Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. Last week Tuesday after my doctor appointment I went shopping with my mother-in-law to get Mason some new shoes. It wasn't planned so it was a very nice surprise. Actually when I got home I told Mase that we had to get his shoes on to run some errands. My mother-in-law asked what errands and I said I was running out to pick out some shoes for Mase. She then asked if she could come with. End result...4 pairs of shoes and a shirt. Can you say spoiled!!! Yep. Good thing he doesn't know what spoiled is at this point.

2. Just because...

Sucking on a (shhh...gum) sucker and getting ready to spray daddy!!!

3. We enjoyed one last pool day last week. Sadly no picture to show for it. Mase was a little on the cranky (glued to me) side so it just wasn't worth it. We sure do enjoy Aunt Courtney's pool though. And Mason even took a 2.5 hour nap AT Aunt Courtney's so mommy could hang out (and relax) in the pool!!!

4. The good old Hudsonville Fair was last week. I was hoping that maybe just maybe Mason would be big (tall) enough for some of the rides but sadly that was not the case (even if he rode with daddy). So we stuck to the barns instead. Sadly though...Mase was not a fan of the flies in the sticky hot barns which made him not appreciate the barns (of animals) either. At least the food was good!!!
Checking out the pigs.

5. At Mason's doctor appointment (last week Wednesday) it was determined that he still has a sinus infection. Basically he probably never got rid of the sinus infection that he was diagnosed with at the end of June. Sweet. So more antibiotics (Augmentin this time) and a steroid nose spray (Flonase) are his treatment plan. Hoping and praying this combo rids that nasty sinus infection away. Oh and less I forget we have to pin him down every morning and night to take his Augmentin. But go figure when grandma gives it to him he takes it with no fuss.

6. Latest obsession giving hugs (which mama loves) and playing with trucks...

7. Oh you know...just relaxing and watching his morning toons...

8. My whole fam (minus the littles) went to Crazy Horse this past Saturday to celebrate my big 3-0 (that occurred the end of July). Pretty sure they have the best food around!!!
The girls...Kristi, Mom, Me, Court, and Jana

Me and the hubster!!!

9. Mason stepped on a stone (at least that is what I am guessing) at my sister's house last week. For the next four days he was constantly checking on his boo boo. He could be in the middle of playing baseball with daddy but a time out was essential to let us all know he still had a boo boo. Crazy kid.

10. While daddy had a fantasy football draft mommy and Mase hung at grandmas with my sis and her kiddos. When it was time to head home Mase was ready to go home with Aunt Courtney...

Monday, August 26, 2013

Mason's Big Boy Room

According to my husband a big boy room doesn't include a crib...but I am by NO means ready (or willing) to put Mason in an actual toddler bed yet. Talk about trouble. And since we already have two cribs (from the girl's pregnancy) I don't have to put him in a toddler bed yet so bonus!!!

Before I share the pictures I just have to say that I LOVE how his room turned out!!! I don't like too many knick knacks. For me simple is best. I'm sure as he gets bigger I will add some things (like a lamp) but for now the room is ready.
The view from the hallway...

"MASON" letters-Don't remember where I got them from. 
(Stolen from his nursery).

 One side of his room (obviously including the closet).

Frame-Hobby Lobby
(Again stolen from his nursery).

 Rounding the corner...
Chair-Pottery Barn Kids (Christmas gift from last year).
Fox Bin-Target (But we got it off Amazon cause who wouldn't want free shipping).

The rest of that wall...
Paint-Benjamin Moore (Owl Gray)

Frames-Orange ones are from Hobby Lobby and white ones are from Target

 Fitted Crib Sheet-Pottery Barn Kids (Thanks to G&G H).

Rounding the corner again...
Deer Antlers-From the deer my hubby shot last year!!!

And finally rounding the last corner... 
Dresser-Talsma Furniture (Thanks to G&G H)
Frame-Hobby Lobby
Laundry Basket-Pottery Barn Kids (Thanks to G&G H)...can you tell yet that currently Mason is an only grandchild on the Helmholdt side ;)

Close Ups...

I really wanted to get a wall decal for above the dresser but go figure the saying I like best would cost me around $54 and I am just not willing to spend that on a wall decal. So for now it will remain as is. Now we just need to move his fan and CD player into his new room. (And all his clothes). And we will be good to go!!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

21 Weeks

For most people there is nothing special about 21 weeks but for me its a HUGE milestone. Because (as most of you know) at 21 weeks even Alayna Joy entered into this world. And after just an hour and 45 minutes of loving our daughter she entered into Jesus' waiting arms. So today I am beyond grateful and thanking God that this baby is still snuggled in nice and tight. (And moving like crazy)!!!

