Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. Can you believe it's June already? Oh the bittersweet month of June. This June marks the third anniversary of Alayna and Ella's angelversaries. Its hard to believe we are about to embark on year four already.

2. My Pastor passed away on June 1. He was such an amazing pastor. So loved. And one of the main reasons I survived the loss of my girls. He was up at the hospital every.single.day with Brian and I. He planned their funeral. He called at least twice a week those first few weeks. Visited us numerous times. Had us over for dinner. And so much more. He was definitely a one of a kind type of pastor. He will be greatly missed.

3. Can't wait for my rose bushes to bud this year. And they are oh so close to doing just that. Pastor Dave (and his wife Linda) gave us two of our four bushes. Now they will remind me of not only the girls but Pastor Dave as well. But until they actually bud these flowers are making me happy. Aren't they AWESOME!!!

4. Lately whenever I turn off the water from my shower I can plan on Mason stopping whatever it is that he may be doing to open the door for me and hand me my clothes. Not my towel...my clothes!!! Such a helper.

5. My handsome dude. Couldn't resist putting up this cute shot...

6. I was eating a pear today and Mason wanted it in the worst of ways. So I let him try it. He took a bite. Spit it out. Took another bite. Spit that out. This continued so I took the pear away from him. To which he FREAKED out. I gave it back and the bite/spit thing continued. So the picture below is what my floor looked like. He left a trail wherever he went. I finally took it away for good...tantrum and all.
Mmmm good...
Or not...

7. Today was an absolutely GORGEOUS day and Mason and I spent most of it playing outside.
Mase did some sliding...

Mase did some running...

 And Mase and Mommy did some chilling...

8. This boy is like a magnet to any and all electronics/things with a cord. He ran across my back massager and was instantly obsessed.
 So we plugged it in and gave it a try...

9. His new favorite activity...(Seems like there's a new one each week)...is pushing any toy down the driveway and into the street. Not a cool activity when the boy doesn't grasp the concept that the street is not a place to play.
(And don't worry...as I am "busy" taking pictures daddy was manning the street).

10. And since I don't have a ten. Here is another picture of my sweet boy. Love him soooo much!!!


  1. He is so stinking cute! Hard to believe it has been 3 years since we first met. Thinking of you with all the anticipation of the month.

  2. praying for peace this month and for all it has to bring. favor and grace be yours!

    mason is ADORable!