Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Journey To (Earthly) Baby #2: Week 24 and Appointment Update

September 12 17
How far along: 24 weeks (and 5 days)!!!

Picture of Baby:
Face and body

Weight Gain: Didn't weigh myself...again. (Can you tell I hate weighing myself this pregnancy)??? Maybe next week (or in TWO days when I hit 25 weeks)!!!

Cravings: Cereal (I could eat it for every meal) and grapes. And as always anything sweet. Totally NOT a salty person this pregnancy. Oooh and bran muffins and soup from Rainbow Grille.

Picture of Baby IN the Belly:

Movement: Yep and lots of it!!!

Gender: Getting more and more excited to know if baby is a boy or a girl but I know the wait is worth every minute of wondering!!! Like I said to my US tech today. Either way it will be perfect. If its a girl...yea because we will have one of each and if its a boy perfect because he and Mase will be within days of two years apart so I will be set in the clothes and toy department!!!

Urinary Incontinence Issue: So here is the UII (urinary incontinence issue) I mentioned in my Ten On Tuesday post from earlier today. After a day filled with walking (the zoo and the pier) we hit up IKEA (which consisted of more walking). Upon arriving (at IKEA) I went to the bathroom and no joke 30 minutes later I wet myself. I immediately freaked a little and found the closest bathroom...praying it was in fact urine and NOT blood or my water breaking. It smelled like urine so I felt a little better. I had no more than walked out of the bathroom and wouldn't ya know I wet myself again. I freaked again which caused Brian to freak and back into the bathroom I went again. Again it smelled like urine but twice in a row just after using the bathroom and I was a bit scared. Well it didn't happen anymore the rest of the day or the next (mind you I was using the bathroom like every 30 minutes) and since I had an appointment (including an ultrasound) scheduled for today I decided not to call and add in the fact that I'm pretty sure I had this with both of my other pregnancies I was a little less worried. Thankfully after talking with Jelsema (and having the ultrasound) I know all is well and that UII is very common in pregnancy =)

Appointment Update:
Yet another excellent report today. Cervix tightly closed and measuring at 34mm. Baby is still looking healthy but still measuring 4 days behind (Jelsema reassured me this was normal and completely fine). Baby came in at 1lb 10oz...with a heartbeat of 165. My blood pressure was the best its ever been at 112/70, no protein in the urine, and no comment on my weight. ;) Next appointment is October 1 (prenatal check) and next ultrasound/appointment is Oct 15.

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