I was downstairs doing a little organizing (not nesting...thats a loooong ways off) and came across a bunch of CD's that Brian (and my friend Kami) made for me to listen to shortly after the girl's passings. Of course I popped them in and the tears started flowing. I am just so thankful to be where I am today. Praising God that He carried me through (what I hope and pray) was the worst storm of my life.

So that is my update for this week. Didn't care to weigh myself after hitting up the good ole Hudsonville Fair last night (can you say chili dogs and elephant ears...mmm finger licking good). And no belly pic (hoping to get one this weekend) since today is one of those I didn't get ready kinda days. (LOVE these kinda days)!!! And of course no pic of baby since I just had an US on Tuesday. But the one thing I can say is this baby has been moving a lot lately. Although still not with the intensity that Mase was at this point. Oh and maternity clothes are getting to be a little more necessary. Although if its stretchy and comfy (as in normal clothes) it most likely still works for this bod.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Half-Baked!!! (Plus a Few Days)

August 15 20
How Far Along: 20 weeks (and 5 days)!!!

Picture of Baby:

Weight Gain: 169 pounds (as of this morning). Funny story (to me anyways) is I got on the scale yesterday and it read 170. I almost crapped my pants. Another 3 pound weight gain IN ONE WEEK!!! I decided NO treats (yesterday) since I would have to be weighed today. Go figure the hubby wanted ice cream last night (where is the support?)!!! Well I stayed strong and went with to the ice cream place and did NOT get any (yea for me!!!). And when I weighed myself this morning before my appointment I was down a pound (again yea for me!!!). For some reason...a 2 pound weight gain sounds so much better than a 3 pound gain!!!

Picture of Baby IN the Belly:

Movement: Feeling movement every day but not with the strength that I did at this same point with Mason. 

THE big Ultrasound: Being a nurse and taking care of sick babies every week I get a little worried/nervous before the BIG ultrasound. After all the outcome of this ultrasound could change the course of Brian, Mason and I's lives. But praise the Lord we have a healthy baby (gender unknown) on the way!!! What an answer to prayer!!! Brian sometimes thinks I worry too much but what can I say I have seen a lot of sad things over the last ten years. After the ultrasound while meeting with Dr. J he asked if I felt relieved. Of course I said YES. (He knows I am a pediatric nurse). He then went on the say that just yesterday he himself had two patients in back to back ultrasounds where they found something significantly wrong with each of the babies that will impact the rest of their (and their parents) lives. So sad.

But thankfully baby Hemy is in tip top shape with everything JUST THE WAY IT'S SUPPOSE TO BE!!! S/he is measuring a little on the small side (13oz) coming in at 20 weeks 1 day...which puts him/her at the 50th percentile. (Reminder that I am 20 weeks 5 days today). But obviously that can change. No hydronephrosis. Good heartbeat of 155. And as for mama...excellent blood pressure, no protein in the urine, "normal" weight gain, and cervix measurement of 37mm!!! Next appointment is September 5 which will include baby's ECHO and me doing the glucose test. (It's being done a little early since Mason was over 9 pounds). Believe me you...I will be sleeping GOOD tonight!!! 

Ten On Tuesday

A few things about Mason for my memory books:

1. He hates covers. One night (a few weeks back) when he was fighting sleep we let him hang out in our bedroom. One minute he was wide awake and the next he was passed out head on my feet with of course NO covers...
2. He loves to knock on doors AND shut doors, his language is just exploding, and he is obsessed with bath time. (We call it tubby time). Most nights he throws a mini tantrum when we tell him its time to get out. Often he will play in a waterless tub until he gets too cold...
3. He loves playing in real cars...
(Don't mind the outfit. Daddy was on duty)!!!

This was taken just as Mason hit the manual lock. Thankfully not the automatic lock...

4. He also loves popsicles, icees, ice cream, and chocolate bars...

5. One day last week (when my sister and her besties were camping at Hungry Horse) Mase and I joined in on their fun. Mason had a blast hitting up the kiddo pool...

6. Mason's big boy room is almost complete. My father-in-law painted the rest of his room last week Tuesday. And it looks a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! Brian hung the picture frames (with animal prints on Saturday) plus the deer antlers (from a deer he killed) plus a few things we already had. Brian also put up the second crib on Saturday (yes I am not ready for a big boy bed yet) and his dresser arrived on Saturday too. I moved up his Pottery Barn chair so now I'm just waiting for a few more things to arrive in order for the room to be complete. At that point I will take pictures of the whole room but for now just a little peak of one corner...

