Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. Thursday was the start of my weekend (and Monday night was my Sunday night...YEA for five day weekends)!!!  And what a busy weekend it was. I met a friend for breakfast Thursday morning. Went to my former Pastor's visitation late afternoon and in the evening went to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse for dinner with the in-laws. I've been to a Ruth's Chris once before (in Arizona) but that was four years ago. I had forgotten how delicious their food is.

2. Friday was a low-key morning/early afternoon until we went to the funeral. What a beautiful celebration/remembrance of our Pastor's life. We had actually had plans (prior to the funeral being set) for some friends to come over for a grill out on Friday so those plans had to be changed a bit. They still came over with their two girls but later and only for s'mores and a fire. Mason was an absolute bear which was awesome. He hates to be told no (and he was told no a LOT Friday night). Thing is the kid has NO fear. He was getting too close to the fire pit so we told him no but he still almost fell into (the fire pit). Camping in a few weeks should be fun!!!

3. Mason is teething like crazy which is why he was acting like a bear Friday night. Three eye teeth are making their way in. And since were teething again...were waking up at least once a night. And sometimes when he won't fall asleep into mommy and daddy's bed he comes. One night after rocking and rocking I tried putting him in his crib...cue the crying...and then he pointed towards mommy and daddy's bedroom. Go figure once in our bed he fell asleep pronto. As you can tell he doesn't have us wrapped around his fingers or anything ;)

4. Saturday morning/early afternoon was spent working outside around the house (or playing in Mason and I's case). And then late afternoon Brian and I headed to Saugatuck with some friends. We had SUCH a nice night. Rarely do we leave Mason for a night out...for work yes but not often do we both leave together to do something fun...it was a nice change. We hit up three wine tasting places, did a little downtown shopping, went to The Butler for appetizers and Coral Gables for dinner, and then walked around a bit more before ending the night with a stop to Kilwin's for ice cream.

5. On Sunday (at church) Leah (my former Pastor's daughter) said that her mom would like Brian and I to pick out a flower from the front of church to take home. So sweet of Linda. It is proudly displayed on our mantle...

6. In talking to both Leah and Linda after church I said you know I truly believe that my girls were at Heaven's Gates waiting for (Pastor) Dave. After all he baptized them, buried them, and supported Brian and I through the darkest hours of our lives. I said he is their surrogate Papa in Heaven. Brought tears to all three of our eyes.

7. Sunday afternoon brought about our ONLY high school graduation party for the year. Our lone teen baby-sitter graduated this year and is headed off to college in the fall. Mason hadn't seen her in a while (we typically use the grandparents as (free) baby-sitters) but he instantly took to her again. Which makes me happy since she'll be watching him again this summer. Love knowing he's in good hands!!!

8. Mason found a new "fun thing" to do. And that my friends is pushing his matchbox cars under the stove. I think his fave part of this new "fun thing" is watching mommy try to get them out. Oh and sitting on me as I try and do it.

9. Since Mase won't wear a bib and since he gets SO incredibly dirty while eating...last night we decided to have him go shirtless during dinner. Thinking this is something we most definitely will continue doing!!!

10. My rose bushes are starting to bloom. This makes me happy.

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  1. So sorry for the loss of your pastor and friend.

    Glad you got a night out in Saugi to relax together!

    It is funny how similar Ashton and Mason are- he has been a total bear this week as well because of his eye teeth coming in.