Wednesday, March 27, 2013

15 months

  • Mason had his well child check up today. His stats are as follows: weighed 25lbs and 2oz (75-90%). Was 32 and a quarter inches tall (85%). And his head measured 19 inches round (90%). Thank heavens for my healthy boy!!!
  • Mason is still wearing size 4 Kirkland brand diapers but (as of two weeks ago) we finally had to make a switch in the clothing department...size 12-18 months is pretty much obsolete these days. For the most part Mase is wearing either 18 month, 18-24 month, or 24 month clothing (depends on the name brand and whether its new or used). Although he can still get away with wearing 12 or 12-18 month pants. It's his mammoth belly that makes him need 18 or 18-24 months!!!
  • Mason has expanded his vocabulary to 4 words. New word of the month...NO!!!
  • Mason has 11 teeth total. I mentioned last month that he was in the process of getting two more in...well they are in and was he ever a beast getting them in. Praise the Lord we only have one more (one year) molar to go. Mason has been an absolute terror with molars. Can't wait for his two year molars!!! Definitely something to look forward too. Haha!!!
  • Mason made an extra trip to Dr. Mantia this month because of a month long illness that started with the flu...moved on to a nasty cough...three weeks later still coughing got the flu for a second time...then developed a cold and a worsening cough before spiking a 103 degree temp. Add in teething and he was a h-o-t mess. Thankfully even though he didn't have an ear infection Dr. Mantia started him on some antibiotics and 24 hours later he was a NEW boy!!!
  • Teething and a nasty cough ruined Mason's half way decent sleep habits but we're working on getting them back on track. 
  • We've (almost) officially moved from two naps to one nap a day. I say almost because on a few occasions Mason has taken a 20-30 minute (morning) cat nap in the car. But since Mason has been feeling better he'll typically sleep in until anywhere between 7:30 and 8:30am. If he does in fact sleep in until 7:30-8:30 I put him down for his lone nap of the day around 12:30 or 1pm and he'll sleep a good two and a half to three hours.
  • Since I love the subject of sleep. I must record hear that Mason has NO consistent night time sleep pattern. Most nights he'll go down pretty easy (between 7:45-8:15) although lately he's been fighting bedtime. Some nights he'll wake up around 1am-ish...sometimes not. Sometimes he'll wake up at 5am-ish...sometimes not. (Typically IF he wakes its just one of those times). Sometimes all I have to do is lay him back down and give him his paci. Sometimes I have to rock him for 5 minutes or so. But sometimes the only trick is bringing him into bed with us.
  • Tonight is the first night that Mason will NOT get a bed time bottle. Praying he still goes to bed easy. If not...he might just get that bottle back.
  • Mason still loves loves loves electronics!!!
  • Mason is obsessed with the movie Monsters Inc. Absolutely loves it!!! Can sit and watch the whole thing start to finish. So when I happened to come across some Sully and Mike sippy cups at Kohl's the other day I just couldn't help myself!!! I am (no offense) to anyone not a fan of "Disney paraphernalia" as in I would never buy a Sully and Mike t-shirt but I figured a sippy or two (they came as a 2 pack) couldn't hurt. And I must say...Mason is loving his "big boy" sippy cups!!!
  • Mason is a huge Disney Jr fan. Hate to say it but we got a t.v. junkie.
  • Mason is a huge fan of candy (M&M's...jelly beans...smarties). He knows where our candy is kept and it doesn't matter if its 8AM or 8PM he is pointing at the candy making his "uhn uhn" (aka...I want some) noise. And when mama says "NO"...he ain't happy.
  • Mason is such a lil daddy's boy. He loves his mama...but is daddy's lil sidekick the moment daddy walks in the door!!!
  • Mason (most of the time) loves water. Loved the water table at the Curious Kids Museum...
And always loves bath time...

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