Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Half-Baked!!! (Plus a Few Days)

August 15 20
How Far Along: 20 weeks (and 5 days)!!!

Picture of Baby:

Weight Gain: 169 pounds (as of this morning). Funny story (to me anyways) is I got on the scale yesterday and it read 170. I almost crapped my pants. Another 3 pound weight gain IN ONE WEEK!!! I decided NO treats (yesterday) since I would have to be weighed today. Go figure the hubby wanted ice cream last night (where is the support?)!!! Well I stayed strong and went with to the ice cream place and did NOT get any (yea for me!!!). And when I weighed myself this morning before my appointment I was down a pound (again yea for me!!!). For some reason...a 2 pound weight gain sounds so much better than a 3 pound gain!!!

Picture of Baby IN the Belly:

Movement: Feeling movement every day but not with the strength that I did at this same point with Mason. 

THE big Ultrasound: Being a nurse and taking care of sick babies every week I get a little worried/nervous before the BIG ultrasound. After all the outcome of this ultrasound could change the course of Brian, Mason and I's lives. But praise the Lord we have a healthy baby (gender unknown) on the way!!! What an answer to prayer!!! Brian sometimes thinks I worry too much but what can I say I have seen a lot of sad things over the last ten years. After the ultrasound while meeting with Dr. J he asked if I felt relieved. Of course I said YES. (He knows I am a pediatric nurse). He then went on the say that just yesterday he himself had two patients in back to back ultrasounds where they found something significantly wrong with each of the babies that will impact the rest of their (and their parents) lives. So sad.

But thankfully baby Hemy is in tip top shape with everything JUST THE WAY IT'S SUPPOSE TO BE!!! S/he is measuring a little on the small side (13oz) coming in at 20 weeks 1 day...which puts him/her at the 50th percentile. (Reminder that I am 20 weeks 5 days today). But obviously that can change. No hydronephrosis. Good heartbeat of 155. And as for mama...excellent blood pressure, no protein in the urine, "normal" weight gain, and cervix measurement of 37mm!!! Next appointment is September 5 which will include baby's ECHO and me doing the glucose test. (It's being done a little early since Mason was over 9 pounds). Believe me you...I will be sleeping GOOD tonight!!! 


  1. YAY for good ultrasounds!! You look awesome. I check in your on your blog every so often and I was so happy to see news baby new baby H on the way. Cannot wait to see pics, find out baby's name and gender!! Prayers sent up for a happy and healthy remainder of your pregnancy!!!

  2. Praising God for a healthy baby! We go in tomorrow to see dr j and for our 20 week US, I'm trying not to worry but have to admit I'm a little anxious, even though we've had several of them I know this is the big one!

  3. yeah for healthy baby! and you are way stronger than I, AT the icecream place and still no treat!? craaazy! I couldn't do it. it would be screaming my name!

  4. Yay for halfway!!! Of course your husband would want ice cream when you're trying to watch your sweets. My husband has suddenly decided he has a sweet tooth (after being a salty food fan forever), right when I find out I have gestational diabetes and can't have sweets.