Friday, July 12, 2013

The Journey To (Earthly) Baby #2: Weeks 12 and 13

June 20
How Far Along: 12 weeks.

Picture of Baby: (At 12 weeks even)

I believe Jelsema said the babe was 56.8mm this week and I know s/he had a HB of 173!!!

Weight Gain: Didn't weigh this week.

Picture of Baby IN the Belly:

Maternity Clothes: Can't button my regular pants comfortably so using a hair twisty around the button.  Never did this with previous pregnancies and not sure why.

Symptoms: Had that crazy tan to yellowish discharge again (last night). And even though last time (at 8 weeks) it amounted to nothing it still scared me a bit again. Thankfully at my appointment today Jelsema reassured me that all was normal. Still tired. Love to nap when Mason naps. And h-u-n-g-r-y!!! (It's no wonder I've gained 12 pounds already). *This hunger reminds me of the girls pregnancy.*

June 27
How Far Along: 13 weeks.

Picture of Baby: Not this week.

Weight Gain: Up a total of 12 pounds already. I gained fast with the girls too BUT they were TWINS!!! Kinda makes me scared for the end result (as in total weight gainage). For comparison sake I had only gained 5.5 pounds with Mason at this same point.

Picture of Baby IN the Belly: 

Symptoms: Had my third migraine of the pregnancy today at (13 weeks 2 days). Thankfully this time it was even shorter than the other two AND I was home WITH the hubby. So I quickly swallowed two tylenol, ate, and laid down. Also, I've been retching a lot in almost every single mornings. I am taking it as a GOOD sign!!! And I am CONSTANTLY (and I mean constantly) HUNGRY. Can't ever eat enough.

July 2
Had my "14 week" appointment today at 13 weeks 5 days and it was mildly eventful. Why was it eventful. Let me tell you. First off I went to this appointment BY MYSELF. This deserves to be capitalized because never before (not in Masons nor the girl's pregnancies) have I gone alone this early. I didn't go alone during the girl's pregnancy because every appointment (weeks 12, 16, and 20) included an ultrasound so I wanted Brian there and you already all know the anxiety issues I had during Mason's pregnancy. Then there is the wait at my OB's office. I always have to wait. Today I sat there for 30 minutes before being called back. That gave me 30 extra minutes to fret and worry. Then after getting called back the fret and worry only increased because when they weighed me I was up 3 pounds (from two weeks prior). Crackers!!! After getting weighed I peed on a stick and go figure there was a trace of protein in my urine. Crackers!!! So by this time (the wait + the weight gain + trace protein in urine) had me all in a tizzy. You better believe I was over the top anxious when my blood pressure was taken. Yep. 146/76. Lovely. 

But then Jelsema came in with the doppler and baby's heartbeat was just a beating away at 168 beats per minute. Ahhhh. Praise the Lord!!! But then it was time for a question/answer session. First was he concerned with my weight gain. No. Not at all. Second is having a trace of protein in my urine (plus the high the weight gain...mean preeclampsia). He said absolutely not. There is no way I could be preeclamptic at this point and that having a trace amount of protein in my urine at this point is completely normal. Whew. But he wasn't a fan of my BP so we are starting me off early on Labetalol. (I started it around 28 weeks with Mason's pregnancy). So getting a 14 week head start. All in all a good appointment. Tomorrow I start my antibiotics and so begins trimester TWO!!!

July 3
I feel like such a grandma. I am taking 4 pills (allergy, aspirin, blood pressure, and antibiotic) every morning AND 2 pills (prenatal and blood pressure (again)) every night. That's a lot for an almost 30 year old!!!

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  1. So sorry friend for the anxious appointment-not fun. :/ Praying for your bp to stay down!