Sunday, April 28, 2013

16 Months (A Day Late)

  • Guessing Mase still weighs in the 25 pound range and is still in the 32 inches and some range.
  • STILL wearing size 4 Kirkland brand diapers. Because when Costco had a coupon a month or so ago we bought two boxes. When we got home I said I should have gotten one box of size 5. But since I'm dutch until those diapers run out...size 4 it will be.
  • Mason is wearing a few 18 month clothing but mostly 18-24 or 24 month. 
  • Mason loves ketchup!!! Mason loves dancing to music!!! Mason loves saying "no!!!" Mason loves squeezables (and bonus that he doesn't make a huge mess)!!! Mason loves playing with (picking at) his piggy toes!!! Mason loves using a spoon to feed himself!!! And Mason loves giving out hugs!!!
  • Mason SCREAMS when he has to go back inside. He LOVES playing/being outside.
  • Mason is always picking up "things" from the floor (or these "things" just get stuck to his fingers) and then he tries handing them to whoever he's with. Typically it seems as if he's not handing you anything but he gets mad if you don't take whatever it he's trying to give to you. It may be a piece of hair, a piece of lint, a speck of dust, a fuzzy, or a crumb. Such a silly boy.

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  1. I could just squeeeeze him!! Such a wonderful blessing! Growing up so much, I am seeing Brian now with blonde hair. :)