Saturday, March 30, 2013


Yesterday was one of those super duper fun kinda days. (And when you're an angel mommy you truly treasure these super duper fun kinda days because you're SO thankful to have them). Basically my day was spent watching Mason really ENJOY himself!!! We met all of his cousins and his grandma at the Kroc Center for a little water fun before heading over for a picnic (McDonald's) lunch at Frog Hollow Park.

Mason wasn't so sure of the first. But just when we were getting ready to leave the little stinker became a water rat. Go figure!!!

Watching from the sidelines...
To watching from the water's edge...
To letting the water touch his toes. To finally stepping into the water. (Sorry no pics of the last two).

He was as happy as could be until I tried getting him to sit on his cousin's lap. Should have left him be...
Mason, Addi, Kylynn, Austin, Cambrey, Brinley, Easton, and Cole.

 After swimming it was time for lunch...
Sometimes its just impossible to get him to look.

And then once the bellies were was play time...
Mason and Cole
I could eat her alive. She is so stinkin CUTE!!!
Saw a lot of his backside. He was such a little explorer!!!
We tried out a couple of different types of swings and Mase LOVED them both!!!
What a FUN day!!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

15 months

  • Mason had his well child check up today. His stats are as follows: weighed 25lbs and 2oz (75-90%). Was 32 and a quarter inches tall (85%). And his head measured 19 inches round (90%). Thank heavens for my healthy boy!!!
  • Mason is still wearing size 4 Kirkland brand diapers but (as of two weeks ago) we finally had to make a switch in the clothing department...size 12-18 months is pretty much obsolete these days. For the most part Mase is wearing either 18 month, 18-24 month, or 24 month clothing (depends on the name brand and whether its new or used). Although he can still get away with wearing 12 or 12-18 month pants. It's his mammoth belly that makes him need 18 or 18-24 months!!!
  • Mason has expanded his vocabulary to 4 words. New word of the month...NO!!!
  • Mason has 11 teeth total. I mentioned last month that he was in the process of getting two more in...well they are in and was he ever a beast getting them in. Praise the Lord we only have one more (one year) molar to go. Mason has been an absolute terror with molars. Can't wait for his two year molars!!! Definitely something to look forward too. Haha!!!
  • Mason made an extra trip to Dr. Mantia this month because of a month long illness that started with the flu...moved on to a nasty cough...three weeks later still coughing got the flu for a second time...then developed a cold and a worsening cough before spiking a 103 degree temp. Add in teething and he was a h-o-t mess. Thankfully even though he didn't have an ear infection Dr. Mantia started him on some antibiotics and 24 hours later he was a NEW boy!!!
  • Teething and a nasty cough ruined Mason's half way decent sleep habits but we're working on getting them back on track. 
  • We've (almost) officially moved from two naps to one nap a day. I say almost because on a few occasions Mason has taken a 20-30 minute (morning) cat nap in the car. But since Mason has been feeling better he'll typically sleep in until anywhere between 7:30 and 8:30am. If he does in fact sleep in until 7:30-8:30 I put him down for his lone nap of the day around 12:30 or 1pm and he'll sleep a good two and a half to three hours.
  • Since I love the subject of sleep. I must record hear that Mason has NO consistent night time sleep pattern. Most nights he'll go down pretty easy (between 7:45-8:15) although lately he's been fighting bedtime. Some nights he'll wake up around 1am-ish...sometimes not. Sometimes he'll wake up at 5am-ish...sometimes not. (Typically IF he wakes its just one of those times). Sometimes all I have to do is lay him back down and give him his paci. Sometimes I have to rock him for 5 minutes or so. But sometimes the only trick is bringing him into bed with us.
  • Tonight is the first night that Mason will NOT get a bed time bottle. Praying he still goes to bed easy. If not...he might just get that bottle back.
  • Mason still loves loves loves electronics!!!
  • Mason is obsessed with the movie Monsters Inc. Absolutely loves it!!! Can sit and watch the whole thing start to finish. So when I happened to come across some Sully and Mike sippy cups at Kohl's the other day I just couldn't help myself!!! I am (no offense) to anyone not a fan of "Disney paraphernalia" as in I would never buy a Sully and Mike t-shirt but I figured a sippy or two (they came as a 2 pack) couldn't hurt. And I must say...Mason is loving his "big boy" sippy cups!!!
  • Mason is a huge Disney Jr fan. Hate to say it but we got a t.v. junkie.
  • Mason is a huge fan of candy (M&M's...jelly beans...smarties). He knows where our candy is kept and it doesn't matter if its 8AM or 8PM he is pointing at the candy making his "uhn uhn" (aka...I want some) noise. And when mama says "NO"...he ain't happy.
  • Mason is such a lil daddy's boy. He loves his mama...but is daddy's lil sidekick the moment daddy walks in the door!!!
  • Mason (most of the time) loves water. Loved the water table at the Curious Kids Museum...
And always loves bath time...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. We had yet another play date this past Thursday. I cannot say enough how much I LOVE play dates. They tire Mase out and I get to "sit" and chat with my friends!!! Although Rhys and Mase were getting a little too friendly at this particular play date...
But then Rhys went into attack mode. Gotta love boys!!!

