Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Journey To (Earthly) Baby #2: Weeks 6 and 7

May 9
How Far Along: 6 weeks.

Picture of Baby: (At 5 weeks 6 days)
All 1.8mm of baby Hemy

Weight Gain: Down half a pound at 145 even. 

Picture of Baby IN the Belly:

This is at night after a yummy dinner out plus ice cream...

A more realistic (6 week 1 day) belly shot...

Symptoms: Bloated. Becoming more tired. (Enjoying naps). Hunger. Slight nausea  Started gagging on my prenatal pills (towards the end of week 6)...just not sure if it was more due to nerves. And started to get a bad aftertaste in my mouth after eating (also towards the end of week 6). Praying for stronger symptoms to surface because I would really like one less thing to worry about.

Food Cravings: Unhealthy foods (chocolate/peanut butter) and going out for dinner. And when the anxiety hits...NOTHING sounds good.

May 15
Today was NOT a good day (well until a little after 1:30 anyways). Today was ultrasound day (and if you didn't know already ultrasound days are full of anxiety for me). Starting Sunday night my anxiety and nerves were getting pretty bad. I managed to get through Monday and Tuesday but Wednesday morning/early afternoon dragged on and on. My appointment wasn't until 1:30 IN THE AFTERNOON. In the last few days all pregnancy symptoms had basically gone out the window so come Wednesday morning I was begging and pleading with God that we would not find out that we had lost another baby. All morning I was busy "googling" things...which is never a good thing to do. Then I decided that peeing on a stick would calm me down. But wouldn't you know it only made things worse. Way worse. The test line was darker than the control line but when I was just over 5 weeks pregnant with Mason I peed on the exact same type of hpt and the test line at just over 5 weeks was WAY darker than it was when I peed on the stick this morning at 6 weeks 6 days. Which of course only made me start googling more. Googling didn't do much to help the nerves...

We arrived at the office a few minutes before our appointment and when I checked in the girl asked what I was here for today. They never ask that. They always say...you're all set. She then said it looks like your appointment was rescheduled. I said for next week Wednesday at 7:30 in the morning with Dodds and she said yes. I then said (quite calmly) that when I called last week to set up the appointment for the 22nd that it was not to reschedule the appointment for today but to schedule an additional appointment. OMW. She told me to take a seat and she would check into it. A few minutes later she said that they would squeeze me in. Thank goodness. I told Brian that if they would have sent me home I would have died from anxiety. Unfortunately (which ended up not being a bad thing) Dr. Young was unavailable to do the ultrasound (since they had given away my 1:30 time slot with him). 

(Here's a little background:
After my first ultrasound last week Dodds said to schedule an ultrasound in two weeks. I told him that was too long and he said to go ahead and schedule one for next week then. Unfortunately he did not have any openings the following week so I scheduled with Young. Later that day I called to schedule (NOT reschedule) another ultrasound for two weeks (with Dodds) because I wanted to make sure I would be scheduled with Dodds. So long story short that is where the confusion set in and why I was having an ultrasound with Young).

Anyways the ultrasound tech said that she would be doing the ultrasound. For a second I was nervous about that but when all was said and done she was wonderful. When the probe first went in I saw just a black empty hole and my heart started pounding. Then suddenly I saw a heartbeat (ahhh sweet relief) and the tech said there's baby. (Baby is nestled nice and tight against the wall of my sac which is why s/he is hard to see). Anxiety (mostly) out the window!!! Baby measured 9.1mm (up from 1.8mm) and his/her heartbeat was 132 bpm. I left feeling very relieved and very happy after a very stressful day.

May 16

How Far Along: 7 weeks.

Picture of Baby: (At 6 weeks 6 days)

All 9.1mm of my baby. And a HB of 132. The arrow is pointing to the baby because s/he is squished against the side of the sac.

Weight Gain: Skipped this week. Not on my "A" game like I was with Mason.

Picture of Baby IN the Belly: (As of 7 weeks 3 days)...

Late afternoon belly shot. Always bigger as the day rolls on.

Symptoms: More tired (than last week). Hungrier (than last week). On occasion still have a weird aftertaste (after eating). And becoming more "off" in the mornings...I guess somewhat nauseous. Slightly gaggy on my prenatal vitamin but NO retching or throwing up.

Food Cravings: Chips...salt and vinegar style. Chocolate. Going out to eat.

May 16
It seems like the surprises (good and bad) are never ending this pregnancy...and its only week 7. Oh boy!!! Seems appropriate to share the "good" first. So here is. I was running errands this morning and forget my phone in my car. When I got back to my car I looked at my phone and saw that I had missed a call. I looked to see who and it said FERTILITY OFFICE. I got a little nervous at first wondering if there was another appointment mix-up but was reassured when I heard Sandy's voice saying...just calling to check in and see how you're doing. LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!! No rhyme or reason other than to make sure "mentally" I was surviving. We talked for a few more minutes and when I got off the phone I was all smiles. Love my office. And love that they care so much about ME!!!

And the "bad." Later today I went out to see if the mail had arrived yet. I was expecting my new progesterone script to be arriving in the mail (no later than today). When it did not arrive in the mail I called Keystone Pharmacy and inquired about why I had not received my medication yet. After a few minutes someone came (back) on the line and said that there had been a mix-up and that my meds had never been sent out. Lovely. Thats just lovely. They apologized and said they could send it out tomorrow. I told them that I would now have to pick it up since I only had two doses left. So out to Cascade we went on Saturday morning to pick up my lovely progesterone. This med is going to be the end of me yet... 

May 17
Had another "bad" episode today. I was at work when around 8:30 (in the morning) my vision started getting really blurry. Then a headache started to develop. Then I started having a hard time concentrating on simple tasks. I took some tylenol and put my glasses on but the symptoms persisted. Of course this all made me a little nervous being pregnant and all. I told some coworkers how I was feeling and they told me to eat a snack and drink a glass of water...so I did. A little later there was some tingling in my right hand (for three minutes tops). Finally about an hour and a half (after taking the tylenol) I was left with just a dull headache...my blurry vision was gone, tingling in the hand was gone, and my mental clarity was back to normal. Scary. I did call my office and talked to a nurse. At first she seemed really concerned more about the tingling (which I had called numbness to her) than anything else but when I went on to explain everything she seemed a little less concerned but did say that if it happened again to go straight to the ER. Yikes. All I can think is that it was the start of a slight migraine maybe because I was dehydrated or had a low blood sugar too. Or maybe it was just my crazy hormones. Who knows but praying it doesn't happen again.

May 22
Had my third US today (at 7 weeks 6 days). Thankful it was early in the morn because I was once again nervous. Getting through these first few weeks is tough for me. With the TWO losses in the 8 week range...I just wanna be 9 weeks already. But the appointment went well and as soon as Dodds stuck the probe in I could see the baby's heartbeat (and that baby had grown). Heartbeat was 164 and baby measured 14.6mm. I was hoping that the baby would be in the 16mm range already cause with both my miscarriages the babies stopped growing at 15mm. So since I am NOT through the 8 week mark yet and since baby is NOT past 15mm yet I know I will continue worrying nonstop that the baby will die. Is it December/January yet? Or just  5 days from now (when my next ultrasound is scheduled)? 


  1. Love reading these! So happy for you!

  2. sounds like my pregnancy with dominic. one thing after another, and my nerves never truly settled until he was here. longest (and shortest, surprisingly) 9 months of my life!