Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Journey To (Earthly) Baby #2: The Beginning

January 25
And let the “party” for IVF 2.0 begin. Aunt Flo made her appearance just a mere 3 weeks and 1 day after the big “M” (miscarriage). So I called the office to get my sonohystogram scheduled (Feb 5) and to get my Lupron start date (Feb 14).

January 31
My box of goodies (aka…meds) arrived...

February 5
Had my sonohystogram today and lets just say that it didn't go so swell. An abnormality was found (go figure) and now I have to have a minor surgery. This minor surgery is called a hysteroscopy. What this means is that IVF 2.0 is now on hold. Surgery is set for March 6. Pre-op appointment on March 4 and post-op appointment on March 20. My big question is did this abnormality cause my miscarriage. Hoping to get an answer on March 4. Told to call the office with the start of my next cycle.

February 22
Called the office today to let them know that my cycle had started. My new Lupron start date is March 14...(as long as surgery does not postpone it further).

March 4
Met with Dodds today. We are a go for surgery. Thankfully I look nice and healthy!!! And my blood pressure (at the Fertility Office) was the lowest its ever been at 133/76 (YEA)!!! I did ask Dodds if he thought this “abnormality” caused me to miscarry and he said no. I trust my doctor fully but I still feel like it DID cause me to miscarry. Guess I'll never really know…but that’s okay because I am choosing to trust that this loss and the fact that we have to do another retrieval is ALL a part of God’s PERFECT plan.

March 6
Surgery went great today!!! We arrived at the hospital at 1:30pm (surgery was scheduled for 3:30pm) and we were back home a little after 6pm. Thankfully the “abnormality” was just a cluster of polyps so I am still a go to start Lupron on the 14th.

March 13
Hopefully my last day of being “shot free”…with the exception of the day before retrieval…until June 6!!!

March 14
First day of Lupron. For some reason the needle seemed to be extra sharp today.

March 20
Had my post-op appointment today. Pathology on the polyps came back benign. (Thank heavens)!!! Discussed two things with Dodds. One of them being that I want to be cathed right after transfer. With the last two cycles I basically stopped peeing on my own and had to be cathed at the office or cath myself at home and I want to try and nip that in the butt this go around!!! (I only knew this was an option because I talked to someone that I work with who had this done after her transfer). Hoping this will solve my peeing issue.

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