Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy Happy Birthday To Me

Brrr...this July 29 was not like any other I remember. Typically I spend my birthday by a pool or at the beach but this year with temps only in the mid 60's...Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park it was!!! And what a blast we had...petting baby goats, holding baby bunnies and chicks, feeding birdies, a safari bus ride, lunch in the park, and playing in the sand and climbing on the animal statues. The kids left happy and tired!!!

Petting the goats...Cambrey, Mase, Cole, Brin (who was terrified), and Gma
Mason and the baby goats!!!
Cousins with suckers (checking out the giraffes)!!!
Trying to figure out a way to get into the bunny cage!!!
Feeding the birdies.
"Uh oh" what he said when he dropped his (bird feed) stick. Silly boy!!!
Cambrey and Mase
My mom, Cole, Mason, Cambrey, Courtney, Brinley, and Me
He loves this girl!!! 
So stinkin CUTE!!! Love this boy!!!
Mommy and Mase (HAPPY Birthday to ME)!!!

And then at night we headed out to watch daddy's softball team play in their end of the year tourney...of course only after eating a yummy dinner of smoked/grilled chicken wings and fresh green beans!!! And with that my birthday is over for another year. But here's to (finally) joining the same decade as my hubby!!!

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