Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. One of my most favorite things about summer are (dark) SWEET CHERRIES. I bought 3 lbs worth last week and had them gone in three days...with only a little help from Mason. Yes I wrote that correctly...Mason. Believe it or not I found another fruit he likes. But he is only allowed cherries outside and with NO shirt since they stain so. And no I don't even have to take the pit out for him...he knows how!!!

2. Over the last week Mason has become quite the climber. He's no professional but if he wants up he will find a way up.  I must say I liked it better when he wasn't such a climber.

3. And he is quite the jumper these days too =) He's gets a teeny tiny bit of air. Love watching him grow and develop!!!

4. Cutest thing ever (to this mama)...if you ask Mason where baby is...he points to my belly. LOVE!!!

5. The other day I met a girlfriend and her daughter at a park. The kids were getting tired so we took it as our signal that it was time to head home. Mason has this thing lately of playing in the car. So I threw him in there well we were chatting just a bit more. When we said bye I lifted Mason from the drivers seat (even though he had started off in the backseat) and put him in his carseat. I put his window down to give him some quick air. (He was sweating since the car doors were all shut and the car wasn't running). We get home. Mase is of course sleeping...with no shoes on. No biggie he often takes his shoes off in the car. No biggie until I could only find ONE shoe. I searched the car TOP to BOTTOM twice. Finally I called Brian and told him the story and asked him to swing by the park on his way home. Thankfully a few hours later he walks in the house with his other shoe. Not sure how the shoe fell out. Thinking it was when I lifted him out of the drivers seat into his carseat. The only other option is he threw it out the window but it was found exactly where we had been parked so thinking the former.

6. This past weekend we went to The Grille House with some friends. Love this place. A bit expensive but oh so tasty. And its always fun to do something different every once in awhile. At this place you grill your own meat, mushrooms, and endless Texas toast. In addition you get endless house salad, baked potatoes, and baked beans. Believe me when I say we all left STUFFED!!! However, we did go to a frozen yogurt place later that night and somehow that squeezed in just fine!!!
Eric and Jenny, Laura and Steve, Brian and I

7. On Friday night (when I got home from work) I told Brian that I wanted to go to the (Holland) beach for a couple of hours on Saturday. So we did. Mase had a blast. (First trip to the beach this summer). We only lasted two hours but we had a fun two hours!!! And then we all came home and napped.

My boys!!!
Mommy and Mase
Having fun in the sand.

8. On Sunday morning I called my mom about two things. If they were taking the boat out that afternoon for my nephew's birthday party and to see if my dad was feeling any better. He had been having diarrhea for the previous 5 days. My mom said that the birthday party was going to have to be postponed because my dad had called his doctor that morning and he had told him to get to the ER. Insert panic. When its someone I love (parent, spouse, sibling, child) I worry that much more...as I'm sure we all do. Every since the girls I am a pessimistic person so I immediately go to worse case scenerio...cancer. And cancer runs rampant in my dad's family. Long story short...a few hours later after fluids and lots of lab work he was sent home with a diagnosis of viral gastroenteritis. He was feeling better yesterday and I pray this continues.

9. As for the birthday party...it happened Sunday evening instead. Which actually worked out better since my sis and her kids were back from their camping trip. (Her hubby had to work that night). We ate some yummy food, talked, opened presents, enjoyed some cake, went swimming, tubing, and boating. It was a good night with family!!!
Mase all ready for a boat ride
The sisters...Me, Kristi, Courtney, and Jana

10. And something I forgot to mention in Mason's 18 month post...he as of two weeks ago became bottle FREE. I just said to Brian one night NO more bottles. And that was it. As it was since 12 months he was only getting a bedtime bottle anyways...and some nights if we were gone he went to bed without one. So happy with how easy he adjusted. Def harder for mama than baby.

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