Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ten On Wednesday (And A Little Prego Update)

1. Week 30 (and 6 days) = Tired Mama. Belly shot will (hopefully) be taken will include it with my 31 week update!!! I seriously have had NO energy to get ready. Brian was hunting all day Friday (so Mase and I had a no get ready day). I worked all weekend (so not photo ready). And Brian went hunting again all day Monday (so Mase and I had another no get ready day). And yesterday I worked (well taught) and when I got home I was pooped so once again no belly shot.

2. I had my 30 week appointment yesterday and my blood pressure was somewhat better 128/86. So no side-laying action!!! I had to do my glucose test again. Lucky me. The only reason I had to do it twice was because of Mason's birth weight. (Thanks Mase)!!! And thankfully I received news this morning that I once again passed with flying colors. Believe it or not I got on the scale this morning and saw a shocking (or not) 190...which brings my total weight gain to...44.5 pounds. Pretty sure I will tip the scale past 200 (tears) which means I most def will break the record breaking 50 pounds I gained with Mase.

3. Thinking maybe just maybe I am sooo tired because Mase developed a cold last week Thursday. Which by now you all know means his (good) sleep habits went out the door. We fight with him for over 2 hours to go to bed. We want him in bed at 8:30pm (he wants 10:30pm). And his napping has also been WAY less than stellar. Reminder he is in a big boy bed so he can get out of his bed at anytime. We always put him right back into his bed (when he walks into our room), we have given him stern warnings, and we have shut the door and let him cry (for short amounts of time). Aghhh hoping this is just another cycle that will (soon) pass. Mama.NEEDS.sleep!!!

Here is Mase in taking over our bed. He came in sopping (from his diaper) wet at 2am. Since he didn't fall asleep til 10pm...he slept in nicely til could one not when one looks THIS comfortable!!!

4. And then I go and get a cold Sunday night into Monday morning. Which has most def NOT helped in the sleep department. I can't breathe through my nose so mouth breathing it is...which leaves my mouth BEYOND dry (and sore). Head is up on 3 pillows...another behind me and another in front. (Brian LOVES my pregnant sleep habits...leaves him with a whopping 2 inches of our bed)!!!

5. Mason found a new hiding spot...
(Hanging out in the laundry room behind the washing machine).

6. Our church did its 1st ever trunk or treat this past Saturday. Like I mentioned above I had to (of course) work all weekend but thankfully I found a coworker to come in a little early for me on Saturday so I could trunk or treat with my boys. Mason had a blast...saying trick treat and watching candy drop in his basket but the little stink pot made me carry him through the whole line of cars. Definitely will be sporting the wagon tomorrow night. Here is my handsome big boy with our adorable little bum...
Sign says...Will WORK for candy!

7. Mase and I met daddy for breakfast on Monday during a break in daddy's hunting. (He hunts only 35 minutes away on his cousin's property). Brian's cousin also joined us for breakfast and oh you know Mason was AWFUL. (Shocking I know). I think it was a combo of three things...his poor sleep habits, the cold, and I think he was scared of Brian's cousin. Bottom line..he was so embarrassing. Brian took him out in the lobby for one chat and I did for two. Things continued to get worse when we went back to his cousin's house. His cousin Bob was going to take Mase (and Brian) for a gator ride (something Mase normally LOVES) but contrary to this picture...Mase wanted nothing to do with it. We played inside for awhile instead and then Mase and I headed home (for much needed naps)!!!  

8. On Friday my (super) mom was baby-sitting for 7 of her 8 grandchildren. The only grandchild she wasn't watching was Mase but since I had the day off we headed over so Mase could play with his cousins and so I could help my mom a bit. No pictures to share but I just love the excitement on Mason's face when he plays with his cousins. He loves them so much (and gets SO hyper excited when he sees them). Hoping he loves his baby just as much!!!

9. I am making Mase an ABC book for Christmas. I got the idea off Pinterest and crazy as it is the person who made the book (that I pinned) actually went to high school with me. I thought it was a cute learning idea (for Mase). Here are two of the pages...

