Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Memorial Day Weekend Ten On Tuesday

1. My Memorial Day weekend started out stellar with me getting to leave work at 3pm instead of 7:30pm on Friday. Thank goodness for LOS's (loss of shifts)!!! Brian was happy to see me home early too because that meant he could get more done around the yard (as in woodchips). And it was a such a nice evening that we were able to stay outside until it was time for Mase to go to bed.

2. On Saturday more work was done around the house. The big event being that Brian (and Mason) built our outdoor fire pit. They did a spectacular job!!!
the finished product.

3. When Mason wasn't busy "working" he was busy playing with the neighbor's toys. Yes he just helps himself to whatever is in their garage. Thank goodness they don't care.
(And no to Mase it doesn't even matter that its a pink princess ride. This is his new fave toy).

4. In the afternoon though I heard some very sad news. An old coworker who already lost her son in 2008 (at the age of 16 to suicide) lost her only other child...a daughter in a tragic bus accident early Saturday morning. Her daughter was only 18. Absolutely devastating. Please be in prayer for Julie and her husband Dave.

5. The evening ended with a trip to Captain Sundae with my parentals. Yum!!!

6. Sunday also started out good but it too took a turn for the worse in the afternoon. What is with these afternoons. I was on nursery duty at church to start the day. (Which is always a joy...sorry kinda being sarcastic here). But the hubby joined me since the other two girls scheduled didn't show up so that was nice. And then after church it was off to my parent's house for a yummy roast and potatoes dinner. Followed by a little park play time for Mason and my nephew Austin. But then like I said the afternoon turned to sadness when I learned that one of my favorite patient's (from the hospital) had died suddenly earlier Sunday morning. I had just taken care of him (and discharged him home) two weeks prior and he had been doing great. I am just devastated for his parents. And in shock. He was only 5 years old and his mom is due end of June for their fourth child. I know God has a purpose and a plan but its times like these that I wonder what exactly that purpose and plan is. Please be in prayer for this family too.

7. Sunday evening we headed over to some friend's house for a little grill out/fire action. It happened to be one of the little girl's (Taylor) 3rd birthday (on Sunday) so Happy Birthday was sung!!!
Brady, Grace, Taylor, Lily, Mason, and Avery

8. Then came Memorial Day. At 5:15(AM) I got that lovely phone call from work asking if I would like to stay home on-call for the day. YES YES and YES!!! (It was my holiday to work). And the best part was that I got to stay home (on-call) ALL DAY!!! Brian and Mason were planning on going to the Jamestown Memorial Day Parade with my parents and some of my other family...so I got to join in on the fun!!!

Cambrey and Mason pre-parade.
Brinley, Mason, Cambrey, Austin, and Cole before they hit jackpot on the candy haul
Mason and daddy taking it all in (while sucking on a sucker)!!!

9. After the parade we headed over to my parent's house for a breakfast kind of lunch. Mason fell asleep on the way over... Poor kid wasn't too happy when we woke him up a mere 5 minutes later.

10. And to end the weekend Mason took a head dive into one of our basement walls (after he saw and heard mom head upstairs for some chocolate). He managed to leave a nice indent in the drywall. Bonus. But the bigger downside was that my poor baby immediately had a goose egg on his forehead. Thankfully this morning it wasn't even noticeable.

Monday, May 27, 2013

17 Months

My monthly posts are starting to lack some. I think 18 months might be the last one until a two year post. I feel like I write a lot about Mase in my Ten on Tuesday posts (and I definitely use most of his monthly pictures) so I don't have a whole lot else to add when its time for his monthly post. But here's what he's been up to lately...

