Monday, September 30, 2013

The Journey To (Earthly) Baby #2: Week 26

September 26 30
How Far Along:  26 weeks (and 4 days).

Picture of Baby: Natta til October 15...

Weight Gain: As of this morning...a whopping 181.5. Putting the grand total at 36 pounds. Thinking I might hit 60 this pregnancy...yikes. Still amazes me that you can eat the same (as my last pregnancy) and still gain WAY more AND I am WAY more active this go around...but here I am heading towards 40 already. Sigh... (On a side note I had only gained 22.5 pounds at 26 weeks 1 day with Mase).

Cravings: Anything CHOCOLATE (maybe why I am gaining so much weight) and bread and apples.

Movement: Getting stronger every day!!!

Picture of Baby IN the Belly:
Baby #2
With Mase

I look so much bigger this go around. And as I was pointing this out to the hubby he says...yeah in your arms. Thanks sweetheart I meant belly!!! But you just made me feel real great about myself ;) Love YOU still!!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ten On Thursday (never got around to publishing this on tuesday)

1. I love craft shows and I especially love when they're on a Saturday that I'm not working!!! This past Saturday was the Septemberfest Arts and Crafts Fair sponsored by Hudsonville Christian School. Not only did I get the sweet count down sign below but I scored a super cute football hat (in case baby is a boy), a few gender neutral burp clothes, and my favorite dish scrubbers!!! Like I me some craft shows!!!

2. And then Saturday night we celebrated my niece Cambrey's 6th birthday. I cannot believe she is SIX years old already. One of the biggest reasons why I can't believe that she is six is because that means SIX years ago Brian and I went on our first date. Crazy how fast time (life) flies!!!
The beautiful birthday girl!!!
Boys being boys.
Mason was obsessed with Cambrey's new microphone. (Thought it was his and didn't want to share it with anyone). Good thing Aunt Courtney got his name for Christmas...she now knows just what to get him ;)
B and Aunt Linnie. Love this lil peanut!!!

3. Mason's new fave go-to kitchen utensils...
Different day but same story!!!

4. And if he isn't carting around my utensils...he's carting around at least three to four of his paci's (compliments to his new bed situation)...

5. And about that new bed situation. Well this past Wednesday Mase made the big switch to his big boy room. It didn't go so well. (Just so you know Mase doesn't do sleeping environment changes well AT ALL).

Nap/Night Day 1-Fail...Slept in our bed on both occasions.
Nap/Night 2-Nap went okay. Cried for 10 minutes but did fall to sleep on his own. But night was an epic fail...(LEARNED TO CLIMB OUT OF HIS CRIB)!!!
Night 3-Mostly successful (and now in a toddler bed)...Walked into our room twice so I ended up laying with him for 30 minutes but then he slept ALL night long in his toddler bed!!!
Night 4-Mildly successful...Again had to "lay" with him for 30 minutes before he fell asleep and he woke twice for about 30 minutes each at midnight and 3am. And I say "lay" because I am no longer allowed to lay IN his bed but have to sit beside it because supposedly I bent the bed frame.
Night 5-Again mildly successful...Yet again had to "lay" with him for 30 minutes and at that point he STILL hadn't fallen asleep but I left his room anyways and told him he had to stay in bed and believe it or not HE DID!!! And thank heavens only woke once for like 5 minutes. Just needed mama to tuck him back in.
NIGHT 6-Success!!!...Put him to bed at 9pm and immediately walked out...and NOT a peep was heard until 7am.

And to answer the does he get out of bed when he cries question? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. Typically if he is out of bed he is stands by his door until I come. Cutest thing ever is when he comes trooping into our bedroom when he wakes in the morning. And Monday morning I jumped in the shower before he was up but put Henry Hugglemonster on our (bedroom) T.V. and when I got out of the shower there he was just chilling in mom and dad's bed watching Henry!!!

6. Sunday night was a beautiful evening so we headed over to a local park (Spring Grove) to let Mason run around and explore. My boy loves to gather sticks...