Since the boys will not let us take their picture anymore...we decided to throw the mommies in too!!! How fun is this!!!
Melissa with Lawson (6 weeks), Me and Mase (15 months), Rhys (16 months...Rach's youngest), Cohen (19 months...Melis' oldest), Rachel with Jude (almost 3 yr), Gretchen with Levi (6 months), and Karie with Tenley (6 months).

2. Thursday (afternoon) my mother-in-law took me (and Mase) shopping so I could pick out some new spring digs for Mason. She had a 40% to Gap!!! End little man is going to be one styling dude!!!

3. And then to top Thursday off at night I went to my first Origami Owl jewelry party. Cute stuff. Just a little pricey. Fun though because there are so many different pieces to create a necklace "your story."  I ended up keeping my fairly simple and the total cost was still $38.16 (for 3 pieces). Happy Mother's Day to me!!!

4. Mason is BEYOND obsessed with Mickey Mouse Club House...this is him while I was showering and getting ready a day last week...yes he stood watching Mickey for (basically) 30 minutes straight!!!

5. Who else is DONE with winter? I am SOOO ready for spring. So much so that I've pulled out my flats. The tops of my feet may be a wee bit chilly but oh well.

6. I've made two out of the three recipes that I posted two weeks ago and both were a success!!! Love me some Pinterest!!! (Saving the Bunny Bait for Easter).

7. How bummed am I that I lost the flower on my (new) purse. One day it was there and the next it wasn't. Sad thing is I have NO idea how (it was PINNED on) it fell off or when it fell off.

8. From Jesus Calling (March 23):
I AM a God of both intricate detail and overflowing abundance. When you trust the details of your life to Me, you are surprised by how thoroughly I answer your petitions. I take pleasure in hearing your prayers, so feel free to bring Me all your requests. The more you pray, the more answers you can receive. Best of all, your faith is strengthened as you see how precisely I respond to your specific prayers.

Because I am infinite in all My ways, you need not fear that I run out of resources. Abundance is at the very heart of who I AM. Come to me in joyful expectation of receiving all you need--and sometimes much more! I delight in showering blessings on My beloved children. Come to me with open hands and heart, ready to receive all I have for you.

LOVE!!! Just what I needed to read.

9. If you're in a laughing mood. This picture makes me laugh every time I see it...

10. And so does this one...

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. Loving my new chevron purse and my new striped swimsuit!!! I had been using the same purse for the last few years so after seeing my sister's new purse I decided that it was time for me to upgrade. Funny thing is even though I didn't ask her what Etsy site she bought her purse from I ended up buying my purse from the same seller. Oh well at least the colors are reversed!!! And as for swimsuit shopping...hate it!!! But love when I find one that I like and that fits good.

2. Instead of "Where's Waldo" lets do how many electronics can you find in this picture? If you look closely you will see an iPhone, a tablet, a cellphone, a home phone, and a remote control (oh and a clock or two in the background). Can you say...Mason was IN his glory!!!

