Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. I went out for dinner last week with two fellow baby loss mama's. And we had the BEST time!!! Before we knew it it was 10PM. Thanks Heather and Jen and we MUST do dinner more often!!!

2. I now remember why I will NEVER go back to school. And here's why...because I majorly DISLIKE studying. I had to recertify for BLS (Basic Life Support) and PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) this past Wednesday and I had the hardest time trying to focus. I tried to study when Mase was napping but then all I wanted to do was watch some of my DVR'd shows or read a magazine or bum around on my computer or clean. Thankfully I must have studied enough because I passed with flying colors!!!

3. I was a little bummed when I got scheduled to work on Valentine's Day this year. Bummed more due to the fact that I NEVER work Thursdays (because its the only day that we have no "daycare" for Mason) and then I get scheduled on the Thursday that happens to be Valentine's Day. But such is life. However, since no one at work would switch with me Brian had to take the day off. I told Brian that he had to dress Mason in his Valentine's Day shirt...with jeans and "spiked" hair. Here is the finished product...
 My handsome lil Valentine!!!

4. Since I had to work on Thursday (Valentines Day) Brian and I celebrated V-Day on Friday. It was only our SECOND night out minus Mason (and without friends) since Mason was born. Pathetic maybe but I just hate being away from my baby. But we had a GREAT night out (and did not speak about miscarriage, loss or IVF thee entire night). We went to Peppino's Pizza for appetizers and then to the movie Lincoln. I never would have thought that I would enjoy that type of movie but it was SO good. Highly recommended.

5. Justine (our high school baby-sitter) watched Mason while we enjoyed our night out. Justine watched Mason this past summer and a few times since and he absolutely LOVES her. Smiles the minute she walks in!!! When we got home I asked her how he did. She said great. And then I asked if he "hit" her at all. She said yes and then continued to say...but the funny thing is he made this funny face right before and then had to give me a kiss right after. Oh did that make me chuckle. Typical Mason. Doesn't like to be told no but then once "scolded" wants to make sure that he is still "loved."

6. Brian actually took this past Friday off (as well as Thursday) because he had some vacation time to burn. If he didn't use it he would just lose it. We decided to make the most of it and head to the Kroc Center for some family fun. Let's just say Mase wasn't too sure of the water. Hoping when (he and I) go back the end of March (with his cousins) he's a little more adventurous. After "swimming" we headed to McDonald's for some lunch. Healthy...no. Tasty...YES!!!

7. For the first time in EIGHT weeks...I had a Saturday off!!! It felt so good to "sleep in" on a Saturday and not care how late I was up on a Friday night. Needless to say Mason woke us up by 6:30AM. But that only meant we had more time together =) We had a great Saturday morning just relaxing and playing and then in the afternoon we hit up our "niece's" basketball game and followed it with lunch and some shopping. Brian was done (shopping) after we shopped for him so it worked out good when I ran into my mom and I could shop for a couple more hours. Got me some really good deals!!!

8. (Back to Valentine's Day) Brian got me a tablet for V-Day. At first I was skeptical (believe it or not...I do NOT own an iPhone) and wasn't sure if I would like it but I am now in a matter of days obsessed with it (as is Mase). Brian got me started on WordFeud which has been rather addicting and Mase is pretty obsessed with the You-Tube app...he always wants to be watching a Baby Genius video...

9. Mason has his yearly renal ultrasound on Wednesday for his hydronephrosis. Praying that we get the all clear which would mean his hydronephrosis is no more. I will update on Wednesday.

10. Hard to believe its been a whole TWO months since we said good-bye to our last little miracle. Some may not agree with me but I'm a firm believer in the saying "time heals." Two months ago I was depressed and just trying to muddle through. But today I am able to say that God has given me contentment with where we are right now. Yes I would love to be 17 weeks pregnant but when the time is right God WILL place my next living miracle in my arms. But until then I WILL treasure the miracle I do have...Mason Dale!!!

On the subject of our last little miracle...I was reading a new baby loss mama's blog the other day. She too has had a couple of miscarriages...one she knew the sex and one she didn't. She named BOTH HER BABIES. It got me thinking that I wanted our last baby to have a name...to not just be known as "baby helmholdt." Since the miscarriage it has always bothered me that Luke had a name but not our last baby. I thought of a bunch of gender neutral names and proposed the idea to Brian. He wasn't against the idea but nixed all my names...at first. In the end we agreed on Blake. I didn't know how hard it would be to come up with a gender neutral name. And for those of you who don't think that Blake is a girl's name...what about the lovely Blake Lively?


  1. Dave and I have only been out alone twice since Leland was born too. Might be crazy, but I just don't want to be away from my little man.

  2. It was so great to see you last week! And yes, we must do it again SOON! Also... Mason is so stinkin cute in his swimsuit. My parents have a pool... we'll have to have some pool playdates this summer :).

    I'm glad you named Baby H. I wanted to name our miscarriage baby, but when I brought it up to Ben, he didn't really jump at it. Peanut it is for now.

  3. Love the spikey hair! That Mason has some wild faces and they are all so cute!
    I love that name!

  4. I love the name Blake and think that is a great idea! I always wanted to name our miscarriages too, but J was not into it at all.

  5. My hubby and I have named all our losses, except the last one. It was a blighted ovum, so there was never even a heartbeat and we just could name something that wasnt. Our first we knew was a girl due to testing that was done (that we didnt ask for) we named her Dabria, which means name of an angel. Our 2nd we dont know the sex of (loss was at 11 weeks)and we refused any testing specifically this time. But we had chosen the name Jordan early on, and it is a gender neutral name. I also had a loss previously (before my husband) that was a boy and he is Ryan. When we talk about them, we use their names. So glad you chose to name this baby.