7. I went and picked out my fall mums and pumpkins on Monday.
The mum on the right is orange and on the left is red.

Love me some mums (and pumpkins)!!! And one of my mums from last year (that Brian planted) came up beautifully!!! So I am in mum heaven.

8. How EXCITED AM I about the Tanger Outlet rumor supposedly coming to my area fall 2015? ( And how excited am I for H&M to open in a mall not more than 25 minutes from my house THIS fall!!!

9. As I moved Mason to his big boy room last Wednesday I put away a bunch of his summer clothes. While putting those clothes away I started going through his old bins of clothes and decided to wash all the baby boy newborn to 3 month clothes (just in case)!!! And last week I went to Carter's since they were having a blowout baby sale and bought a few (three) girl items. Next on the agenda is to look through my sister's old bins of boy AND girl clothes so that either way I will have a decent start in the clothing department!!!

10. Took Mason to his follow-up doctor appointment on Monday and it was decided to start Mase on a medicine called Singular. This is a first step med in hoping to manage childhood asthma. He has not officially been diagnosed with asthma yet but Dr. M is thinking he pry has it.

Also I questioned Dr. M about his missing eye tooth. He said that Mason should have had it come in already and since it hasn't (and doesn't appear to be coming anytime soon) he recommended that we pay the dentist another visit. This time for xrays to see if the tooth is missing. That appointment is set for October 16 with mommy and daddy since mommy can't do xrays (obv because of the baby). And lastly...he weighed in at a whopping 29 pounds (with wet diaper, clothes and shoes on).

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Journey To (Earthly) Baby #2: Week 25

September 19 23
How far along: 25 weeks (and 4 days)!!!

Picture of Baby: Sadly none that is until my next ultrasound on October 15...

Weight Gain: Didn't weigh myself...again. I sound like a broken record. But I will try my absolute BEST to remember to weigh myself this Thursday (at 26 weeks).

Cravings: Apple Cider...I LOVE fall!!! And honey crisp apples. And gummi bears.

Picture of Baby IN the Belly:

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Journey To (Earthly) Baby #2: Week 24 and Appointment Update

September 12 17
How far along: 24 weeks (and 5 days)!!!

Picture of Baby:
Face and body

Weight Gain: Didn't weigh myself...again. (Can you tell I hate weighing myself this pregnancy)??? Maybe next week (or in TWO days when I hit 25 weeks)!!!

Cravings: Cereal (I could eat it for every meal) and grapes. And as always anything sweet. Totally NOT a salty person this pregnancy. Oooh and bran muffins and soup from Rainbow Grille.

Picture of Baby IN the Belly:

Movement: Yep and lots of it!!!

Gender: Getting more and more excited to know if baby is a boy or a girl but I know the wait is worth every minute of wondering!!! Like I said to my US tech today. Either way it will be perfect. If its a girl...yea because we will have one of each and if its a boy perfect because he and Mase will be within days of two years apart so I will be set in the clothes and toy department!!!

Urinary Incontinence Issue: So here is the UII (urinary incontinence issue) I mentioned in my Ten On Tuesday post from earlier today. After a day filled with walking (the zoo and the pier) we hit up IKEA (which consisted of more walking). Upon arriving (at IKEA) I went to the bathroom and no joke 30 minutes later I wet myself. I immediately freaked a little and found the closest bathroom...praying it was in fact urine and NOT blood or my water breaking. It smelled like urine so I felt a little better. I had no more than walked out of the bathroom and wouldn't ya know I wet myself again. I freaked again which caused Brian to freak and back into the bathroom I went again. Again it smelled like urine but twice in a row just after using the bathroom and I was a bit scared. Well it didn't happen anymore the rest of the day or the next (mind you I was using the bathroom like every 30 minutes) and since I had an appointment (including an ultrasound) scheduled for today I decided not to call and add in the fact that I'm pretty sure I had this with both of my other pregnancies I was a little less worried. Thankfully after talking with Jelsema (and having the ultrasound) I know all is well and that UII is very common in pregnancy =)

Appointment Update:
Yet another excellent report today. Cervix tightly closed and measuring at 34mm. Baby is still looking healthy but still measuring 4 days behind (Jelsema reassured me this was normal and completely fine). Baby came in at 1lb 10oz...with a heartbeat of 165. My blood pressure was the best its ever been at 112/70, no protein in the urine, and no comment on my weight. ;) Next appointment is October 1 (prenatal check) and next ultrasound/appointment is Oct 15.

