Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ten On Tuesday errr Wednesday

1. Loving absolutely loving...that Spring is just around the corner. One of the things I love most about living in Michigan are the season changes. And even though summer into fall is my favorite (season change)...winter into spring is a close second. Oh how I love saying good-bye to those winter blues!!!

2. Thanks for emptying out the cupboard Mase. Your help is much appreciated!!!

3. Helping clean up the mess from Grandpa and Grandma's remodeling project. Always such a helper!!!

4. How do you keep a 15 month old happy while grocery shopping?  You give him his paci. (Even though its typically banned in public). And let him pick out a toy (notice the foam sword in his right hand). But on a side note the foam sword DID stay in the grocery store. Also know that Mason was NOT happy with mom (in the check out lane) when she took the sword away. 

5. Upon returning home from the grocery store I let Mase play outside for awhile. It was a gorgeous sun shiny day and Mase was entertained for over 30 minutes just dragging this shovel around. Easy amusement!!! Now the getting him to go inside part...NOT so easy. Just picture a boy kicking and screaming. And then put Mason's face on that boy. And you will have nailed the imagine!!!

6. We went to our Maundy Thursday potluck and church service (obviously this past Thursday) and boy oh boy was Mason ever doing some entertaining. There were only 4 little kids in attendance. One was a newborn and the other two were maybe 5 and 3...(and let me mention here that they both sat still the entire service). Mase on the other hand was running all over the place, clapping, and laughing. Everyone was chuckling at him. Thankfully all found him amusing!!! By the end of the service you could say I was hot and sweaty. Oh boy!!!

7. Good Friday holds a special place in my heart for two reasons. The first being very obvious. Christ died on the cross for my (everyone's) sins. The second reason is a little less obvious or not obvious at all. But two years ago on Good Friday Brian and I found out that we were expecting...for the THIRD time. But the third time WAS a charm because 9 months later this little big MIRACLE entered into the world...

8. GO BLUE. Can you say final 4 baby!!! 

9. Saturday was another beautiful day. Oh how I love me some sun shiny beautiful spring days. We decided to take a drive out to Brian's cousin's house so Brian could put out some cameras. (I mean...deer hunting is just around the corner ya know)!!! We took out his cousin's gator and enjoyed a 30 minute ride around "the farm"...
"Don't interrupt me please," said Mason.

10. Mason has this little obsession with donut holes. The minute we pick him up from the (church) nursery he makes a dash for the donut table. I thought I would treat him (and myself) this week so I bought some powered donut holes at the grocery store. Think he's enjoying his treat? I would say so...
(And yes that is ONE whole donut hole filling out those lil cheekers)!!!

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  1. so cute! mason sounds like so much fun. and my daughter doesn't consider it eating unless her mouth is as full as it can be. she doesn't know how to bite donut holes! haha