  • Not a clue what Mase weighs these days. Next appointment is early July.
  • Mason is wearing 18-24 months, 24 months, or 2T clothing. And he is still wearing size 4 Kirkland brand diapers...nearing the end though. Like I said last month he could totally be in size 5 but I'm dutch and he will wear size 4 until they are gone!!!
  • Mason talks NONSTOP these days. One day he barely had anything to say and the next you couldn't keep him quiet!!! Not that you can understand most of what he says but its still fun listening to him jabber.
  • Mason has been a champion sleeper for some time now. I was just looking back through my monthly posts and realized I've never really updated his sleep patterns since 11 months. We switched to just an afternoon nap (maybe around 13 months) and it has been the best thing EVER!!! He naps typically 3-3.5 hours. And he still goes to bed between 7:30 and 8pm. (Although with the warmer temps sometimes its been a bit later). He was then waking around 7 in the morning...but for the last month or so he's been waking up between 5:30 and 6am. (WAY TOO EARLY FOR THIS MAMA). This getting up before 6am is getting old and I told Brian today that since I am home with him the next four mornings he is going to stay in his crib until at least 6:30am (7am would be even better)...crying or not.
  • He thinks he needs to shut every door that he walks out of. So typically every door in our house is shut.
  • I believe Mase is starting to work on his two year molars.
  • Mason will not wear a bib. Flat out refuses. So many a shirts mama works hard to get stains out.
  • Hates swings. Loves slides.
  • Mason's big thing for the last few months is taking our hands (a finger) to lead us where he wants to go. If daddy is sitting on the floor and Mason wants to go somewhere he takes his hand and tries to get daddy to go where he wants. If daddy won't budge...full fledged tantrum here we come.
  •  Mason is SUCH a picky eater. Wonder where he gets that from!!! (Me for those of you who haven't a clue). He refuses to try a lot of food we put on his plate. And if we won't take it back he looks at us and chucks it to the floor. What a doll. As you can imagine my floor is a sticky mess.
  • Mason may be a picky eater but he will not turn away a sweet for anything. This is his daddy to a "T."
  • We only have one reclining (thus rear facing) car seat. The other is a forward facing only. Just this month Brian and I stopped switching vehicles. So if Mase is in the truck he sits forward facing now but if he's in the Toyota he still sits rear facing.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ten On Tuesday (Picture Galore)

1. Brian built another garden box this year so now we have two boxes...this year full of beans, carrots, peppers, and raspberries. Mmmmm Y-U-M!!! Mason of course had to help every step of the way (and what a big help he is)!!!

2. Having fun on one of his "new" slides...that daddy got for him (off Craigslist)...
(The "new" slides).

3. Friday night after work I got out of my vehicle and saw this...
and then walked in the back door and saw this...
Two more great Craigslist deals compliments of daddy!!! And to top it off the picnic table had really never been used. It was in mint condition. And the owner threw in the basketball hoop for just another $5. Can't go wrong there!!!

4. This past Saturday we celebrated Mother's Day with my side of the family. It was a gorgeous day so the kids had a blast playing outside. 
Playing with the rocket.
Mason and Grandma V
Grandma with all her babies.

Brin goes in for the kiss. Mason's not too sure...
But wait a minute thats a smile...he liked it!!!
Sweet cousins.

Mommy and her favorite little boy!!!

5. Last week Grandma (Vugteveen) was watching Mason and since Aunt Courtney's school was canceled for the day Mason and grandma headed over for a little play action. My sister sent me these adorable pics...
Mason and Brinley...best buds!!!

6. This past Sunday afternoon we went to Gpa and Gma H's house to do some fishing and swimming. Mason was tickled by daddy's catch!!!

7. Mason got a "man" haircut. (Thanks to Aunt Courtney)!!!

8. I turn my back for one second...

9. Brian is building a fire pit in our backyard. All it needs is the steel ring (inside the blocks) and fires here we come!!!

10. Mason and his buddy (and next door neighbor) Adryanna. He is obsessed with her play house. As in needs to play in it every single day.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ten On Thursday

1. Laying in bed one weekday morning Mase looked over at me...took out his paci...and out of the blue gave me a kiss. Melt my heart I love that little boy!!!

