Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. Our vacuum hadn't been working properly for a while so one day well my mother-in-law was babysitting my father-in-law took it in to be looked at. The verdict: lots and lots of blonde hair caught in the belt. Still not sure if this was truly the problem but its what my husband keeps telling me so its the only verdict I have...

2. Mason's breakfast of choice...cereal IN milk WITH a spoon.

3. Mason's absolute FAVORITE word these days..mama. Everything and everyone is mama. Pretty sure I hear my name a thousand times a day!!!

4. Anyone else participate in the Royal Baby Watch? I will admit I was keeping tabs on the news waiting to hear. All I can say is Kate looked amazing for just a mere 24 hours later. As for the name...not a fan. George??? Hopefully he chooses to go by Alexander or even Louis...

5. Mason's activity of choice...wrestling with anyone...but daddy is a favorite!!!

6. Favorite room to play in...his bathroom...or more precisely IN his tub. With or without water...it doesn't matter.

7. On Friday night we got together with my friends (plus spouses and kids). It was so much fun. For whatever reason we haven't gotten together with husbands and kids in eons. Of course it rained so we just chilled inside and chatted well the littles played. Def need to have these hangouts more often!!!
The girls: Karie, Krista, Melissa, Me, Rach, and Gretchen
The guys + Tenley: Brian with Mason, Rudy with Levi, Chad with Tenley, Nick with Lawson (Travis' kid), Travis with Cohen, and Matt with Rhys and Jude.

One of my besties and I...
believe it or not we are due on the EXACT same day!!!

8. Brian and I got zoo passes this year so we decided after Brian got out of work this past Thursday to head to the zoo for an hour or so. (Our zoo is pretty small so it doesn't take too much time to hit the hot spots). And the best part is Mason enjoys himself more and more every time we go!!!
Mommy and Mason petting the goats.
The goat was pooping and Mason thought it quite hilarious.
Feeding the birdies. Liked it LOTS better this time around.
First time "petting" the stingrays. He wasn't too interested even though it looks as if he is here.
The lion was out!!!
Playing the drums and loving EVERY minute of it.

9. On Saturday Brian and Mason took me out for my (30th) birthday. Of course this particular weekend ended up being the coldest summer weekend in over 13 years. Hard to believe it barely touched the mid 60's. So adios went my plans of eating outside. Oh well....another year. We still headed out to Holland and ate at New Holland Brewery. Believe it or not we have never eaten there before...we've just stopped in a time or two so Brian could get a beer. Anyways we arrived BEFORE 4pm and were told it would (still) be a 40 minute wait. Krikitees... But we decided to wait. It only took 20 minutes to be seated and as I was looking over the menu I realized I didn't see a whole lot that sounded good to me. I am kinda a picky eater. Go figure what I ordered was none too delicious in my opinion so I ended up eating off from Brian's plate and nibbled on some of Mase's pizza. I still left full so all was good. Next on the agenda was heading out to the beach for a little bit. Of course the closer we got to the beach the more windy and cold it became. We (or should I say I) lasted all of 10 minutes. Lastly we stopped at Olive Garden to pick me up a piece of their raspberry cheesecake (sooooo YUMMY!!!). We were suppose to have a fire with some neighbors later that night but with the theme of the night it started sprinkling. So that too was bagged and instead I ate my cheesecake and drank my hot chocolate snuggled in bed with my two favorite boys. Still a great night despite all the shortcomings!!!

10. That darn shoe...take TWO!!! On Saturday (after the beach) Brian took Mason's shoes off (to shake out the sand) before putting him into the car. He then threw the shoes into the car. When we got home ONLY ONE SHOE COULD BE FOUND. What on earth?!? We looked all over the car and came up empty handed. We were both frustrated. Where could the other shoe have gone. That night I looked to see if I could get another pair (of Children's Place "crocs") online but they were completely sold out of his size. Brian found some name brand camo crocs (in his size) for $27 but I said absolutely not. There was no way I was paying $27 (plus tax and shipping) for shoes he was only going to wear for maybe another 6 weeks or so. I said he is just going to have to start wearing his other pair of (summer) sandals. Now you may be wondering why we love these shoes so much. First they are cheap. And second they stay on Mason's feet so well when he is walking. He has fat feet and the shoes are more narrow and they just work for him perfectly. Anyways on Sunday I called Brian from work and asked him what they (he and Mase) were up to. Much to my surprise...they were on their way to Holland in search of Mason's missing shoe. And wouldn't you know...they found it (again)!!! And now my boy is back to wearing his favorite shoes. Praying we can make it another 6 weeks without losing it.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed your birthday! It was def a different type of weather for July! Your shoe story cracks me up. :) You have to write that down in Mason's book!