Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. A few weeks back I got a letter in the mail from the State of Michigan...letting me know that I had been randomly chosen to have my nursing license audited. Oh joy. Not. (With a nursing audit you have to mail in 25 CEUs...(Continuing Education Units)). So off to the post office I went to mail in my in my 25 CEUs. About two weeks later I got another letter in the mail from the State letting me know that only 18 of my 25 CEUs had been accepted and that I had 14 days from the date of the letter to send in 7 more credits or I would lose my license. Oh lovely. And it only got better...the date on the letter read July 9. The date I received the letter was July 13 (a Saturday). Post office isn't open on Sunday. I had to work Monday. So already a week in and no CEUs had been sent in. Anyways when I read the letter I started panicking as I ran downstairs praying I had at least 7 more CEUs. Thank goodness I am an overachiever and had 13 more CEUs...that were mailed in early Tuesday morning (the 16th).

2. My mother-in-law is so sweet. Brian and I have been talking about getting a cleaning lady for the next 6 months so I don't have to clean, vacuum, scrub, etc. (We had someone clean the house for 6 months when
I was pregnant with Mase). When my mother-in-law heard this she told me that she didn't want us to spend the money on a cleaning lady since she is more than able to clean on the days she comes over to watch Mase. She said she has three hours almost once a week to clean for us while Mase sleeps. Again so sweet...and a HUGE help!!!

3. We went to Millenium Park last week with all of Mason's cousins to hit up the sprinkler park. Let's just say Mason did not have the greatest time. He clung to me like glue for the first hour and a half before I could finally pry him off. Pretty confident when I say he is not a fan of sprinklers. Maybe next year!!!
Cambrey, Brinley, Cole, Addi, Kylynn, Easton, Mason, Grandma and Austin
Grandma with her baby boys.

4. Mason woke up from his nap this past Thursday burning HOT. Temp was 103.9. He was a sad baby Thursday night into Friday morning. We decided that Brian would stay home from work because go fig I had to work and I can't call in more than twice in a 4 month period. And even though our sitter was more than willing to come and still watch Mase it ended up being a good choice because Brian ended up taking him to Urgent Care Friday evening because he was having diarrhea, refused to eat or drink, and was still spiking high temps. Diagnosis = ulcers in his throat caused by a nasty virus going around. Thankfully he turned around pretty quickly. Was mostly back to his normal self by Sunday. However, we ALL lost a significant amount of sleep from Thursday night on. I believe he refused to go to bed Friday night UNTIL 3AM. And he still woke up at 7am. On Sunday (I had to work again) Brian said he took a 4.5 hour nap and then Sunday night Mase and I both slept for 11 hours. Awww sweet sweet healthy mama and baby sleep!!!

5. Kind of hard to believe that today I would have been 39 weeks pregnant with baby #5. And more than likely would have delivered either today or Thursday. But extremely grateful for the miracle that IS currently growing strong in my belly!!! After all s/he wouldn't be here if baby #5 still was.

6. My lil stinker buns knows how to get safety latches off cupboards as of this picture...

7. Mase thought this was a good place for his sippy...

8. Mason's new favorite hangout place. My tubs of maternity clothes. Oh and he had to get my Bible down to "read"...

9. Mase and I went blueberry picking with my mom yesterday morning. Mmmm nothing beats fresh Michigan blueberries. Can't wait to make me some blueberry crisp and some blueberry bread!!!

10. We cleaned out Mason's soon-to-be big boy room last week. And my father-in-law is coming to paint sometime in the next week or so and then its decorating time. Wish I had a before picture to show you of his future room because that room was filled to the brim (with mostly baby stuff which has now been moved downstairs until December-ish). The walls will be gray and I think I will accent with teal. And then I just want to pick up some animal type decor and buy a dresser (minus the mirror)...and put up the second crib that has been in storage since 2010. Thankful that we finally get to put it to use. So excited to see it come together.


  1. ugh, my daughter was not feeling well sunday, spike a temp Monday and had 103 - 104 fever until Thursday! ulcers in her throat, wouldn't eat, up throughout the night and barely could nap. rough week. it was hand foot and mouth disease. after coming off a week where my 5 month old had pneumonia! sick babies are so sad! glad mason recovered quick and you all got rest!

  2. Poor Mase! Glad he is feeling better and that you all got some rest. Excited to see the new room!