Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. A brand spankin new Cabelas opened up by us a couple of weeks or so ago. Brian took Mason within the first few days of it being open but couldn't do much looking around since Mase refused to sit in the cart. So we went a day last week and I must say that Mason is obsessed with the fish aquarium.

2. With the "warmer" weather back in hiding...I took Mason to the play area (in the mall) last week (so he could run off some energy). He had fun although he didn't do much running. He did however do lots of big kid watching...

After much time spent big kid watching I made the mistake of introducing him to the slide and boy oh boy was that ever a hit. Of course he wouldn't climb the stairs to get to the slide...which meant I had to keep lifting him up again and again. But the look on his face each and every time he went down was worth all the lifting!!! Let me correct myself by saying here that once he did climb (minus one step) all the way to the tippy top but then he freaked out and came sliding back down on his belly...only taking out a kid or two. I wasn't embarrassed or anything!!!

3. On Wednesday (of last week) I was seeing all these Facebook postings about the Critter Barn. So I looked into it and thought it sounded like a fun outing for Mase and his cousins. I emailed my sister and sis-in-laws and called my mom to see if anyone wanted to join me and Mase for a Thursday outing...my mom and sister were free. We had a great time holding some baby ducklings and bunnies and petting lots of other animals. Mase wasn't so big on the petting or holding but LOVED walking around the farm. He is one independant dude and most definitely not afraid to wander wherever he pleases.
Mommy and Mase
Cambrey, Cole, Courtney with Brinley, and my mom with Mason...checking out the baby goats.
My HAPPY boy!!!

4. A few weeks back I noticed on Thursday nights from 5-8pm that the Grand Rapids Kids Museum had Family Night (with it being only a $1.50 admission per person). And since Mason enjoyed himself so much at the Curious Kids Museum back in February I thought that the museum would be a fun and cheap family outing. We got a late start though since Mase didn't wake up from his nap until 4:30pm. After eating some dinner we headed downtown and were welcomed by a long line out front on arrival. We looked at the clock and saw that it was already 5:40pm and figured that those peeps must have been waiting since 5ish just to get in. We figured it wasn't worth the wait and headed over to Spring Grove Park instead to do some swinging and exploring. I was a little bummed but figured the museum was probably extra busy due to Spring Break. Oh well. Another time.

5. For Christmas my in-laws gave me a (50 minute) massage to Design 1. I finally used it a week or so ago and was reminded of why I love them so much!!! Wish I could get one every.single.week.

6. My last on-call shift (for RSV season) at work was this past Sunday. I got my 5:30am phone call saying that I didn't have to come in at 7am but that I was on-call for the first 8 hours. Oh did that phone call ever make me oh so happy. I got to "sleep in" until 6:45am, go to church, and have lunch with the hubby, son, and in-laws at Roses Restaurant. Unfortunately at 1:30pm I got the dreaded "you need to come in for your last 4 hours of work" phone call. I was so bummed. But less than an hour later my charge nurse called back and asked...did you leave yet? Thankfully I hadn't and instead got to stay home on-call for the rest of my shift. Yea for not having to work!!!

7. On Wednesday afternoon Mase woke up from his nap with a raspy sound in his throat. Which proceeded to turn into yet another cold. WHEN is Spring going to "truly" arrive. So done with these winter colds. They make for a fussy baby who does NOT sleep well.

8. While I got my hairs (yes hairs) cut...Mase hung out at grandma's house. We were just getting ready to leave when he helped himself right on into their fireplace. The new screen for their fireplace can't come soon enough!!! And maybe soon I will take a picture and show you my new shorter do. =)

9. Four things I LOVE about this picture. (1) This boy and (2) his crazy hair!!! (3) My boy looking at his big sister's books (melt my heart)!!! (4) And Mason in his new track suit (obsessed with these suits...he got a 12 month suit as a baby gift and thus started my obsession!!! His current suit is size 24 months).

10. Prayers for my Pastor would be MUCH appreciated. He was diagnosed with carcinoid bone cancer 7 to 9(ish) years ago. Was only given 4 to 5(ish) years to live...but obviously outlived that time frame. Both over Christmas and then again over his birthday (January 10) he was hospitalized for bowel obstructions and now over the last few weeks things have gone from bad to worse. This is the latest update from one of his daughters...

Newest Update on my dad: The news is pretty devastating...the cancer has grown aggressively in the past two-three months and is in many places. His heart is beating so fast due to the irregular rhythm that it is becoming weaker and weaker and is unable to help him fight. He needs heart surgery right away (an ablation and a pacemaker). He also needs a tube to bi-pass the stomach in hopes to get him some nourishment (he is severely malnourished and dehydrated). If they can stabilize those two things, then we can begin to see if there is anything to be done about the tumors. His liver is severely compromised and other organs are being affected. Our heads are spinning and our hearts ACHE as we try to process all of this...the plan right now is that he will be hospitalized indefinitely and will be moved to Northwestern in Chicago when he is stable enough. We so appreciate each one you--you have taken time out of your busy lives to love, support, and pray for us...we are humbled. 

So very sad. Pastor Dave was our saving grace when we lost the girls. He walked right along side us just loving us...praying for us...and being there constantly for us. I truly do NOT know what we would have done without him. He baptized Alayna and Ella before they passed into Jesus' arms and then 18 months later our MIRACLE BOY Mason Dale. Please please pray for a miracle!!!

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  1. awww... love the pic of Mase looking at his sister's books! Lifting up prayers for your pastor.