Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. I haven't updated Mason's sleep habits lately. Well at least I don't think I have. (I have MAJOR preggo brain as of late so please excuse me if I have). Anyways...Mase has been hitting the sack around 9pm every night. Typically we brush his teeth and then he watches one 'toon (cartoon) in our bed, and then we tell him its nigh night time and more often than not after saying a prayer with him he is out for the count. He wakes between 7 and 8am (no complaints will be heard from this mama) and still is a suberb once a day napper!!! So thankful the 10-11pm nights are a thing of the past (until baby comes)!!!

2. Latest obsession...sherbert...
He would NOT let me put the stuff away...he was in sherbet heaven!!!

3.Last week Wednesday Karie, Tenley, Mase, and I met up with Amy and Will in Michigan City for the late morning/early afternoon. We went to a podunk zoo (Washington Park Zoo) and grabbed some lunch at the DQ. Let me just say that I seriously think there were like 5 animals out and maybe 1 other group in the zoo while we were BUT it was still fun cause I love catching up with two of my closest friends. And lets be serious the kiddos don't care that much about zoos yet and us moms just want to catch up!!!
Will, Tenley, and Mason
The boys hanging out in the water "tunnel."

4. This past weekend Brian, Mase, and I went to Chicago for the weekend. We had a great time despite a few hiccups (mostly involving a tired 20 month old). Lesson of the weekend do NOT pack too much in one weekend (or day for that matter) because 20 month olds get cranky when on the go all the time.

Anyways we left just before 1pm (our time) Friday afternoon and pulled into our hotel (in Schaumburg) three hours later. (We left right during Mason's nap time hoping he would nap but we've come to learn that he does NOT nap well in the car...so all he got was a 45 minutes naparoo (when he normally takes a 3 hour one)). Once unpacked (and room service was ordered by Mason)...
we headed to the mall to hit up H&M and to eat dinner at the Rainforest Cafe...
After dinner we headed back to the hotel to do some swimming...

5. Day 2 was a busy one. First we ate a yummy breakfast at a local restaurant (Egglectic Cafe) before heading to the Lincoln Park Zoo. All I can say is that zoo is awesome (and free)!!! Mase threw some tantrums at both places (the boy hates to be "stuck" anywhere...he constantly needs to be on the GO investigating things (hence a highchair and stroller equals "stuck"). So needless to say the zoo took us quite some time (and we even skipped the kiddie barn). Mason believe it or not fell asleep in his stroller on the way back to our car.
Next on the agenda was Navy Pier. Not sure why but I LOVE Navy Pier and it was actually quite relaxing for Bri and I because MASON SLEPT THE ENTIRE TIME WE WERE THERE!!!
Talk about craziness. I sat and people/boat watched while Brian caught updates on his beloved Michigan football team via his phone.
After the pier we headed back to Schaumburg to hit up IKEA. This is where tantrum after tantrum was thrown and add in a (pregnancy) urinary incontinence issue and we were a bit stressed. Then we went and made matters worse by waiting 30 minutes to eat at the Cheesecake Factory...(I HAD to have their cheesecake)...by the time we ate it was 7PM (our time)...so again Mase was less than pleasant. I bet you believe me when I say we got back to the hotel and crashed. Oh and side note the weather was ABSOLUTELY gorgeous in Chi-town on Saturday (to die for perfect in fact)!!!

6. Day 3 was our last day so of course it rained (and rained and rained). If you haven't noticed a trend EVERY vacation we've gone on this year (Brookfield, IL (in April), camping (in June), the UP (in August), and now this trip it has rained on our last day (ruining plans). Thankfully we didn't have any plans for this day but to head home so thats just what we did! And it doesn't matter how long I've been go (or to where for that matter) I always LOVE coming home!!!

7. Once home (again the boy did NOT take a nap the entire 3 hour drive home) Mase went down for a nap. Let me say here a second that Mase woke up with YET ANOTHER cough/cold Saturday morning. Well when he woke up from his nap he was super congested and would NOT stop coughing. Then he started audibly wheezing and his respirations were higher than I was comfortable with so I called his pediatrician's office and they said because he was audibly wheezing we had to go to the Emergency Room. Oye me. So off we went. Thankfully it was a quick visit. Basically they said it was just another upper respiratory infection (aka...cold) and wanted to send us home with nothing. I was kinda upset and pushed the ER doc a bit and he ordered an albuterol NEB and a one time dose of oral steroids. The doc (whom I didn't care for) said it pry wouldn't help since we were dealing with something viral...but wouldn't ya know it helped a TON. The respiratory therapist said he sounded super clear after the treatment. So we got sent home with an albuterol inhaler and a script for amoxicillin (because low and behold he had an ear infection). And thank the heavens my boy slept through the night without coughing and he really hasn't coughed much since nor is his nose that runny and NEVER NEVER before has a "cold" lasted only two days.

8. Mason has this crazy obsession with spraying things. I've had to move all my bathroom fresheners off the back of the toilets because one day he got his hands on one and emptied half the can. The bathroom smelled for days as well as the carpet just outside the bathroom.

9. I have a crazy obsession with Jane.come, Groopdealz.com, and Zulily. Oh my word I've gotten some sweet deals and missed out on some even sweeter deals. I ordered this crazy cute lamb hat (just in case we have a girl) for &14.99 (normally $30) but missed out on an adorable football hat (just in case we have a boy) for $12.99 (normally $25-$30). I've also purchased a headband and two necklaces for myself and crocs for Mase (50% off the original price) for next year!!!

10. FALL IS HERE and I love everything about it. I love the cooler weather. I love the fact that honey crisp apples are finally for sale again). I love wearing my flats (without socks). I love hot chocolate. I cannot wait to make some of my pinterest pumpkin recipes. And I love that its football season (even if I don't watch the whole game...I just love it to be on in the house).

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