Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ten On Thursday

1. Who doesn't LOVE a random stop at Steak N Shake for a shake!!!

2. This past weekend was our annual Vugteveen Labor Day Weekend Upper Vacation. For the second year in a row we (Bri, Mase, and I) made a stop at the bridge for a family picture before finishing off the drive.
(For comparisons sake...last years family photo)...

3.The rest of the weekend deserves its own post (hopefully to come later this week). So for now just three pics of our fun-filled weekend at my parent's cabin... 
The eight (soon to be TEN) Vugteveen cousins.

*My brother (Brandon) and his wife (Jana) are expecting their second in April. Sound familiar? Exactly two years ago I was due January 1 and my sis-in-law was due April 15. Now I'm due January 2 and she's due April 18. Crazy!!!

Riding the 4-wheeler with daddy!!!
Lovey time with mommy!!!

4. So the other night Mason farted. Not a big deal right? I mean kids fart all the time. Well after farting my little boy clapped for himself. read that correctly. He clapped for himself. And it wasn't a one time thing either because later that same night after farting again he again clapped for himself. He is one strange boy!!!

5. In the last week or so with prompting from mom and dad...Mase started folding his hands for prayers. Melt my heart!!! (Mind you the prayer better be a quick one though or the hand folding thing doesn't last long).

6. Because I stink at weekly pregger updates my 21 week 2 day pic...

7. And my 22 week 4 day pic...

8. Mason's favorite word as of late H-E-L-P. Favorite candy...M&Ms. Favorite DVDs...Ice Age 1, 2, AND 3.

9. Someone found a new "fun" drawer...

10. We hit up a "new" mall play area yesterday. I had to return some shoes and since there was time to spare I let Mase play for a bit. He had a blast exploring the breakfast foods (at Woodland Mall)...

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  1. Ha ha! Must be a boy thing with the farting. Leland laughs hysterically when he farts. Boys. ;)