Saturday, March 30, 2013


Yesterday was one of those super duper fun kinda days. (And when you're an angel mommy you truly treasure these super duper fun kinda days because you're SO thankful to have them). Basically my day was spent watching Mason really ENJOY himself!!! We met all of his cousins and his grandma at the Kroc Center for a little water fun before heading over for a picnic (McDonald's) lunch at Frog Hollow Park.

Mason wasn't so sure of the first. But just when we were getting ready to leave the little stinker became a water rat. Go figure!!!

Watching from the sidelines...
To watching from the water's edge...
To letting the water touch his toes. To finally stepping into the water. (Sorry no pics of the last two).

He was as happy as could be until I tried getting him to sit on his cousin's lap. Should have left him be...
Mason, Addi, Kylynn, Austin, Cambrey, Brinley, Easton, and Cole.

 After swimming it was time for lunch...
Sometimes its just impossible to get him to look.

And then once the bellies were was play time...
Mason and Cole
I could eat her alive. She is so stinkin CUTE!!!
Saw a lot of his backside. He was such a little explorer!!!
We tried out a couple of different types of swings and Mase LOVED them both!!!
What a FUN day!!!

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  1. He is getting so big, Lindsey! It's ridiculous!