Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Memorial Day Weekend Ten On Tuesday

1. My Memorial Day weekend started out stellar with me getting to leave work at 3pm instead of 7:30pm on Friday. Thank goodness for LOS's (loss of shifts)!!! Brian was happy to see me home early too because that meant he could get more done around the yard (as in woodchips). And it was a such a nice evening that we were able to stay outside until it was time for Mase to go to bed.

2. On Saturday more work was done around the house. The big event being that Brian (and Mason) built our outdoor fire pit. They did a spectacular job!!!
the finished product.

3. When Mason wasn't busy "working" he was busy playing with the neighbor's toys. Yes he just helps himself to whatever is in their garage. Thank goodness they don't care.
(And no to Mase it doesn't even matter that its a pink princess ride. This is his new fave toy).

4. In the afternoon though I heard some very sad news. An old coworker who already lost her son in 2008 (at the age of 16 to suicide) lost her only other child...a daughter in a tragic bus accident early Saturday morning. Her daughter was only 18. Absolutely devastating. Please be in prayer for Julie and her husband Dave.

5. The evening ended with a trip to Captain Sundae with my parentals. Yum!!!

6. Sunday also started out good but it too took a turn for the worse in the afternoon. What is with these afternoons. I was on nursery duty at church to start the day. (Which is always a joy...sorry kinda being sarcastic here). But the hubby joined me since the other two girls scheduled didn't show up so that was nice. And then after church it was off to my parent's house for a yummy roast and potatoes dinner. Followed by a little park play time for Mason and my nephew Austin. But then like I said the afternoon turned to sadness when I learned that one of my favorite patient's (from the hospital) had died suddenly earlier Sunday morning. I had just taken care of him (and discharged him home) two weeks prior and he had been doing great. I am just devastated for his parents. And in shock. He was only 5 years old and his mom is due end of June for their fourth child. I know God has a purpose and a plan but its times like these that I wonder what exactly that purpose and plan is. Please be in prayer for this family too.

7. Sunday evening we headed over to some friend's house for a little grill out/fire action. It happened to be one of the little girl's (Taylor) 3rd birthday (on Sunday) so Happy Birthday was sung!!!
Brady, Grace, Taylor, Lily, Mason, and Avery

8. Then came Memorial Day. At 5:15(AM) I got that lovely phone call from work asking if I would like to stay home on-call for the day. YES YES and YES!!! (It was my holiday to work). And the best part was that I got to stay home (on-call) ALL DAY!!! Brian and Mason were planning on going to the Jamestown Memorial Day Parade with my parents and some of my other family...so I got to join in on the fun!!!

Cambrey and Mason pre-parade.
Brinley, Mason, Cambrey, Austin, and Cole before they hit jackpot on the candy haul
Mason and daddy taking it all in (while sucking on a sucker)!!!

9. After the parade we headed over to my parent's house for a breakfast kind of lunch. Mason fell asleep on the way over... Poor kid wasn't too happy when we woke him up a mere 5 minutes later.

10. And to end the weekend Mason took a head dive into one of our basement walls (after he saw and heard mom head upstairs for some chocolate). He managed to leave a nice indent in the drywall. Bonus. But the bigger downside was that my poor baby immediately had a goose egg on his forehead. Thankfully this morning it wasn't even noticeable.

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