Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. Last week Tuesday after my doctor appointment I went shopping with my mother-in-law to get Mason some new shoes. It wasn't planned so it was a very nice surprise. Actually when I got home I told Mase that we had to get his shoes on to run some errands. My mother-in-law asked what errands and I said I was running out to pick out some shoes for Mase. She then asked if she could come with. End result...4 pairs of shoes and a shirt. Can you say spoiled!!! Yep. Good thing he doesn't know what spoiled is at this point.

2. Just because...

Sucking on a (shhh...gum) sucker and getting ready to spray daddy!!!

3. We enjoyed one last pool day last week. Sadly no picture to show for it. Mase was a little on the cranky (glued to me) side so it just wasn't worth it. We sure do enjoy Aunt Courtney's pool though. And Mason even took a 2.5 hour nap AT Aunt Courtney's so mommy could hang out (and relax) in the pool!!!

4. The good old Hudsonville Fair was last week. I was hoping that maybe just maybe Mason would be big (tall) enough for some of the rides but sadly that was not the case (even if he rode with daddy). So we stuck to the barns instead. Sadly though...Mase was not a fan of the flies in the sticky hot barns which made him not appreciate the barns (of animals) either. At least the food was good!!!
Checking out the pigs.

5. At Mason's doctor appointment (last week Wednesday) it was determined that he still has a sinus infection. Basically he probably never got rid of the sinus infection that he was diagnosed with at the end of June. Sweet. So more antibiotics (Augmentin this time) and a steroid nose spray (Flonase) are his treatment plan. Hoping and praying this combo rids that nasty sinus infection away. Oh and less I forget we have to pin him down every morning and night to take his Augmentin. But go figure when grandma gives it to him he takes it with no fuss.

6. Latest obsession giving hugs (which mama loves) and playing with trucks...

7. Oh you know...just relaxing and watching his morning toons...

8. My whole fam (minus the littles) went to Crazy Horse this past Saturday to celebrate my big 3-0 (that occurred the end of July). Pretty sure they have the best food around!!!
The girls...Kristi, Mom, Me, Court, and Jana

Me and the hubster!!!

9. Mason stepped on a stone (at least that is what I am guessing) at my sister's house last week. For the next four days he was constantly checking on his boo boo. He could be in the middle of playing baseball with daddy but a time out was essential to let us all know he still had a boo boo. Crazy kid.

10. While daddy had a fantasy football draft mommy and Mase hung at grandmas with my sis and her kiddos. When it was time to head home Mase was ready to go home with Aunt Courtney...

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