Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Journey To (Earthly) Baby #2: Weeks 8 and 9

May 23
How Far Along: 8 weeks.

Picture of Baby: (At 7 weeks 6 days)

Weight Gain: Up a total of 2.5 pounds...putting me at 148 even. 

Picture of Baby IN the Belly:
I am so not on the ball with these belly pics like I was with Mason. Basically I don't have the energy to do much of anything after chasing Mason around all day and when Mason naps...I nap. And my turn over day with Mason's pregnancy was a Sunday which was perfect. (I always get ready on Sundays). This time around its a Thursday which isn't so perfect for weekly picture taking (for me). But here is my afternoon belly at 8 weeks 3 days...

Symptoms: Bloated at night. TIRED. Especially after working a 12 hour shift. Loving me some naps. Hungry (but not as hungry as I was with Mason or the girls). Slight nausea in the mornings. Threw up once when taking that lovely prenatal vitamin (might have been more due to nerves though since it happened on the morning of an US). Sometimes a bad taste in my mouth (but nothing like the bad taste I had with the girls and Mason). And two NEW symptoms to add...round ligament pain and nipple tenderness.

I get a little nervous since my symptoms are so mild but praying that all is still well. After three perfect ultrasounds you would think I would relax some but relax is NOT in my vocabulary.

May 23
Today I had another minor scare. When I used the bathroom first thing this morning I noticed that my discharge was more and was a tanish color. It freaked me out enough (the color) that once 8am hit I called my fertility office. When I left the message I said that it was a brownish discharge because initially that is what color I thought it was. I went to the bathroom 30 minutes later and it was the same color (although it was now that I realized it was NOT brown but more tan) and then it stopped. Dodds (yes Dodds) called me back around 9:30 and asked me some questions. At first he was thinking infection but when I said it had only happened twice and not again he decided it wasn't infection but that if it continued in color and amount to call the office because he would put me on an antibiotic. He said it could have just been from the gel the day before. He said the gel and vaginal secretions mixed can changed the ph (of one's secretions) or I might have just been irritated from the probe. Either way he didn't seem too concerned and since it didn't happen the rest of the day...I wasn't (as much) either. I could end every posting with is it December/January yet!!!

May 26
Ready for my next ultrasound as in yesterday. Today I am 8 weeks 3 days which is when my first miscarriage probably occurred (def no later than 8 weeks 4 days). My second miscarriage was at 8 weeks 1 day. So today I just want to know that my baby is alive and bigger than 15mm. I hate all the unknowns that these first few weeks bring since you cannot feel the baby. And I worry that since my symptoms are so mild something must be wrong. Praying like crazy that all is well and that this all hasn't been for nothing again.

On a complete side note...I have not lifted my child (except for naps) since April 13. And saying he is not a superfan of mom when dad is around is putting it mildly. If dad walks out of the room and he is left with me...he cries like its the end of the world...which makes me want to cry. Trying to stay strong. Praying this no lifting restriction is lifted soon.

May 28
Today's appointment was my first this go around with my high risk OB. First on the agenda was seeing our sweet baby (via ABDOMINAL!!! ultrasound). The ultrasound tech was doing all kind of measurements in the beginning so I couldn't really see the baby or more important the heartbeat. Then when she finally zoomed in on the baby I didn't see the heartbeat. Wait a second...that would be because I was looking at the head NOT the body. Nice!!! But it was definitely beating away at 176bpm. And baby measured 19.77mm. This baby size-wise is measuring more like the girls did. Mason was always a bit ahead of the game. But all four of my kiddos heartbeats at this point were in the 170's range so I left the office very happy.

Next on the agenda was discussing with Jelsema "the plan" for this pregnancy. And this is what we came up with. I will be seen every two weeks (instead of every week like I did with Mase). I will however stay the course on antibiotic treatment (that being that I will start them again at 14 weeks). I will start cervical checks at 16 weeks (instead of at 14 weeks like I did with Mase). *I was the one who asked to start cervical checks a little bit later. I figure a few less appointment might make me a little less anxious since I get extremely anxious before every appointment.* I will continue with my baby aspirin in hopes that it will keep my blood pressure down. And if need be we will add a blood pressure med into the mix. And I am planning on continuing to work my two 12 hour shifts a week. Very happy with this plan. So here we go again!!! Oh and my blood pressure at this appointment was 126/84. Not too shabby although I would still like to see it go down some.

May 30
How Far Along: 9 weeks.

Picture of Baby: (At 8 weeks 5 days)


Weight Gain: Once again I skipped the scale this week.

Picture of Baby IN the Belly: (9 weeks 3 days afternoon belly)...

Symptoms: Tired. More days of just feeling "off." Boob soreness. And something I've had since the very beginning and have failed to mention before...back and shoulder acne.

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  1. I had some spotting at 8 weeks. It completely terrified me because I never spotted with Leland or our first baby. My doctor got me in for an US the next morning though to ease my fears.

    YAY for normal blood pressure!!! :)