10. Does anyone else's child refuse to say please...thank you... and sorry?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. Last week Wednesday I took Mason to the dentist (for the second time in his short little life). And here's why...because he's had 3 of his 4 eye teeth in for months now but that last one just isn't happening. Where the tooth is NOT coming in is also where the divot in his mouth is. I asked Mason's pediatrician about it a month or so ago and he thought it would be best for Mase to pay another visit to the dentist (because he thinks it might be missing). Verdict: Dr Sally agrees (although very rare to be missing a baby tooth) she does not think it's there and if it is it pry will not come in. (Boo). She said it doesn't mean that there isn't a permanent tooth to come (please let there be)!!! But if there IS a baby tooth there it pry won't come in and WILL have to be pulled out (hello oral surgeon). She said in a year or so we can take an xray but that its not a rush. She also peaked at his yellow spots and said that the spot on his front tooth is getting worse (lovely) and that we really need to be brushing twice a day to remove all plaque or else his baby tooth will get a cavity (and front teeth with cavities = mega pain or so I've been told).

2. Good-bye beautiful fall weather and hello crappy fall weather. Oh and thanks for raining on my family picture day. Seriously without fail if I schedule pictures too late into fall...we get rained (or hailed) on. Happened with my maternity shoot (when pregnant with Mase) too. Maybe its something about maternity shoots? We went ahead with the shoot though and I am glad we did because it was only a light drizzle and since we were in the woods we were mostly protected from it. The bigger downside...Mason wanted NOTHING and I mean NOTHING to do with getting his picture taken. Praying we get at least one good family shot!!!

3. On Saturday morning (despite the yucky rainy weather) my whole family (well sadly minus my hubby) headed to New Salem for some fall family fun!!! We saw (petted) tons of animals (cows, pigs, goats, bunnies, etc)...
(All 8 grandchildren)
enjoyed a bouncy house...
Uncle Brandon took Mase through here.
He loved it so much he went again all by himself...
and with just a little help (from his big cousins) HE MADE IT!!!
we went for a ride in a luxurious farm wagon...
made our way through a kiddie corn maze...
and enjoyed us some pumpkin donuts and apple cider....
Sadly we skipped the kiddie train ride and the playground because of the rain. But in the end I can honestly say despite the rain we had a great time!!!

4. Saturday night we celebrated a friend's 30th birthday. It was the third 30th birthday party we've been invited to (this year) but the first we could actually attend. (Thanks to my parents for babysitting)!!! I didn't take any pics but stole this one from my friend.

5. I finally had a Sunday off. (It's been a good 4 weeks). And since we were finally all dressed (nicely) and ready...we took our annual fall family porch shot. Oh how I love these boys!!!

6. Mason's latest obsession...matchbox cars (daddy's old ones from gpa and gma's house). AND BELIEVE ME YOU CAN FIND THEM PRETTY MUCH ANYWHERE IN MY HOUSE...

7. And Brian can't even use the excuse of preggo brain...

8. I told you all about my and obsession back in September but sadly a few weeks ago I received my first purchase disappointment. Does this necklace look "mustard" colored to you?
Unfortunately in order to return it I would have to pay shipping and the only other available colors to get in return were none too the easiest route was to just keep it.

9. Mason's surprise present (just because from gpa and gma H). One spoiled (happy) little boy!!!

10. I start teaching clinicals for Hope College today. Praying for a good (and fast) next 7 Tuesdays!!!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Journey To (Earthly) Baby #2: Week 29

October 17 20
How Far Along: 29 weeks (and 3 days)!!!

Size of Baby: On average a tad over 15 inches long (head to heel) and weighs about two and a half pounds. Or for comparisons sake...the size of a butternut squash.

Picture of Baby: A no picture week. Next ultrasound is November 12 (at 32 weeks 5 days)!!!

Maternity Clothes: Yep and sad for me to say but pretty sure (since I have 10ish weeks to go) that some of my maternity items will NOT be fitting me by the end of this pregnancy.

Weight Gain: No scale this week.


Stretch Marks: No new ones (just the ONE from Mason's pregnancy).

Sleep: Missing it!!! I seriously sleep WAY better when the baby is actually here. I would rather wake up every 3 hours through the night (so maybe twice) than 4-5 times a night...

Milestones: Hello (for two weeks now) THIRD TRI!!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Journey To (Earthly) Baby #2: Weeks 27 and 28 and Appointment Update

October 3
How Far Along:  27 weeks

Picture of Baby: Next ultrasound is October 15...

Weight Gain: Big surprise here...didn't weigh myself this week.

Cravings: Sweets, bakery bread, honeycrisp apples, bananas, and cereal.

Movement: Getting stronger every day!!!

Picture of Baby IN the Belly:

(27 weeks and 6 days)

October 10 16
How Far Along:  28 weeks (and 6 days)

Picture of Baby:

Weight Gain: Weighed myself this past Thursday (agh) and the verdict weight gain of 38.5 pounds. This is just unreal. Unreal.

