Monday, August 26, 2013

Mason's Big Boy Room

According to my husband a big boy room doesn't include a crib...but I am by NO means ready (or willing) to put Mason in an actual toddler bed yet. Talk about trouble. And since we already have two cribs (from the girl's pregnancy) I don't have to put him in a toddler bed yet so bonus!!!

Before I share the pictures I just have to say that I LOVE how his room turned out!!! I don't like too many knick knacks. For me simple is best. I'm sure as he gets bigger I will add some things (like a lamp) but for now the room is ready.
The view from the hallway...

"MASON" letters-Don't remember where I got them from. 
(Stolen from his nursery).

 One side of his room (obviously including the closet).

Frame-Hobby Lobby
(Again stolen from his nursery).

 Rounding the corner...
Chair-Pottery Barn Kids (Christmas gift from last year).
Fox Bin-Target (But we got it off Amazon cause who wouldn't want free shipping).

The rest of that wall...
Paint-Benjamin Moore (Owl Gray)

Frames-Orange ones are from Hobby Lobby and white ones are from Target

 Fitted Crib Sheet-Pottery Barn Kids (Thanks to G&G H).

Rounding the corner again...
Deer Antlers-From the deer my hubby shot last year!!!

And finally rounding the last corner... 
Dresser-Talsma Furniture (Thanks to G&G H)
Frame-Hobby Lobby
Laundry Basket-Pottery Barn Kids (Thanks to G&G H)...can you tell yet that currently Mason is an only grandchild on the Helmholdt side ;)

Close Ups...

I really wanted to get a wall decal for above the dresser but go figure the saying I like best would cost me around $54 and I am just not willing to spend that on a wall decal. So for now it will remain as is. Now we just need to move his fan and CD player into his new room. (And all his clothes). And we will be good to go!!!

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