Ten On Tuesday

1. I haven't updated Mason's sleep habits lately. Well at least I don't think I have. (I have MAJOR preggo brain as of late so please excuse me if I have). Anyways...Mase has been hitting the sack around 9pm every night. Typically we brush his teeth and then he watches one 'toon (cartoon) in our bed, and then we tell him its nigh night time and more often than not after saying a prayer with him he is out for the count. He wakes between 7 and 8am (no complaints will be heard from this mama) and still is a suberb once a day napper!!! So thankful the 10-11pm nights are a thing of the past (until baby comes)!!!

2. Latest obsession...sherbert...
He would NOT let me put the stuff away...he was in sherbet heaven!!!

3.Last week Wednesday Karie, Tenley, Mase, and I met up with Amy and Will in Michigan City for the late morning/early afternoon. We went to a podunk zoo (Washington Park Zoo) and grabbed some lunch at the DQ. Let me just say that I seriously think there were like 5 animals out and maybe 1 other group in the zoo while we were BUT it was still fun cause I love catching up with two of my closest friends. And lets be serious the kiddos don't care that much about zoos yet and us moms just want to catch up!!!
Will, Tenley, and Mason
The boys hanging out in the water "tunnel."

4. This past weekend Brian, Mase, and I went to Chicago for the weekend. We had a great time despite a few hiccups (mostly involving a tired 20 month old). Lesson of the weekend do NOT pack too much in one weekend (or day for that matter) because 20 month olds get cranky when on the go all the time.

Anyways we left just before 1pm (our time) Friday afternoon and pulled into our hotel (in Schaumburg) three hours later. (We left right during Mason's nap time hoping he would nap but we've come to learn that he does NOT nap well in the all he got was a 45 minutes naparoo (when he normally takes a 3 hour one)). Once unpacked (and room service was ordered by Mason)...
we headed to the mall to hit up H&M and to eat dinner at the Rainforest Cafe...
After dinner we headed back to the hotel to do some swimming...

5. Day 2 was a busy one. First we ate a yummy breakfast at a local restaurant (Egglectic Cafe) before heading to the Lincoln Park Zoo. All I can say is that zoo is awesome (and free)!!! Mase threw some tantrums at both places (the boy hates to be "stuck" anywhere...he constantly needs to be on the GO investigating things (hence a highchair and stroller equals "stuck"). So needless to say the zoo took us quite some time (and we even skipped the kiddie barn). Mason believe it or not fell asleep in his stroller on the way back to our car.
Next on the agenda was Navy Pier. Not sure why but I LOVE Navy Pier and it was actually quite relaxing for Bri and I because MASON SLEPT THE ENTIRE TIME WE WERE THERE!!!
Talk about craziness. I sat and people/boat watched while Brian caught updates on his beloved Michigan football team via his phone.
After the pier we headed back to Schaumburg to hit up IKEA. This is where tantrum after tantrum was thrown and add in a (pregnancy) urinary incontinence issue and we were a bit stressed. Then we went and made matters worse by waiting 30 minutes to eat at the Cheesecake Factory...(I HAD to have their cheesecake) the time we ate it was 7PM (our time) again Mase was less than pleasant. I bet you believe me when I say we got back to the hotel and crashed. Oh and side note the weather was ABSOLUTELY gorgeous in Chi-town on Saturday (to die for perfect in fact)!!!

6. Day 3 was our last day so of course it rained (and rained and rained). If you haven't noticed a trend EVERY vacation we've gone on this year (Brookfield, IL (in April), camping (in June), the UP (in August), and now this trip it has rained on our last day (ruining plans). Thankfully we didn't have any plans for this day but to head home so thats just what we did! And it doesn't matter how long I've been go (or to where for that matter) I always LOVE coming home!!!