7. Mason has been sleeping so so so much better than he was a few weeks (or was it just days ago). He has a ways to go but now-a-days he typically goes to bed between 9-9:30pm. (No more of that 10-11pm junk). And he sleeps (for the most part) in his own bed all night long!!! There has been a night or two where around 4-5am he somehow (ahem mommy) made his way into mommy and daddy's bed. He sleeps until 8am-ish and still (thank the Lord) takes a 2.5-3 hour nap. Once summer winds down we will try and get back to a 8:15-ish bed time but for now I am one happy momma!!!

8. I'm not sure what it is but lately Mason has been super-duper-more-so-than-usual attached to Brian and I. Typically he doesn't want anyone but mom and dad picking him up. Last week he was all excited to see my mom and then yesterday he refused to even go into the pool with her (so mommy could have a wee little break...from her super glue companion). And then today there were a few occasions where he didn't want his other grandma picking him up either. He just wanted me (huffing puffing me) to carry his 27 pounds around the mall. Oh sweet sweet boy. Sometimes I just don't know =)

9. After 2 months of not breaking his cough...to the doctor office I go (tomorrow). Since the end of June Mason has been sick 3 times (cold/cough/fever) and he's never really gotten rid of his cough. Hoping its just a viral thing that he's having a hard time breaking but otherwise thinking maybe possibly the start of asthma. Hopefully its the former but either way hoping to get this cough a thing of the past.

10. Last week Friday night Brian, Mase, and I headed out to Holland State Beach for a little family fun. We picked up a pizza and some breadsticks at Sluggos and then headed to the beach to eat it ALL up!!! Go figure Daddy told Mase to look while he threw a piece of pizza TO THE SEAGULLS. Well that did it Mase decided "feeding" the birdies was more fun than eating the pizza himself. And then he started screeching like a seagull. Silly boy!!! After dinner we walked down to the beach so he could play in the sand/water. It was a perfect night out. Love my lil family!!!
His favorite activity for the night...squirting water with daddy.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ten On Tuesday (With My 19 Week "Update")

1. Last week Thursday was a bad bad bad day. I told you in my last (Ten on Tuesday) post about Mason's poor sleep habits. Well after another late night and after another long night of (Mase) sleeping in our bed...he woke up Thursday morning a cranky mess. Plus add in the fact that I think he's getting his last eye tooth in equaled a living nightmare. I was telling him no every 2 seconds which led him to throwing tantrums every 2 seconds. Finally, I had had enough so I went into the bathroom to get a little peace and quiet. However, even though he was mad at me he wanted IN. But when I opened the door instead of coming to me he gave me a nasty look and ran the other way (and so began another tantrum). I then sat down in the hallway and closed my eyes. But a few minutes later...wham...my little "angel" slapped me HARD across my face. I was steamed. I picked him up. Spanked him twice. And into his crib he went. And then hormonal me started bawling. I felt terrible because (A) I had just given him his first spanking and (B) he had just gotten his first time out. I called Brian and told him enough was enough (with these poor sleep habits)...we were doing something about it that night...

2. So on Thursday night Mason got a warm bath and some motrin around 9pm. (On a side note Mason is now a TERRIBLE medicine taker. He puts up such a fight). We then played downstairs until 10pm. When the clock struck 10pm I told Mase to kiss daddy goodnight, carried him upstairs, and laid him down in his crib. And not a peep was made.

3. Because Thursday night went so good I was hopeful that Friday night would too. Again Mase got a warm bath and some motrin. And again we played downstairs until bed time. But when the clock struck 9:30pm and I told Mase to kiss daddy goodnight...he was instantly mad. He calmed down after a few minutes so I put him in his crib and not a peep was made...for the next 15 minutes that is. He then proceeded to cry for the next 45 minutes until he finally fell asleep. However, at midnight I woke up to a blood curdling scream. I went into his room to check on him and he sounded like he had croup. He was so hoarse and coughing like crazy with a runny nose. Nothing would calm him so into our bed he went. And so began another restless night of sleep. (Mason couldn't get into a deep sleep because he was coughing so much).

4. Even after a rough night of sleep Brian and I kept with our plans to take Mase to Binder Park Zoo on Saturday. He actually had a pretty good time despite the cough and cold.
(Don't mind the paci...he was starting to lose it at this point).

But when he woke up from his (late) afternoon nap...he had spiked another (102 degree) temp. Seriously...this makes for illness number THREE this summer. Unreal. Be gone nasty viruses!!!

5. Oh me. Oh my. I was sooo tired Monday (as in yesterday). Had no energy whatsoever. After a crazy weekend all I wanted to do was lay low and relax. So that is JUST what Mase and I did until late afternoon!!!
Mase's look for the day!!! Yes he went bottom-less almost all day long.

6. No 19 week update. Because...I didn't weigh myself. Have no new symptoms. And had no doctor appointment. However, I did manage to get a bump picture. So here is THE bump at 19 weeks and 4 days...
Hard to believe that TODAY I am 19 weeks and 5 days. This was the same gestation as I was when hell broke loose with the girl's pregnancy.

