Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. Now you all know why my blogging has been lacking lately (except for the last few days). I typically blogged during Mason's nap time but since being pregnant that time has been reserved for napping and whatever leftover time was when I did the little blogging that I did.

2. Brian had the week of the Fourth off so we had a LOT of family time and we made the most of it.

3. We went to Frog Hollow.

4. We went to John Ball Park Zoo. Mase was here twice last year but this year it was a whole new playing field. He had so much fun. He fed the birdies. Petted the goats...(loved petting the goats). And enjoyed just running around seeing all the animals.

5. We went to Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park. This park has been around for a few summers but this was the first year we had heard about it. AWESOME Animal Park. And so worth the 40 minute drive!!! Mason had a smile on his face the entire time. And bonus that he got to pet bunnies, chicks, and baby goats (to name just a few of the many pettable animals at this park).

6. We went swimming at Grandpa and Grandma H's house.

7. On the Fourth we spent the day at my sister's pool with her family and Grandpa and Grandma V.
Cousins: Cole, Brinley, Cambrey, and Mase
He was obsessed with the slide!!!

8. And we went to Potter Park Zoo. A mere three years and one day after our first visit there. On July 4, 2010 Brian and I decided that a day get away was in order. We wanted to go where we would see no one we knew. Brian loves zoos and since this one was only an hour away we thought why not. Back then Brian watched Diners Drive-Ins and Dives and the show had visited a restaurant called Gizzard City not far from the zoo...and with that our day away was planned. As we were leaving I said that someday I wanted to take our future children there. So that is just what we did on July 5, 2013!!!

9. Yesterday Mase and I had plans to go to Millenium Park's sprinkler pad (with grandma, aunt Courtney and six of his cousins). However, the weather wasn't in our favor so we had to bag that idea. Instead we all headed over to my mom's house. The kids had fun playing inside (and a little bit outside) and then we headed over to McDonald's for lunch. And let me tell you it was like my little boy grew up overnight. He wanted to be right in the action playing with all of his cousins. Where they ran. He ran. What they did. He did. It was so cute to watch. He didn't even look back to see if I was "still there." Normally he gets worried if I'm out of his vision. And then at McDonald's he climbed all the way up to the tippy top of the play area without a second glance. And when a little girl wanted to play with him...his big girl cousins got super protective. At one point they removed the girls hand from Mason's and picked him up away from her. Made me chuckle. At least I know he's loved!!!

10. I have to brag a minute. My little boy is SO brave!!! We went to get his 18 month labs drawn this morning and not a tear was shed. My pediatrician actually recommended that I go to a lab downtown where they draw kid's labs all the time...but I didn't feel like making the trek down there. I asked some girls that I work with their opinions and they all said that it would be totally fine to go to an urgent care. (There happens to be one a mere 5 minutes from my house). So I did. And I am so glad that I did. The lady that drew Mase's blood actually works at the lab downtown once a week. Anyways Mase sat on my lap while I held one arm down...a second lady came in to hold his other arm...and the third lady drew his blood. She was so fast. Mason pouted but thats it. She gave him a sucker right afterwards and that made him happy. Actually the worst part (for Mase) was the fact that he had tape on his arm. He very much so dislikes "bandaids" of any sort. Once we got to the car I took the bandaid off and all was well!!!

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  1. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. :) Love the belly!