Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy Three Year Angelversary

Tonight we celebrated Alayna and Ella's third birthday with family. I had originally only invited the grandparents (like last year) but then my sister called and asked if her family could come. Of course I said yes. The only reason I didn't invite the whole fam is because its such a busy time of the year and I didn't want to fill up their schedules more so. But I LOVE that they want to come. Makes me happy that they want to help us celebrate our angel babies. After talking to my sister I invited one of my brothers and his fam too (the other brother and his fam are on vacation) so almost the whole family helped us celebrate. We kept it simple as always but it was a nice evening. We released balloons at the cemetery and then drove to a nearby park for cupcakes, ice cream, and play time!!!
Three years later and very blessed
Some of the gang
Up Up Up and Away
Mason didn't want to release his balloon =)
Happy Birthday to my forever baby girls!!!
Cole, Austin, Cambrey, and Mason 
And the yummy cupcakes!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer Busy-Summer Camping

Wow I can hardly believe we're at the end of June already. And no I did not miss Alayna's birthday (on the 24th). We were camping (and I do NOT have an iPhone to post anything). And I've been so busy lately that I have had NO time to blog anyways. 

But to be truly honest this year was different than the last two years (anniversaries). Different as in easier. Time has certainly healed my broken heart. Mason has done wonders for this mama's soul. He is the absolute love of Brian and I's lives. We are so thankful that God brought this child. This MIRACLE into our lives. Yes we still mourn and miss our girls but God doesn't make mistakes. My girls are with their heavenly Father in Glory and someday Brian and I will not only see but hold them again. And what a beautiful and wonderful day that will be!!!

And on to our camping adventure...

Ever since I was oh maybe four or five years old my family has gone camping to Holland State Park over the Fourth of July. However, this year we decided to switch things up and go to Muskegon State Park instead. We went last weekend (for four nights)!!! And let me just say (in my opinion) it was a good choice. The trek down to the busy Holland beach over the Fourth was too much. And with kids needing naps this was the way to go!!! And the fact that the weather was wonderful (except for the last day) made the trip that much more enjoyable.
Bike rides galore...
Mason and cousin Austin just hanging out...
Driving Papa's boat...
My beach STUD!!!
Digging on the beach with cousins and Papa...
Mason and Brinley
All ready for a boat ride
Me and my Mama!!!
My loves
Me and my boy
Watching the big boat come in...
Another family shot...
He loved his chocolate cupcake...
Mason and Cambrey.
Flying a kite with daddy...
Melt my heart!!!
"Big" cousin Brinley helping Mase with his shoe =)
Mase and I after enjoying some ice cream...

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ten On Thursday

1. This past Saturday (June 15) marked the three year anniversary of the WORST ultrasound of my life. I know I say this a lot but I just can't believe its been three years already. Seems like just yesterday. But this year we celebrated something special. My Uncle Bob got married (at 50 something for the very first time) and we celebrated Father's Day with my family. All in all it was a very good day!!!

2. The wedding was at Hope CRC (in Grandville). It was kinda bittersweet being back there because the last time I was...was for my brother's wedding and at that point I was 18 weeks pregnant with the girls. Some things you just never forget.

3. Mason is quite the character as of lately. The other day when we were out for breakfast he was getting ready to chuck some food (to the ground) when I said "no no Mason...that food is for your belly." He then proceeds to lift up his shirt (remember we're in public) and say belly. Yes Mase but that is not what mommy meant.

4. On another occasion I was changing an especially stinky diaper so I plugged my nose and said pee-U. To which Mase plugged his nose too. Just cracked me up.

5. Mason is not (typically) allowed his paci in public (or outside). So these days the moment Brian or I open the car door to get him out we get nailed (if we're lucky) with a paci. If we don't get nailed we get to get on our hands and knees and find where the paci ended up.

6. This boy LOVES him some chocolate...

7. Another diaper story for ya. I was changing Mase at my mom's this morning (on a rug by her front door). It was another nasty poop. (And to answer your I do not think all poopy diapers are nasty). While changing him I noticed that the poop had gone all the way up the back of his diaper. I thought...oh no is it on her NEW rug. Sure enough it was. The word (shit) might have come out of my mouth. And my almost 18 month old son may or may not have repeated it. Oh and I did get the poop out of the rug!!!

8. Testing out his new chair...

9. Like I said in #1 we celebrated Father's Day with my family the Saturday night before Father's Day. I totally forgot to get a picture of Mason and my dad...but in my defense we also celebrated my nephew's 4th birthday and the emphasis was more on that. I did however get a picture of Brian, Mase, and I with my grandpa!!!

10. Happy Father's Day to my wonderful hubby who is an AMAZING daddy!!!
Grandpa H, daddy, and Mase

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. Thursday was the start of my weekend (and Monday night was my Sunday night...YEA for five day weekends)!!!  And what a busy weekend it was. I met a friend for breakfast Thursday morning. Went to my former Pastor's visitation late afternoon and in the evening went to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse for dinner with the in-laws. I've been to a Ruth's Chris once before (in Arizona) but that was four years ago. I had forgotten how delicious their food is.

