Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ten On Tuesday (With My 19 Week "Update")

1. Last week Thursday was a bad bad bad day. I told you in my last (Ten on Tuesday) post about Mason's poor sleep habits. Well after another late night and after another long night of (Mase) sleeping in our bed...he woke up Thursday morning a cranky mess. Plus add in the fact that I think he's getting his last eye tooth in equaled a living nightmare. I was telling him no every 2 seconds which led him to throwing tantrums every 2 seconds. Finally, I had had enough so I went into the bathroom to get a little peace and quiet. However, even though he was mad at me he wanted IN. But when I opened the door instead of coming to me he gave me a nasty look and ran the other way (and so began another tantrum). I then sat down in the hallway and closed my eyes. But a few minutes later...wham...my little "angel" slapped me HARD across my face. I was steamed. I picked him up. Spanked him twice. And into his crib he went. And then hormonal me started bawling. I felt terrible because (A) I had just given him his first spanking and (B) he had just gotten his first time out. I called Brian and told him enough was enough (with these poor sleep habits)...we were doing something about it that night...

2. So on Thursday night Mason got a warm bath and some motrin around 9pm. (On a side note Mason is now a TERRIBLE medicine taker. He puts up such a fight). We then played downstairs until 10pm. When the clock struck 10pm I told Mase to kiss daddy goodnight, carried him upstairs, and laid him down in his crib. And not a peep was made.

3. Because Thursday night went so good I was hopeful that Friday night would too. Again Mase got a warm bath and some motrin. And again we played downstairs until bed time. But when the clock struck 9:30pm and I told Mase to kiss daddy goodnight...he was instantly mad. He calmed down after a few minutes so I put him in his crib and not a peep was made...for the next 15 minutes that is. He then proceeded to cry for the next 45 minutes until he finally fell asleep. However, at midnight I woke up to a blood curdling scream. I went into his room to check on him and he sounded like he had croup. He was so hoarse and coughing like crazy with a runny nose. Nothing would calm him so into our bed he went. And so began another restless night of sleep. (Mason couldn't get into a deep sleep because he was coughing so much).

4. Even after a rough night of sleep Brian and I kept with our plans to take Mase to Binder Park Zoo on Saturday. He actually had a pretty good time despite the cough and cold.
(Don't mind the paci...he was starting to lose it at this point).

But when he woke up from his (late) afternoon nap...he had spiked another (102 degree) temp. Seriously...this makes for illness number THREE this summer. Unreal. Be gone nasty viruses!!!

5. Oh me. Oh my. I was sooo tired Monday (as in yesterday). Had no energy whatsoever. After a crazy weekend all I wanted to do was lay low and relax. So that is JUST what Mase and I did until late afternoon!!!
Mase's look for the day!!! Yes he went bottom-less almost all day long.

6. No 19 week update. Because...I didn't weigh myself. Have no new symptoms. And had no doctor appointment. However, I did manage to get a bump picture. So here is THE bump at 19 weeks and 4 days...
Hard to believe that TODAY I am 19 weeks and 5 days. This was the same gestation as I was when hell broke loose with the girl's pregnancy.

7. Found where Mason is MAJORLY ticklish. Inside his thighs. If he's in "a mood" all you have to do is tickle him there and he is back to my happy lovable little man!!!

8. These days Mason's paci is now called his "bop." Where he got that from I have NO IDEA. But its what he calls his paci so its what we call it too!!!

9. The other day Mason spotted his big sister's pillow pets. They had been way up high in his closet since the day he was born. But it took until last week for him to "find" them.

10. Preparations have begun in Mason's big boy room. My father-in-law came to paint last week and he will be finishing up the white stripes today!!!
(Benjamin Moore Gray Owl paint).

And I ordered and received some animal prints off Etsy two weeks ago and bought my frames over the past week/weekend...

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