Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Journey To (Earthly) Baby #2: Retrieval and Transfer

April 11
Not that it matters but just for the record I cycled JUST like I did with my last fresh cycle. I took 10 days of stims. Triggered on day 11. Retrieved on day 13. And will be implanted on day 15. Also I triggered with the girls on (Feb) 9...retrieved on (Feb) 11…and was implanted on (Feb) 13. And if you haven't noticed yet. This go around I also triggered on the 9th (of Apr)…retrieved on the 11th (of Apr)…and will be implanted on the 13th (of Apr). Praying this only means good things to come!!!

In other news retrieval went great today. Funny how one “forgets” what it feels like to get those eggies sucked out. It wasn't too painful but I could definitely feel the needle. Brian said its like a 2 foot pole with a long needle at the end. Lovely. They did have to cath me to get to a few more of the follicles out but otherwise everything went very smoothly. We ended up with 20 eggs. Last go around we ended up with not bad!!! I did have a little bleeding throughout the rest of the day (that is/can be completely normal). However, I did not have this with my last retrieval.

Oh and one last thing just for the record I took 8 pills today (Zyrtec (allergy), prenatal, two to prevent over stimming (Aspirin and Dostinex), Phenergan (anti-nausea), Zithromax (antibiotic), Valium, Medrol (a steroid) and I started my Progesterone booty shots)…talk about feeling like an old lady.

April 12
Just so you all know Progesterone makes your pee stink. (TMI yes and I know I say this every time but whatever...) By 9am a nurse called with my fertilization report and my transfer time. Out of 20 eggs…13 were mature, 6 were immature, and 1 was degenerated (whatever that means). We had decided beforehand to only fertilize 6 and of those 6...4 fertilized. Praying like crazy that those 4 continue to grow and develop!!! Our goal was to get only 4 embryos but the number still makes me a little nervous. Praying at least one of them (if not two) turns into Mason’s sibling(s). Last go around we fertilized 12 and by the next day all 12 had fertilized. It wasn't until the next day that we had lost three. So praying that our 4 embryos ALL continue to grow and develop. When I mentioned this to the nurse she said typically you lose a few in the first day (not the second) so hoping that’s the case. I am to arrive at the office at 8am for an 8:30am transfer. At that time we will get the rest of our report. Meaning how many embryos we still have left and their grades.

April 13
Transfer Day
Praying this is our last photo as a family of 3...

First off I slept horrible (just HORRIBLE) last night. I am just such a negative person these days that I couldn't help but worry that maybe our last 4 embryos had not survive the night. But they did and with flying colors. Once in the transfer room Dr. Young came in and said that we had three 2+’s and a perfect grade 1. He gave us a picture of the grade 1 but the lab wasn't sure whether we were going to implant one or two (since we've gone back and forth on it) no picture of the 2+.

Transfer went very smoothly. Dr. Young said my bladder was the perfect amount of full and on the ultrasound screen we saw where our two embabies were deposited. And kudos to my hubby for reminding Young that I needed to be cathed afterwards. (Both Young and I had somehow forgotten). And I am SO thankful that I was cathed because I have had NO peeing problems (I am writing this entry on 4/15). After laying flat on my back with my knees up for an hour…homeward bound we were…where I spent the rest of the day laying flat on my back with my legs still up.

The only thing of concern (doesn’t there always have to be something that worries me) is that the morning of transfer I had a one time bout of pinkish mucus discharge. I didn't think too much of it though because Young didn't say anything during transfer. (If my cervix was dilated at all he would have noticed it during transfer). But then go figure around dinner time after going pee I wiped and there was a little more of the same pink mucus. Aghhhh. Why??? Knowing me yes I did my Google research which showed that this type of discharge is pretty normal. (No concerns as long as there is not a lot of bright red bleeding). Normal because I had a needle jammed into my ovaries, two catheters inserted for both retrieval and transfer, and two speculums inserted (again for both retrieval and transfer)…plus being on all the meds (especially the progesterone). So trying to refocus that worry into TRUST. Trust that God already has everything worked out which leaves me with NO need to worry. Plus worrying about it isn't going to change a thing. As always easier said than done.

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  1. Totally normal to worry. But...since you already announced your pregnancy, we know you didn't have to. :) I am glad you said that progesterone makes pee stink. I have been getting shots once a week to prevent pre-term birth since 16 weeks (and have to until 34 weeks), and I didn't make the connection, but it definitely does!