Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ten On Thursday

1. This past Saturday (June 15) marked the three year anniversary of the WORST ultrasound of my life. I know I say this a lot but I just can't believe its been three years already. Seems like just yesterday. But this year we celebrated something special. My Uncle Bob got married (at 50 something for the very first time) and we celebrated Father's Day with my family. All in all it was a very good day!!!

2. The wedding was at Hope CRC (in Grandville). It was kinda bittersweet being back there because the last time I was...was for my brother's wedding and at that point I was 18 weeks pregnant with the girls. Some things you just never forget.

3. Mason is quite the character as of lately. The other day when we were out for breakfast he was getting ready to chuck some food (to the ground) when I said "no no Mason...that food is for your belly." He then proceeds to lift up his shirt (remember we're in public) and say belly. Yes Mase but that is not what mommy meant.

4. On another occasion I was changing an especially stinky diaper so I plugged my nose and said pee-U. To which Mase plugged his nose too. Just cracked me up.

5. Mason is not (typically) allowed his paci in public (or outside). So these days the moment Brian or I open the car door to get him out we get nailed (if we're lucky) with a paci. If we don't get nailed we get to get on our hands and knees and find where the paci ended up.

6. This boy LOVES him some chocolate...

7. Another diaper story for ya. I was changing Mase at my mom's this morning (on a rug by her front door). It was another nasty poop. (And to answer your I do not think all poopy diapers are nasty). While changing him I noticed that the poop had gone all the way up the back of his diaper. I thought...oh no is it on her NEW rug. Sure enough it was. The word (shit) might have come out of my mouth. And my almost 18 month old son may or may not have repeated it. Oh and I did get the poop out of the rug!!!

8. Testing out his new chair...

9. Like I said in #1 we celebrated Father's Day with my family the Saturday night before Father's Day. I totally forgot to get a picture of Mason and my dad...but in my defense we also celebrated my nephew's 4th birthday and the emphasis was more on that. I did however get a picture of Brian, Mase, and I with my grandpa!!!

10. Happy Father's Day to my wonderful hubby who is an AMAZING daddy!!!
Grandpa H, daddy, and Mase

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  1. Oh that boy! Love the pictures of him, especially the chocolate face! Looks like summer is treating you all well. :)