Monday, September 9, 2013

The Journey To (Earthly) Baby #2: Week 23

September 5 9
How far along: 23 weeks (and 4 days!!!)

Picture of Baby:

Weight Gain: Yikes-a-roonies I would rather not say but here goes nothing...I am up 29.5lbs. I cannot believe I just typed that...but its true. (I didn't hit the 30 pound mark with Mase until 31 or 32 weeks). I think its going to my butt and thighs this pregnancy and I feel a touch swollen. 

Picture of Baby IN the Belly:

Movement: As of last week the lil bun in my oven can now officially make my stomach move with his/her kicks/movements and Brian can finally feel his/her kicks!!! 

23 Week Appointment Update:
I had SUCH a good appointment last week Thursday. I left happier than ever!!! *Remember it was my ECHO (and blood sugar test) appointment.  It started with checking the length of my cervix...which came in at a whopping 39mm (even after pressure)!!! And since we had time to spare before the ECHO the ultrasound tech took a ton of pictures of our sweet baby (whose heart was beating at 150bpm). And shhh (I'm not suppose to tell) but she did some 3D pics too because the baby was positioned so perfectly. Again she told me not to tell (about the 3D pics) so please keep my secret!!! Anyways then I got my labs drawn for the blood sugar test (which by the way I passed)!!! And then my nurse grabbed my blood pressure (124/74) and weight and told me NO protein in my urine sample. All good news. We waited a bit for the ECHO but it was worth the short wait because baby Hemy has a beautiful and very healthy heart. Everything looked perfect. Music to my ears!!! Next appointment is the 17th which will include my LAST cervical check of this pregnancy and a growth scan of baby H. Can't wait!!!

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