Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. How t'd off am I that I was done with this post and then it somehow got deleted. VERY!!! And it was NOT user error (this last sentence is for my hubby).

2. Surgery went well (last week Wednesday). Diagnosis...a cluster of polyps (that were successfully removed). What an answer to prayer!!! To be honest the worst part about the surgery was the NPO part. All I can say is when told you can't eat...ALL YOU WANT TO DO IS EAT!!! The best part about surgery...this lil get-up...

3. I am once again obsessed with Pinterest. What am I pinning these days? Well fancy that you ask cause I would love to share!!! My latest pins include recipes...

the how-to's of refurnishing an old dresser...

and ideas for Mason's (future) big boy room...
(Love the paint color and stripes)

4. Check out Mason's latest trick. Climbing INTO the refrigerator  All I can say is...this boy is trouble. But I wouldn't have it any other way!!!

5. Last week Thursday Mason and I had a super F-U-N day!!! We road tripped it to St Joe for a PLAY DATE!!! We drove down with my friend Karie and her daughter Tenley and met up with our Chicago friend Amy and her son Will. We went to the Curious Kids Museum. The boys had so much fun. This museum was so toddler friendly (and we only hit up ONE room). Afterwards we grabbed lunch and then headed home. Mason and Tenley were out the moment the car started!!!
Mason LOVED the water table!!!
Will and Amy...Mase and I...Karie and Tenley
Aren't they all so stinkin' cute!!!
The boys!!! I think they we're discussing who "gets" Tenley...

6. On Saturday we attended a birthday party. Mason didn't care about anything BUT the balloons. 

7. Hard to believe I would be 20 weeks (pregnant) today. Tear. But trusting that God will place the perfect baby(ies) in our arms at the right time. 

8. Have you been watching The Bible on the History Channel? If you haven't...you NEED to start. So worth your time!!!

9. Mason has been an absolute bear as of late. He's now had the flu twice (3 weeks apart). After the first flu bug came a cough (which he STILL has). And after the second flu bug came a cold (which he STILL has). Then on Sunday afternoon he spiked a 103 degree temp...add in teething and OH MY WORD. I wouldn't be lying if I said that NO one slept Sunday night (Mason was cranky and coughing up a storm). So first thing Monday morning I called his PCP. Enough was enough. Verdict...the boy is "healthy." I say "healthy" because although he currently does not have an ear infection (or any infection for that matter) his doctor still put him on some antibiotics because he feels like he will do what he did in December and that's go from a sinus infection to an ear infection. Gave him his first dose of antibiotic last night and his second dose this morning so here's to hoping he starts feeling better soon. 

10. Has anyone else's children gone crazy when their molars were coming in? Like I mentioned above...Mason has been an absolute bear lately. Granted he's been dealing with a cough, cold, and the flu but seriously he is out of control. Last night he screamed for an hour and a half before we finally just let him sleep with us. It wasn't a consecutive scream but anytime we set him down (in his crib) he let us know he was NOT happy. But then you would pick him up and he would continue screaming. Set him down and he would be okay for a minute then would start screaming again because he wanted up. And he did the same thing this morning. Hoping it doesn't last much longer because its making us all miserable.


  1. Lexi has been getting her molars as well and is also being difficult! So frustrating for us all and nothing we do seems to bring her any relief :(
    Glad your surgery went well!

  2. We all have the flu for the second time too! Just sucks. And yes, getting molars turned my boys into bears. Just be thankful they come out of it!