Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. How Mason rides his firetruck these days. He doesn't necessarily like to sit IN it but standing in the back makes for one excited little boy...

2. Last week Thursday after Brian got out of work we headed out to his cousin's place (where Brian hunts in the fall). He wanted to change out his camera cards and put some feed (or something of the sort) out. Mason had a blast. He most definitely LOVES the woods!!!
(Daddy even let him do a lil driving)!!!

3. On Friday morning Mase and I headed to downtown Holland with my mom to do a little shopping (and to get my ring cleaned). Mason was good for the most part. But on a few occasions had to be bribed with his fave treat (M&Ms) to get back in the stroller.

4. There was a little boy dressed like Spiderman (hat, gloves, and shirt) where we ate lunch (when we were downtown) and oh my goodness did Mase ever find it hilarious. He was still laughing at the boy 10-15 minutes after his hat and gloves came off. Good thing the little boy found Mason's constant laughing funny otherwise I would have felt so bad. Because when Mase finds something funny he laughs loud and makes sure to get everyone's attention.

5. On Friday evening we were suppose to have a grill-out with neighbors that unfortunately got canceled just the night before. What made it even more so unfortunate was my friend was throwing a 30th birthday party for her hubby that same night but since it was downtown (aka...NO kids) and since we couldn't get a sitter on such short notice that was a no go as well. Instead we headed to Holland State Beach for a family fun night. We did pretty much the same thing that we did last time we headed out that way...picked up a pizza to eat at the beach, played in the sand/water, and then finished the night with some ice cream!!!

Coming to squirt mommy...that stinker!!!
Building holes with daddy.
My lil ham!!!

6. I worked all this past weekend. But Mason and daddy had lots of fun. They went to a soccer game, went to the zoo, went for a bike buggy ride, and went fishing at gpa and gma H's house.
(Petting the goats at the zoo)!!!

7. Is it sad that I hate (despise) working two 12 hour shifts in a row? I mean seriously I'm tired enough after working one 12 hour shift so two almost puts me over the edge. Talk about pure exhaustion. Only 5 (maybe 6) more two in a rows to go...otherwise my two days per week have been split up. The 5 for sures are my weekends UNTIL BABY H COMES!!! And the 6th (maybe) is because I am on-call (darn on-call shifts) for one of the two days that are in a row. Can't wait for 12 FULL weeks off!!!

8. Happy boy waking up from his three hour nap with 5 "bops" (aka...pacis) in hand (and mouth)!!!

9. I am so thankful that Mason takes a good afternoon nap yet because not sure I would have survived this pregnancy otherwise. So to answer the question you might be wondering...YES...I am once again back to loving a nap more afternoons than not!!!

10. It was way too hot to be outside today (in my opinion) unless one was by water and since I didn't feel like hanging inside all day...Mase and I headed over to my in-law's house to spend some time in their lake. What a beautiful afternoon. Mason had so much fun sliding down the slide, pushing his trucks down the slide, and throwing rocks with mommy and gma H. Oh and gma spoiled him by getting him a happy meal. Lucky boy!!!

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  1. So much fun in Holland! Ashton refuses to ride in the stroller too- unfortunately nothing bribes him back in!