Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. Not last week but the week before (when Brian's dad was still in the hospital) Mase and I filled lots of free time going for walks together. He is such a little explorer!!!
(Walking in our "backyard").
(Hager Park)

2. I am SO thankful that my little guy is SO obsessed with his bed...(for sleepy AND play time)!!!

3. Mase's new bookshelves (spice racks from IKEA).
Of course he had to help daddy put them up...

4. On Wednesday Mason got his flu shot. He was such a big boy!!! Didn't even cry. Actually with the way I held him neither of us even knew that the shot had happened (the nurse was that quick and good)!!! He didn't notice the band aid she had put on until later that night before bath time. Of course he started having a little freak out moment once he saw it but as soon as I took the band aid off...all was well again. Only my boy!!!

5. My Wednesday night Bible Study started this past Wednesday. I am so excited to get into another study. This year we are studying Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. Has anyone ever done the study?

6. I looked at my schedule last week and basically the ENTIRE month of October is booked to capacity. As in every night either Brian or I (or both of us) have something...whether it be work, teaching (have I told you I'm teaching clinicals for Hope College this fall), hunting, Bible Study, Elder's meetings, or a few fun get together with friends/family. Then I started looking into November but when I saw that November was pretty full as well...I stopped looking ahead. Oye me!!! This baby is going to be here before we know it!!!

7. On Thursday Mase and I had a Mommy and Me (Fun) Day!!! We started by doing a little shopping in (downtown) Holland to get a little something for daddy's birthday (which is coming up soon), picked out a get well card for Papa, stopped by the Peanut Store (aka...Candy store) for some goods, ate lunch at The City Delicatessen (where we split a piece of pizza), and finished our downtown adventures by stopping at Peachwave Frozen Yogurt (for obviously) some delicious yogurt!!! Then we headed to the mall to exchange a shirt of Brians. Go figure I left my camera card home so NO pics of our Holland adventures. Mase fell asleep on the way home and when he woke up I packed us a picnic lunch and we headed to Frog Hollow park for some fun and dinner.
After the park we stopped by Papa and Gma H's house to give Papa his card. Then homeward bound we were for beddy-time!!!

8. Since Brian was gone Friday day/night too I told my sis I was coming over at night to check out all her baby clothes. I used a lot of them with Mase but wanted to check out some of her girl things too (just in case). I took a whole tub (of boy and girl) plus a small bag home to keep until we are ALL done with having kids (whether it be this pregnancy or if Lord willing one more baby with our last implantation). My sis is done and wants to sell whatever I won't use. So thankful for her willingness to share because it def helps save me some money in the clothing department!!! Plus Mase got to play with his cousins and he LOVES cousin time. Especially wrestling with his cousin Cole. I must say he fends for himself pretty well and if he cries I just tell him to stop wrestling or buck up...and typically he bucks up!!!

9. Saturday night we had some friends over for a fall grill out. Most likely the last of the season. (Tear). In my opinion best part of the meal...my delicious homemade apple crisp. SOOO stinking good!!!

10. And Sunday after I worked 8 of my 12 hours on-call shift (grrr I had to work any of it) we visited the girls...
And painted pumpkins. Should have figured (with my quirky lil dude) that he would HATE having paint on his fingers. Seriously what toddler doesn't LOVE making a mess (painting)? So while Mase watch some "toons" Bri and I (finished) painting...

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