Symptoms: TIRED!!! Most days I am back to enjoying myself an afternoon nap...because chasing a toddler around is tiring work!!! 

Cravings: Banana and HONEY CRISP apples. Sweets. Rainbow Grill bran muffins and soup. CEREAL!!!

Movement: Getting stronger every day. This baby tends to reside (just as Mase did) on the right side of my uterus. And yesterday I found out the baby is transverse so the pressure I've been feeling on my right side is my sweet lil thangs head jabbing me. Hope he/she doesn't come out with an indent since I always push the head back down!!!

Picture of Baby IN the Belly:

(28 weeks and 6 days)

Had my 28 week appointment yesterday with a growth ultrasound. And lucky me the ultrasound tech (as you saw above) did more 3D pictures for me!!! So crazy how real he/she looks (and yes I know he/she is real but hopefully you get what I mean). And on a complete side note I do not think the baby looks like Mase at all. Maybe this one will look like me? But a dark version!!! (If you can't tell...Mase is a mini Brian with my skin color, hair color, and eye color). Anyways baby measured 5 days ahead now (uh oh maybe this means we've got another big baby on board) coming in at 2 pounds 15 ounces. Heartbeat was 161. Otherwise urine and weight looked good...blood pressure was another story. To be honest I could feel my blood pumping so wasn't surprised with my pressure was 140/88. Thankfully with a little side-lying action it came down to 114/60. Since it comes down so quickly Jelsema isn't concerned so onward we trod. With Mase even with a little side-lying action it didn't come down that much which is why I was put on working restrictions. All in all a wonderful appointment. And a week from tomorrow I hit the 30 week mark!!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. Not last week but the week before (when Brian's dad was still in the hospital) Mase and I filled lots of free time going for walks together. He is such a little explorer!!!
(Walking in our "backyard").
(Hager Park)

2. I am SO thankful that my little guy is SO obsessed with his bed...(for sleepy AND play time)!!!

3. Mase's new bookshelves (spice racks from IKEA).
Of course he had to help daddy put them up...

4. On Wednesday Mason got his flu shot. He was such a big boy!!! Didn't even cry. Actually with the way I held him neither of us even knew that the shot had happened (the nurse was that quick and good)!!! He didn't notice the band aid she had put on until later that night before bath time. Of course he started having a little freak out moment once he saw it but as soon as I took the band aid off...all was well again. Only my boy!!!

5. My Wednesday night Bible Study started this past Wednesday. I am so excited to get into another study. This year we are studying Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. Has anyone ever done the study?

6. I looked at my schedule last week and basically the ENTIRE month of October is booked to capacity. As in every night either Brian or I (or both of us) have something...whether it be work, teaching (have I told you I'm teaching clinicals for Hope College this fall), hunting, Bible Study, Elder's meetings, or a few fun get together with friends/family. Then I started looking into November but when I saw that November was pretty full as well...I stopped looking ahead. Oye me!!! This baby is going to be here before we know it!!!

7. On Thursday Mase and I had a Mommy and Me (Fun) Day!!! We started by doing a little shopping in (downtown) Holland to get a little something for daddy's birthday (which is coming up soon), picked out a get well card for Papa, stopped by the Peanut Store (aka...Candy store) for some goods, ate lunch at The City Delicatessen (where we split a piece of pizza), and finished our downtown adventures by stopping at Peachwave Frozen Yogurt (for obviously) some delicious yogurt!!! Then we headed to the mall to exchange a shirt of Brians. Go figure I left my camera card home so NO pics of our Holland adventures. Mase fell asleep on the way home and when he woke up I packed us a picnic lunch and we headed to Frog Hollow park for some fun and dinner.
After the park we stopped by Papa and Gma H's house to give Papa his card. Then homeward bound we were for beddy-time!!!

8. Since Brian was gone Friday day/night too I told my sis I was coming over at night to check out all her baby clothes. I used a lot of them with Mase but wanted to check out some of her girl things too (just in case). I took a whole tub (of boy and girl) plus a small bag home to keep until we are ALL done with having kids (whether it be this pregnancy or if Lord willing one more baby with our last implantation). My sis is done and wants to sell whatever I won't use. So thankful for her willingness to share because it def helps save me some money in the clothing department!!! Plus Mase got to play with his cousins and he LOVES cousin time. Especially wrestling with his cousin Cole. I must say he fends for himself pretty well and if he cries I just tell him to stop wrestling or buck up...and typically he bucks up!!!

