Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1. Mason's new favorite thing...saying "cheese" when I take a picture of him. So stinking cute!!!

2. Mason in the last week has become quite the little climber. I was doing laundry one day last week when I realized I hadn't seen or heard Mase for a good 10 minutes. (This is highly unusual as he is usually glued to my side). I came into the kitchen and this is what I saw...
Naughty boy!!! Finishing up his snack that I had left on the counter. Of course I did tell him he was naughty and to not again climb on the stools. (Not that he listens). Praying he doesn't fall and break a bone (or do something worse)...cause believe it or not the next day I took care of a kid (two weeks younger) who broke his leg falling off a (higher) bar stool.

Then later that afternoon I was putting the laundry away in my bedroom when I again realized I hadn't heard or seen Mase for a bit. I walk into his room and this is what I saw...
Yep...he got himself in there. Used the bottom drawer to get into the top drawer. And it got better yet when I saw the floor. He had left me a nice little mess of ointments to clean up. Boys are trouble I tell ya. You better believe I moved the ointments somewhere else pronto. Oh and he went to town sucking on all his old (baby) paci's. One paci in another out every two seconds!!!

3. Mason's latest and greatest bad mean habit. Pinching. He LOVES pinching bare skin. So beware...if you have shorts/short-sleeve/tanks on you are open to getting pinched. Feel free to swat his little hand away!!!

4. I think it's a pretty safe bet that he is going to be a huge fan of his baby bro/sis's toys. We were at my friend's house the other day when he got himself right on into her exersaucer. Of course he was "tuck" (stuck) when he wanted to get out =)

5. Mason has become an absolute NIGHTMARE to put to bed at night. Ever since he got sick a few weeks back he has refused to go to bed before 10pm. We try and all he does is scream and bang his head in his crib. We (Brian and I) both suck at the letting him cry it out so into our bed he comes. Well this has only made matters worse. Now he thinks he needs to hangout in our bed watching cartoons before bed every single night (UNTIL 10PM)...aghhhh!!! Somehow we're going to have to break this bad habit. Also he has been waking occasionally at night. Praying he is just getting some more teeth but if not...come September something is going to have to be done to break these bad habits we have created!!!

6. Is it sad that I think going to the dentist is relaxing? I mean I get to sit in a chair for a good 45 minutes doing nothing but opening and closing my mouth. No chasing a toddler around. No picking up or lifting. Just me relaxing with my feet in the air and my eyes closed!!!

7. On Tuesday night I went to get a pedicure. Only my second of the season. My birthday treat from the hubster!!!
(A week minus a day and they still look great)!!!

I asked my mom to come along and afterwards we got an appetizer and dessert from Applebee's. YUM-O!!! It was a great night.

8. Then on Wednesday my in-law's took me (and the fam) out to Carrabba's (for my birthday). I left pretty stuffed but made sure to save some room for Cold Stone ice cream since they reside right next door to each other. (Its no wonder I gained weight this past week). And then my last birthday celebration doesn't happen until the end of August since thats when my siblings were ALL available to celebrate my big 3-0. To the Crazy Horse (us adults) will go!!!

9. On Saturday I picked up an (8 hour) on-call shift. YES you read that right...pregger did in fact pick up an extra shift. How could I not when if you signed up to work for NICU they offered $50 (Meijer) gift cards for every 4 hours you worked plus time and a half. All I can say is it was well worth it. I worked with some great NICU gals who were thankful I was there to help out. Plus I got to feed and love on some cute little munchkins.

10. And to ride out number 10. On Sunday we went to my parent's house for lunch after church. Because of schedule conflicts I hadn't been there in over 2 months and I was seriously craving a delicious Sunday meal. My dad makes a killer roast with mashed potatoes and gravy plus some veggies. IT.WAS.SO.GOOD!!! I left one happy mama because there also were rolls and blueberry crisp (compliments of my mama)!!! When I am pregnant this is the number one way to make me H-A-P-P-Y!!!


  1. I am dying at Mason's climbing pictures! Leland is a major climber too, and he does try to climb in the dresser drawers, but has yet to make it to the top. He's not very quiet about it, so I always hear him climbing in the first one and get him out right then.

  2. I went to the dentist today and just told the hygienist that it was like a little vacation. :) It will mean even more after the new baby comes!

  3. OK, not to be pushy, but I sobbed after reading about this little girl who died after climbing on furniture. Hopefully you already have it tethered to the wall, but if not I just wanted to share this link. :)