7. Once home (again the boy did NOT take a nap the entire 3 hour drive home) Mase went down for a nap. Let me say here a second that Mase woke up with YET ANOTHER cough/cold Saturday morning. Well when he woke up from his nap he was super congested and would NOT stop coughing. Then he started audibly wheezing and his respirations were higher than I was comfortable with so I called his pediatrician's office and they said because he was audibly wheezing we had to go to the Emergency Room. Oye me. So off we went. Thankfully it was a quick visit. Basically they said it was just another upper respiratory infection (aka...cold) and wanted to send us home with nothing. I was kinda upset and pushed the ER doc a bit and he ordered an albuterol NEB and a one time dose of oral steroids. The doc (whom I didn't care for) said it pry wouldn't help since we were dealing with something viral...but wouldn't ya know it helped a TON. The respiratory therapist said he sounded super clear after the treatment. So we got sent home with an albuterol inhaler and a script for amoxicillin (because low and behold he had an ear infection). And thank the heavens my boy slept through the night without coughing and he really hasn't coughed much since nor is his nose that runny and NEVER NEVER before has a "cold" lasted only two days.

8. Mason has this crazy obsession with spraying things. I've had to move all my bathroom fresheners off the back of the toilets because one day he got his hands on one and emptied half the can. The bathroom smelled for days as well as the carpet just outside the bathroom.

9. I have a crazy obsession with Jane.come,, and Zulily. Oh my word I've gotten some sweet deals and missed out on some even sweeter deals. I ordered this crazy cute lamb hat (just in case we have a girl) for &14.99 (normally $30) but missed out on an adorable football hat (just in case we have a boy) for $12.99 (normally $25-$30). I've also purchased a headband and two necklaces for myself and crocs for Mase (50% off the original price) for next year!!!

10. FALL IS HERE and I love everything about it. I love the cooler weather. I love the fact that honey crisp apples are finally for sale again). I love wearing my flats (without socks). I love hot chocolate. I cannot wait to make some of my pinterest pumpkin recipes. And I love that its football season (even if I don't watch the whole game...I just love it to be on in the house).

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

First off beware this post is PICTURE OVERLOADED!!! I always have such a hard time choosing "just a few" favorite pictures to share. But once again we had a great family vacation in the UP at my parent's cabin. The only big downer was the fact that the mosquitoes WERE TERRIBLE. And since they were so bad we spent half our time inside (not that the pics will show this) but the cousins just love being together so inside or out it didn't matter.

Everyone but my oldest brother and his family arrived around dinner time (on Thursday). We hung/played outside for awhile until the skeeters got too bad.
Cole, Cambrey, and Mason

 Friday brought about apple tree hitting...
Enjoying a lil apple treat!!!

Four wheel rides/wagon rides (as always) were a must...
All the cousins plus Tibbe and Brian
And they're off!!!

Mason LOVED my brother's dog Remy. Good thing Remy is such a sport =)...
 Mase and I went for a lil walk...

Family shot...
And at night we relaxed by the fire...
Funny thing is I think this is about the only 2 seconds he sat in a chair. Otherwise he was a crazy boy running all over the place so the fire wasn't really so relaxing.

After a skeeter free Friday late afternoon/evening/night...they were back in full force Saturday morning. So outside time was a lil more limited.
Brin and Mase

I did attempt a walk with 7 out of the 8 grandchildren but not very far down the road we had to turn around because the skeeters were absolutely terrible.
 More four wheel rides...
 Playing (working) hard with Cole...
 Drinks from Papa...
My mom wanted to take a family picture for her 2013 Christmas card so a few were snapped (here's just one)...
Mase and Gma
Me and my boys

Sunday we woke up to rain (and LOTS of skeeters) so inside play was a MUST. Here are all the boys watching a DVD before lunch. Then after lunch most of us left for home...

Fun times. Great memories. Can't wait for next year!!!