2. Friday was a low-key morning/early afternoon until we went to the funeral. What a beautiful celebration/remembrance of our Pastor's life. We had actually had plans (prior to the funeral being set) for some friends to come over for a grill out on Friday so those plans had to be changed a bit. They still came over with their two girls but later and only for s'mores and a fire. Mason was an absolute bear which was awesome. He hates to be told no (and he was told no a LOT Friday night). Thing is the kid has NO fear. He was getting too close to the fire pit so we told him no but he still almost fell into (the fire pit). Camping in a few weeks should be fun!!!

3. Mason is teething like crazy which is why he was acting like a bear Friday night. Three eye teeth are making their way in. And since were teething again...were waking up at least once a night. And sometimes when he won't fall asleep into mommy and daddy's bed he comes. One night after rocking and rocking I tried putting him in his crib...cue the crying...and then he pointed towards mommy and daddy's bedroom. Go figure once in our bed he fell asleep pronto. As you can tell he doesn't have us wrapped around his fingers or anything ;)

4. Saturday morning/early afternoon was spent working outside around the house (or playing in Mason and I's case). And then late afternoon Brian and I headed to Saugatuck with some friends. We had SUCH a nice night. Rarely do we leave Mason for a night out...for work yes but not often do we both leave together to do something was a nice change. We hit up three wine tasting places, did a little downtown shopping, went to The Butler for appetizers and Coral Gables for dinner, and then walked around a bit more before ending the night with a stop to Kilwin's for ice cream.

5. On Sunday (at church) Leah (my former Pastor's daughter) said that her mom would like Brian and I to pick out a flower from the front of church to take home. So sweet of Linda. It is proudly displayed on our mantle...

6. In talking to both Leah and Linda after church I said you know I truly believe that my girls were at Heaven's Gates waiting for (Pastor) Dave. After all he baptized them, buried them, and supported Brian and I through the darkest hours of our lives. I said he is their surrogate Papa in Heaven. Brought tears to all three of our eyes.

7. Sunday afternoon brought about our ONLY high school graduation party for the year. Our lone teen baby-sitter graduated this year and is headed off to college in the fall. Mason hadn't seen her in a while (we typically use the grandparents as (free) baby-sitters) but he instantly took to her again. Which makes me happy since she'll be watching him again this summer. Love knowing he's in good hands!!!

8. Mason found a new "fun thing" to do. And that my friends is pushing his matchbox cars under the stove. I think his fave part of this new "fun thing" is watching mommy try to get them out. Oh and sitting on me as I try and do it.

9. Since Mase won't wear a bib and since he gets SO incredibly dirty while eating...last night we decided to have him go shirtless during dinner. Thinking this is something we most definitely will continue doing!!!

10. My rose bushes are starting to bloom. This makes me happy.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. Can you believe it's June already? Oh the bittersweet month of June. This June marks the third anniversary of Alayna and Ella's angelversaries. Its hard to believe we are about to embark on year four already.

2. My Pastor passed away on June 1. He was such an amazing pastor. So loved. And one of the main reasons I survived the loss of my girls. He was up at the hospital with Brian and I. He planned their funeral. He called at least twice a week those first few weeks. Visited us numerous times. Had us over for dinner. And so much more. He was definitely a one of a kind type of pastor. He will be greatly missed.

3. Can't wait for my rose bushes to bud this year. And they are oh so close to doing just that. Pastor Dave (and his wife Linda) gave us two of our four bushes. Now they will remind me of not only the girls but Pastor Dave as well. But until they actually bud these flowers are making me happy. Aren't they AWESOME!!!

4. Lately whenever I turn off the water from my shower I can plan on Mason stopping whatever it is that he may be doing to open the door for me and hand me my clothes. Not my clothes!!! Such a helper.

5. My handsome dude. Couldn't resist putting up this cute shot...

6. I was eating a pear today and Mason wanted it in the worst of ways. So I let him try it. He took a bite. Spit it out. Took another bite. Spit that out. This continued so I took the pear away from him. To which he FREAKED out. I gave it back and the bite/spit thing continued. So the picture below is what my floor looked like. He left a trail wherever he went. I finally took it away for good...tantrum and all.
Mmmm good...
Or not...

7. Today was an absolutely GORGEOUS day and Mason and I spent most of it playing outside.
Mase did some sliding...

Mase did some running...

 And Mase and Mommy did some chilling...

8. This boy is like a magnet to any and all electronics/things with a cord. He ran across my back massager and was instantly obsessed.
 So we plugged it in and gave it a try...

9. His new favorite activity...(Seems like there's a new one each week) pushing any toy down the driveway and into the street. Not a cool activity when the boy doesn't grasp the concept that the street is not a place to play.
(And don't I am "busy" taking pictures daddy was manning the street).

10. And since I don't have a ten. Here is another picture of my sweet boy. Love him soooo much!!!