Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ten On Tuesday (Picture Galore)

1. Brian built another garden box this year so now we have two boxes...this year full of beans, carrots, peppers, and raspberries. Mmmmm Y-U-M!!! Mason of course had to help every step of the way (and what a big help he is)!!!

2. Having fun on one of his "new" slides...that daddy got for him (off Craigslist)...
(The "new" slides).

3. Friday night after work I got out of my vehicle and saw this...
and then walked in the back door and saw this...
Two more great Craigslist deals compliments of daddy!!! And to top it off the picnic table had really never been used. It was in mint condition. And the owner threw in the basketball hoop for just another $5. Can't go wrong there!!!

4. This past Saturday we celebrated Mother's Day with my side of the family. It was a gorgeous day so the kids had a blast playing outside. 
Playing with the rocket.
Mason and Grandma V
Grandma with all her babies.

Brin goes in for the kiss. Mason's not too sure...
But wait a minute thats a smile...he liked it!!!
Sweet cousins.

Mommy and her favorite little boy!!!

5. Last week Grandma (Vugteveen) was watching Mason and since Aunt Courtney's school was canceled for the day Mason and grandma headed over for a little play action. My sister sent me these adorable pics...
Mason and Brinley...best buds!!!

6. This past Sunday afternoon we went to Gpa and Gma H's house to do some fishing and swimming. Mason was tickled by daddy's catch!!!

7. Mason got a "man" haircut. (Thanks to Aunt Courtney)!!!

8. I turn my back for one second...

9. Brian is building a fire pit in our backyard. All it needs is the steel ring (inside the blocks) and fires here we come!!!

10. Mason and his buddy (and next door neighbor) Adryanna. He is obsessed with her play house. As in needs to play in it every single day.

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  1. goes right for the wallet! haha, my daughter asks me every day I come home if she can look in my purse. she's obsessed thinking she's going to find some treasure in there!