Monday, September 30, 2013

The Journey To (Earthly) Baby #2: Week 26

September 26 30
How Far Along:  26 weeks (and 4 days).

Picture of Baby: Natta til October 15...

Weight Gain: As of this morning...a whopping 181.5. Putting the grand total at 36 pounds. Thinking I might hit 60 this pregnancy...yikes. Still amazes me that you can eat the same (as my last pregnancy) and still gain WAY more AND I am WAY more active this go around...but here I am heading towards 40 already. Sigh... (On a side note I had only gained 22.5 pounds at 26 weeks 1 day with Mase).

Cravings: Anything CHOCOLATE (maybe why I am gaining so much weight) and bread and apples.

Movement: Getting stronger every day!!!

Picture of Baby IN the Belly:
Baby #2
With Mase

I look so much bigger this go around. And as I was pointing this out to the hubby he says...yeah in your arms. Thanks sweetheart I meant belly!!! But you just made me feel real great about myself ;) Love YOU still!!!


  1. it's a closer pic, I don't think your arms look bigger at all. your belly doesn't even look bigger, you DO look like you are carrying much lower though!

  2. love the belly and your arms look totally fine to me:)

  3. I like your hair shorter. It's cute long too, I just really like it short. I agree, you are carrying lower. And... your arms don't look big... you probably just have more muscle from carrying Mase around!

  4. Thanks ladies for making me feel good =)

  5. You still look great! I gained really fast in the beginning of this pregnancy (even gained 9 lbs in one month!), but it slowed down after 28 weeks, and has been pretty stable since then. Don't worry too much about it. :)