7. Found where Mason is MAJORLY ticklish. Inside his thighs. If he's in "a mood" all you have to do is tickle him there and he is back to my happy lovable little man!!!

8. These days Mason's paci is now called his "bop." Where he got that from I have NO IDEA. But its what he calls his paci so its what we call it too!!!

9. The other day Mason spotted his big sister's pillow pets. They had been way up high in his closet since the day he was born. But it took until last week for him to "find" them.

10. Preparations have begun in Mason's big boy room. My father-in-law came to paint last week and he will be finishing up the white stripes today!!!
(Benjamin Moore Gray Owl paint).

And I ordered and received some animal prints off Etsy two weeks ago and bought my frames over the past week/weekend...

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1. Mason's new favorite thing...saying "cheese" when I take a picture of him. So stinking cute!!!

2. Mason in the last week has become quite the little climber. I was doing laundry one day last week when I realized I hadn't seen or heard Mase for a good 10 minutes. (This is highly unusual as he is usually glued to my side). I came into the kitchen and this is what I saw...
Naughty boy!!! Finishing up his snack that I had left on the counter. Of course I did tell him he was naughty and to not again climb on the stools. (Not that he listens). Praying he doesn't fall and break a bone (or do something worse)...cause believe it or not the next day I took care of a kid (two weeks younger) who broke his leg falling off a (higher) bar stool.

Then later that afternoon I was putting the laundry away in my bedroom when I again realized I hadn't heard or seen Mase for a bit. I walk into his room and this is what I saw...
Yep...he got himself in there. Used the bottom drawer to get into the top drawer. And it got better yet when I saw the floor. He had left me a nice little mess of ointments to clean up. Boys are trouble I tell ya. You better believe I moved the ointments somewhere else pronto. Oh and he went to town sucking on all his old (baby) paci's. One paci in another out every two seconds!!!

3. Mason's latest and greatest bad mean habit. Pinching. He LOVES pinching bare skin. So beware...if you have shorts/short-sleeve/tanks on you are open to getting pinched. Feel free to swat his little hand away!!!

4. I think it's a pretty safe bet that he is going to be a huge fan of his baby bro/sis's toys. We were at my friend's house the other day when he got himself right on into her exersaucer. Of course he was "tuck" (stuck) when he wanted to get out =)

5. Mason has become an absolute NIGHTMARE to put to bed at night. Ever since he got sick a few weeks back he has refused to go to bed before 10pm. We try and all he does is scream and bang his head in his crib. We (Brian and I) both suck at the letting him cry it out so into our bed he comes. Well this has only made matters worse. Now he thinks he needs to hangout in our bed watching cartoons before bed every single night (UNTIL 10PM)...aghhhh!!! Somehow we're going to have to break this bad habit. Also he has been waking occasionally at night. Praying he is just getting some more teeth but if not...come September something is going to have to be done to break these bad habits we have created!!!

6. Is it sad that I think going to the dentist is relaxing? I mean I get to sit in a chair for a good 45 minutes doing nothing but opening and closing my mouth. No chasing a toddler around. No picking up or lifting. Just me relaxing with my feet in the air and my eyes closed!!!

7. On Tuesday night I went to get a pedicure. Only my second of the season. My birthday treat from the hubster!!!
(A week minus a day and they still look great)!!!

I asked my mom to come along and afterwards we got an appetizer and dessert from Applebee's. YUM-O!!! It was a great night.

8. Then on Wednesday my in-law's took me (and the fam) out to Carrabba's (for my birthday). I left pretty stuffed but made sure to save some room for Cold Stone ice cream since they reside right next door to each other. (Its no wonder I gained weight this past week). And then my last birthday celebration doesn't happen until the end of August since thats when my siblings were ALL available to celebrate my big 3-0. To the Crazy Horse (us adults) will go!!!

9. On Saturday I picked up an (8 hour) on-call shift. YES you read that right...pregger did in fact pick up an extra shift. How could I not when if you signed up to work for NICU they offered $50 (Meijer) gift cards for every 4 hours you worked plus time and a half. All I can say is it was well worth it. I worked with some great NICU gals who were thankful I was there to help out. Plus I got to feed and love on some cute little munchkins.

10. And to ride out number 10. On Sunday we went to my parent's house for lunch after church. Because of schedule conflicts I hadn't been there in over 2 months and I was seriously craving a delicious Sunday meal. My dad makes a killer roast with mashed potatoes and gravy plus some veggies. IT.WAS.SO.GOOD!!! I left one happy mama because there also were rolls and blueberry crisp (compliments of my mama)!!! When I am pregnant this is the number one way to make me H-A-P-P-Y!!!