3. I apologize if you ever get a missed call or a really strange message from me...Mason loves my phone!!! 

4. This is what happens if your child puts a strawberry down his back (without you knowing)...
So yeah I had NO idea he had done this until I was trying to get him ready for bed and saw this red spot on his onesie. At first I was like "what in the world" and then I remembered that he had had strawberries for dinner so I looked down his onesie and sure enough...found the one he was "trying" to save for later!!!

5. I was watching my nephew Easton (a morning) last week and as a treat for the boys my sister-in-law brought over two Krispy Kreme donuts. Think they were enjoying them? Oh yea!!!

6. Mason (and I) had a super fun Friday. We spent a good chunk of it at my parent's house. My mom was watching four of my nieces/nephews so I brought Mason over so he could play with his cousins. And play they did!!! The boy took a stellar nap in the afternoon and then at night we had some friends from church over. They have a little boy 5 months older than Mason (and a 1 month old little girl). At first Weston was a little leery of Mason but by the end of the night they were best buds...hugging each other like crazy. Fun times!!!
(Playing trucks with cousin Austin)

7. Our fun continued on Saturday when I got my WHOLE on-call shift canceled (that would be 12 hours worth)!!! Plus we all slept in until 8am. It was a great start to my day. Then we went out for breakfast with my in-laws and afterwards headed over to their house so my mother-in-law could cut Mason's hair. Next on the agenda was a little shopping. Gap Outlet...everything 40% off and in my email on Friday I got $10 (free and clear) to Kohl's. Seriously who doesn't love to shop. It can make any weekend GREAT!!! The rest of the day/night was spent relaxing, blogging, and playing!!!

8. If any of you have a Costco membership. Buy the Greek Yogurt Jalapeno Dip. It's soooo GOOD!!! (Even Mase loves it).

9. Like I mentioned above Mason got his 2nd haircut this past week (but by Grandma H this time). Guessing every 4 weeks from here on out. Its just crazy how fast boys hair grows...

10. This morning Mason was walking around with one paci in his mouth and another in his hand. Before I could take one of them away he had already "hidden" (aka...lost) one of them. After throwing in a load of laundry I asked him where he put the other paci. He pointed at his laundry hamper. I looked inside...didn't see anything...and proceeded to move it out of the laundry room. I got down on my hands and knees to see if he stuffed it under something. No such luck. Walked out of the laundry room...again asked Mase where he had put it...and he again points to the hamper. This time I stuck my hand in and felt along the bottom...(there is a hole in the hamper). And sure enough it had gone through the hole and was in fact IN the hamper. Guess I should have listened to him the first time!!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. How t'd off am I that I was done with this post and then it somehow got deleted. VERY!!! And it was NOT user error (this last sentence is for my hubby).

2. Surgery went well (last week Wednesday). Diagnosis...a cluster of polyps (that were successfully removed). What an answer to prayer!!! To be honest the worst part about the surgery was the NPO part. All I can say is when told you can't eat...ALL YOU WANT TO DO IS EAT!!! The best part about surgery...this lil get-up...

3. I am once again obsessed with Pinterest. What am I pinning these days? Well fancy that you ask cause I would love to share!!! My latest pins include recipes...

the how-to's of refurnishing an old dresser...

and ideas for Mason's (future) big boy room...
(Love the paint color and stripes)

4. Check out Mason's latest trick. Climbing INTO the refrigerator  All I can say is...this boy is trouble. But I wouldn't have it any other way!!!

5. Last week Thursday Mason and I had a super F-U-N day!!! We road tripped it to St Joe for a PLAY DATE!!! We drove down with my friend Karie and her daughter Tenley and met up with our Chicago friend Amy and her son Will. We went to the Curious Kids Museum. The boys had so much fun. This museum was so toddler friendly (and we only hit up ONE room). Afterwards we grabbed lunch and then headed home. Mason and Tenley were out the moment the car started!!!
Mason LOVED the water table!!!
Will and Amy...Mase and I...Karie and Tenley
Aren't they all so stinkin' cute!!!
The boys!!! I think they we're discussing who "gets" Tenley...

