must get together!