Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. What better way to start my Ten On Tuesday than with a little Jesus' Calling:

TRUST ME IN EVERY DETAIL OF YOUR LIFE. Nothing is random in My kingdom. Everything that happens fits into a pattern for good, to those who love Me. Instead of trying to analyze the intricacies of the pattern, focus your energy on trusting Me and thanking Me at all times. Nothing is wasted when you walk close to Me. Even your mistakes and sins can be recycled into something good, through My transforming grace.

While you were still living in darkness, I began to shine the Light of My Presence into your sin-stained life. Finally, I lifted you up out of the mire into My marvelous Light. Having sacrificed My very Life for you, I can be trusted in every facet of your life.

Trusting God with EVERY SINGLE DETAIL in my life is hard to do. But (obviously) oh SO VERY important TO DO. I struggle with this. Struggle with trusting every detail of my life to God. (As I suppose most people do). Even after loss and infertility I just can't help but try and control the happenings of my life and ask why.

Trusting God with every single detail of my life is a daily choice. And even though some days it's easier (to choose trust) than others. I know that trusting God is crucial. Lately with Mason growing bigger and bigger and with twin (girl) pregnancies all around me...I am missing my girls more and more. I wish I knew them like I know Mason. I wish they knew me like Mason knows me. I wish I could kiss them a million times a day and tell them that I love them a billion times over...but I can't and even though it hurts bunches and bunches...all I can do is trust that those details of my life were a part of God's plan. God's PERFECT plan!!!

2. On a much lighter note. Anyone else have this problem...

3. One day last week I had a whole bunch of errands to run. But all morning it poured (morning time ='s errand running time AND afternoon time ='s nap time). The rain finally let up just before lunch so with limited time I decided to only run out to the library (just a stone's throw away). Normally I reserve books online and only go to the counter to pick the books up but that was not the case today. After picking out a couple of books I noticed a kid's play area and to Mase's delight I let him play for a good 30 minutes...

4. Mason sat like such a big boy getting his hair(s) cut last week. I was one proud mama!!!

5. So last week one night Mase was in the tub and I was just sitting on the toilet (NOT using the toilet mind you) talking to my mom on the phone. I decided it was time to get Mason out since he was pushing some (as in the need to poop push). The water all drained out and when I tried to lift Mase out he freaked out. He's been doing that lately...he loves playing in the tub waterless. Weird...right? So since I was on the phone I let him continue playing. Big mistake a few minutes later I heard a plop. Lovely. Just lovely. First poop in the tub. So go figure two nights later when Mase was getting another bath (and after the water was drained) he refused to get out again. He was being super cute in the tub so I was taking some pictures when suddenly he STOPPED and started pushing again...
 and the end result...

6. Does anyone else's kid have an obsession with playing on the fireplace? 

7. Mason may be over one and he may be over 20 pounds but he still sits rear-facing. (It's actually recommended that children sit rear facing until two years of age these days). However, we needed to get the oil changed on our Toyota last week so Mase got a little glimpse into his future... He liked it but was completely fine when he went back to rear-facing the next day!!!

8. Mason's favorite word no matter what you ask...Nooooo. Here he is in action saying it...
(don't mind his crazy hair...this was before his haircut)!!!

9. It was rainy and cold every single day last week. Ugh. Where is that warmer weather? So when my mom mentioned (to me Thursday night that on Friday) she was taking my sister's kids (whom she was baby-sitting that day) to the mall to play for a bit I told her that I would meet her there. (Mason still loved the slide but still wouldn't climb the stairs to get to the slide. Silly boy). Afterwards we went to Auntie Anne's for some cinna sticks...
Mason with his cousins Cambrey...Cole...and Brinley
Mason, Grandma, and Cambrey
Cole and Brinley

10. My nephew Austin turned the big ONE on the 10th and his big party was this past Friday. Mason was obsessed with all the balloons. Would barely sit down to eat because he had to be hanging onto a balloon. It was great party and when it was all said and done I told my sis-in-law that she found herself a new profession...a party planner!!!
My lil stud muffin
Cousin Cambrey blowing bubbles at Mase...he LOVED it!!!

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