2. Picked out some flowers for the girls basket at the cemetery...
Typical me I wanted to get a picture of Mase by his sister's stone. All I can say is trying to get a 16 month old to sit still (in a specific spot) for a picture is no small task. So I jumped in and as you can tell still wasn't have much luck.
Best we could get...

3. After the cemetery we stopped by a park. From this picture you can tell that Mason has no fear of heights.
He was mad that daddy wouldn't let him go by himself. (On a side note this slide is NOT meant for adults).
This boy is obsessed with slides. Love his sweet expression!!!

4. Playing with his water table on a hot May day (before the uninvited cold weather came back to play)...
His favorite thing to do is dump the water all over himself!!!

5. My sister's friend had a garage sale last weekend. I headed over to check things out (a few days early) and found some goodies...
Mase with his new snowmobile sled. Can't wait for winter ;)
With his new slide.

And his new motorcycle and tractor.

6. My flower basket is thriving this year. Last year I killed it withing the first two weeks.

7. Getting a picture of me and Mase on Mother's Day was no easy task this year. Like I mentioned in my Mother's Day post (on Sunday) my only request to Brian was for him to get at least one decent picture of Mase and I. Take your pick of what you consider decent...
Bribery (with PB M&Ms)...
or the beloved paci look...

8. My Mother's Day gift this year...
Blessed tag with Mason's birth stone.

I actually picked it out at the Origami Owl Party that my sister-in-law hosted back in March. However, since some of the pieces were back ordered...I finally got to start wearing it the week before Mother's Day. I LOVE it!!!

9. Cancer has once again (and again) reared its ugly head. My 93 year old grandfather was diagnosed with lymphoma this past week and a friend's husband found out that his cancer after a year of treatment and surgery has returned. He was diagnosed a year ago with colon cancer (with a spot on the liver). Two weeks ago he had a PET scan. They found out the results of the PET scan last week...4 new spots on the liver and 1 outside the liver on a lymph node. Please be in prayer for Kent and Leah. Leah's dad is also my Pastor's daughter. And on that note my pastor is doing okay as of lately. He has good days and bad days. But he is a fighter. Also, the other friend I mentioned a few weeks back...her mom was given 10 months (give or take) to live. Cancer bites. 

10. Mason is obsessed with drinking out of straws. I have one of those plastic cups with a straw that I am always drinking out of and he always thinks he needs a turn. The other day he was chewing an animal cracker when he decided he needed a drink. It was lovely to see all that backwash (of animal cracker) go down the straw and into my cup. Good thing I love him lots!!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Even though last year was my first (Earthly) Mother's Day...today is the first Mother's Day that I actually get to spend with my miracle baby boy!!! (Last year I had to work).

Thinking back on past Mother's Days brings about many different emotions. Three years ago I was pregnant with the girls. I enjoyed Mother's Day as a mommy-to-be!!! Two years ago (even though I was pregnant with Mason) Mother's Day was a hard day for me. (I was only 6 weeks pregnant and we hadn't let people in on our surprise yet). It was so hard in fact that Brian and I didn't even go to church. At my church they always ask all the moms to stand up to receive a flower. And even though in my heart of heart I knew I was a mother I didn't want other people to wonder why I was standing. So for me it was just easier to not go. And then last year I had to work but what a blessing it was to at least put my baby to bed at night.

Today is an extra difficult day for those struggling with infertility, miscarriage, and loss. I may be on the "other side" with an amazing little boy in my arms but I have not and will never forget those sad Mother's Days. So for all the woman out there whose dream is still to be a mommy...my prayers are with you (especially) today.

This morning Mason was in NO mood to get his picture taken but I told Brian last night that it was my one Mother's Day wish to get a decent pic of me and Mase (before church)...so my wish (with much patience) was granted...
Kisses for mommy!!!

After a quick picture session we headed to church. At church I received a carnation in honor of being a mommy.  Melt my heart. After church we went out for brunch with my in-law's (where I received another carnation in honor of being a mommy). So after brunch Brian and I made a quick stop at the cemetery to visit the girls and drop off the carnations before heading home for a relaxing afternoon/evening.