9. Saturday night we had some friends over for a fall grill out. Most likely the last of the season. (Tear). In my opinion best part of the delicious homemade apple crisp. SOOO stinking good!!!

10. And Sunday after I worked 8 of my 12 hours on-call shift (grrr I had to work any of it) we visited the girls...
And painted pumpkins. Should have figured (with my quirky lil dude) that he would HATE having paint on his fingers. Seriously what toddler doesn't LOVE making a mess (painting)? So while Mase watch some "toons" Bri and I (finished) painting...

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. Last week I had to do a quick exchange at the mall and since we were right by the play area I let Mase play for awhile. Oh my goodness...he had SO much fun. As in sweating from running around so much fun. And my little boy finally became brave and realized how much fun the slide is. Until this visit he refused to go up the stairs by himself...thus no slide for Mason (unless mommy boosted him up and mommy's arms only boost so many times).

2. It bewilders me how sometimes Mase listens SO SO SO well and how other times he listens NOT at all. For instance every night I tell him he can't get out of bed and he doesn't (well unless its to get a book from his bookshelf). Or when we were at the mall last week and I told him one last slide. I assumed (after the last slide) that we would have a fight but he ran right up to the hand sanitizer (at the exit) and off we went. But if you tell him he can't play with the toilet bowl plunger he FREAKS out. Just can't figure him out!!!

3. Mason being naughty (ahem the not always listening side of this boy) chucking and biting grandma's gords...

4. Last week Monday night we (Bri, Mase, and I) went to visit papa in the hospital. Mase did good for about the first 30 minutes but then started freaking out right as the nurses were giving report (and they give report IN the room) momma took him for a walk...and we happened to find an open computer where we could watch some (Curious) George. (Mason's absolute fave as of late)!!!

5. My father-in-law ended up having the cauterization procedure last week Tuesday (bumped up from Friday)...which we were very thankful for. Unfortunately though, they couldn't burn off all the abnormal arteries (the fistula) so on Thursday he had to have surgery to burn off the rest. Surgery went great and overall he is feeling good except for a little word recognition delay. (He can't always think of the word he wants to say). With time this should fade. Otherwise we are thankful that he came home yesterday! Let the home-healing begin.

6. I had my 26 week (and 5 day) appointment last week Tuesday. Since my father-in-law was still in the hospital I had to take Mase with me. And if you know my boy he does NOT sit still (so taking him with made me a little nervous). And even though he did pretty good...mama's blood pressure was still 140/86 on the first read. My nurse had me lay on my left side for about 3 minutes and when she rechecked was already down to 110/60. Other than that all was well. Measuring right on and baby's heart beat was 148.

7. We had a play date with a neighbor friend last week at Hager Park. Mase had a blast running around with Amy's two boys (16 months older and 6 months younger). Can't wait for more play dates with them in the future!!!

8. Brian and I went to a wedding this past Friday. And I cannot tell you how rare it is for us to go out WITHOUT Mase. It was actually kinda relaxing but whenever I am away from my boy I miss him like crazy so I was glad it wasn't an all day (but just an evening) type of wedding.

9. After a long couple of weeks missing daddy (cause he was with his daddy at the hospital) we did a little family outing to a local pumpkin orchard Saturday morning. Go figure Mase would have a freak out RIGHT before leaving but we decided to go anyways. The weather was a little yuck. (It had rained the night before leaving puddles and it was a touch humid) but it didn't rain while we were there so we'll take it. Since he was in a mood he refused to have his face painted and he refused to ride in the pumpkin cart. (He thought it was great until daddy buckled him in and walked he only lasted for about 2 minutes of the ride). He LOVED feeding the goats and going for the hay ride (to pick out a pumpkin)...but hated the vines he kept tripping over. He thought the slide was okay. But LOVED his pumpkin donut and apple cider. Overall still a great time but looking forward to our cousin pumpkin orchard visit in a couple of weeks!!! (He loves his cousins and always does better when they are around).
Feeding the goats!!! (Def his fave part of this outing).
Going down the big slide...
Happy driving til daddy walked away =)
Hay ride fun!!!
My lil bop (aka...paci) lover in the pumpkin patch.

10. And then Saturday night my friends and (their families) came over for a little hang-out sess!!! By the end of the night we all somehow ended up in the basement. Funny how much kids change what hanging out mean (and until when)...but they are oh SO worth it!!!