6. On Saturday we attended a birthday party. Mason didn't care about anything BUT the balloons. 

7. Hard to believe I would be 20 weeks (pregnant) today. Tear. But trusting that God will place the perfect baby(ies) in our arms at the right time. 

8. Have you been watching The Bible on the History Channel? If you haven' NEED to start. So worth your time!!!

9. Mason has been an absolute bear as of late. He's now had the flu twice (3 weeks apart). After the first flu bug came a cough (which he STILL has). And after the second flu bug came a cold (which he STILL has). Then on Sunday afternoon he spiked a 103 degree temp...add in teething and OH MY WORD. I wouldn't be lying if I said that NO one slept Sunday night (Mason was cranky and coughing up a storm). So first thing Monday morning I called his PCP. Enough was enough. Verdict...the boy is "healthy." I say "healthy" because although he currently does not have an ear infection (or any infection for that matter) his doctor still put him on some antibiotics because he feels like he will do what he did in December and that's go from a sinus infection to an ear infection. Gave him his first dose of antibiotic last night and his second dose this morning so here's to hoping he starts feeling better soon. 

10. Has anyone else's children gone crazy when their molars were coming in? Like I mentioned above...Mason has been an absolute bear lately. Granted he's been dealing with a cough, cold, and the flu but seriously he is out of control. Last night he screamed for an hour and a half before we finally just let him sleep with us. It wasn't a consecutive scream but anytime we set him down (in his crib) he let us know he was NOT happy. But then you would pick him up and he would continue screaming. Set him down and he would be okay for a minute then would start screaming again because he wanted up. And he did the same thing this morning. Hoping it doesn't last much longer because its making us all miserable.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. Mason had the vomits this past weekend. Sucked big time. It all started Thursday night into Friday. And it lasted a good chunk of our night. He was so weak and tired that he couldn't even sit up by himself to throw up. My poor poor baby.

2. Guessing this is how he got the vomits...

This is Mason trying to escape laying on the floor in a Target dressing room. Whoops. Guess I won't be letting him lounge on anymore floors this flu season!

3. Hubby got the vomits (along with some diarrhea) Monday morning at 2am. Here's to hoping I am NOT next to catch the bug.

4. I really really really do NOT want to catch the bug because I'm actually having a minor surgery (a hysteroscopy) tomorrow. About a month or so ago I had a sonohysterogram done (to check out the lining of my uterus) and go figure they saw an abnormality (on the lining of my uterus). Praying its something simple like a polyp or an adhesion and not something more invasive like a fibroid. Surgery is at 3:30 in the afternoon. I would truly appreciate your prayers!!!

5. Mason LOVES helping mommy empty the dishwasher...

6. Brian and I broke our bed Friday morning. And before you start jumping to any conclusions...let me explain. After a very long night (Thursday night with Mason's pukes). I wanted to DEEP clean our bedroom which included moving our bed. (Our bed has not been moved since we moved into our house 4 years and 3 months ago). So we counted to three and pulled. Nothing. We counted to three again. And something definitely happened...just wasn't that the bed had moved. Instead we broke/pulled the foot board right off the base of our bed. Thankfully the hubby is a handyman and our bed was fixed (with just one stop to the hardware store) by late afternoon.

Watching Daddy work...
Of course he goes for the one "off limits" tool...
Trying to squeeze under the bed frame...
And since that wasn't working...he thought he would try going over...
 And finally settled on simply walking around the bed...

7. I am almost too embarrassed to admit that after putting Mason to bed last night (at 7pm) that Brian and I were in bed for the night too. Me on my computer blogging. Brian being sick. What a life!!!

8. Early last week I added money into our paypal account. (I wanted to buy a purse off Etsy and Brian had his eye on some DVDs (on Amazon) for Mason. On Friday I bought my purse. Then a few hours later I bought something for someone else. Later I was showing Brian my purchases and he was like hope there was enough money in the account because I bought a few DVDs for Mason yesterday. At first I thought he was joking but he most definitely was not. I logged in to paypal and was very relieved to see that we had a 0.67 cent balance!!!

9. Grandpa (Vugteveen) thinks he can hide his computer from Mason. But truth is he's way too smart...

10. LOVE this...