Thursday, August 22, 2013

21 Weeks

For most people there is nothing special about 21 weeks but for me its a HUGE milestone. Because (as most of you know) at 21 weeks even Alayna Joy entered into this world. And after just an hour and 45 minutes of loving our daughter she entered into Jesus' waiting arms. So today I am beyond grateful and thanking God that this baby is still snuggled in nice and tight. (And moving like crazy)!!!

I was downstairs doing a little organizing (not nesting...thats a loooong ways off) and came across a bunch of CD's that Brian (and my friend Kami) made for me to listen to shortly after the girl's passings. Of course I popped them in and the tears started flowing. I am just so thankful to be where I am today. Praising God that He carried me through (what I hope and pray) was the worst storm of my life.

So that is my update for this week. Didn't care to weigh myself after hitting up the good ole Hudsonville Fair last night (can you say chili dogs and elephant ears...mmm finger licking good). And no belly pic (hoping to get one this weekend) since today is one of those I didn't get ready kinda days. (LOVE these kinda days)!!! And of course no pic of baby since I just had an US on Tuesday. But the one thing I can say is this baby has been moving a lot lately. Although still not with the intensity that Mase was at this point. Oh and maternity clothes are getting to be a little more necessary. Although if its stretchy and comfy (as in normal clothes) it most likely still works for this bod.


  1. Boy do we have a lot in common! 21-22 weeks will be a big milestone for me too.
    We were also at the fair last night and I had an appt this morning! Yikes, scale wasn't so nice!
    I thought it might be fun to email each other, since we're due a day apart and have so much in common. would you mind? Mine is

  2. Love passing those milestones! So, so, so grateful for your little blessing!