Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. Last week I had to do a quick exchange at the mall and since we were right by the play area I let Mase play for awhile. Oh my goodness...he had SO much fun. As in sweating from running around so much fun. And my little boy finally became brave and realized how much fun the slide is. Until this visit he refused to go up the stairs by himself...thus no slide for Mason (unless mommy boosted him up and mommy's arms only boost so many times).

2. It bewilders me how sometimes Mase listens SO SO SO well and how other times he listens NOT at all. For instance every night I tell him he can't get out of bed and he doesn't (well unless its to get a book from his bookshelf). Or when we were at the mall last week and I told him one last slide. I assumed (after the last slide) that we would have a fight but he ran right up to the hand sanitizer (at the exit) and off we went. But if you tell him he can't play with the toilet bowl plunger he FREAKS out. Just can't figure him out!!!

3. Mason being naughty (ahem the not always listening side of this boy) chucking and biting grandma's gords...

4. Last week Monday night we (Bri, Mase, and I) went to visit papa in the hospital. Mase did good for about the first 30 minutes but then started freaking out right as the nurses were giving report (and they give report IN the room)...so momma took him for a walk...and we happened to find an open computer where we could watch some (Curious) George. (Mason's absolute fave as of late)!!!

5. My father-in-law ended up having the cauterization procedure last week Tuesday (bumped up from Friday)...which we were very thankful for. Unfortunately though, they couldn't burn off all the abnormal arteries (the fistula) so on Thursday he had to have surgery to burn off the rest. Surgery went great and overall he is feeling good except for a little word recognition delay. (He can't always think of the word he wants to say). With time this should fade. Otherwise we are thankful that he came home yesterday! Let the home-healing begin.

6. I had my 26 week (and 5 day) appointment last week Tuesday. Since my father-in-law was still in the hospital I had to take Mase with me. And if you know my boy he does NOT sit still (so taking him with made me a little nervous). And even though he did pretty good...mama's blood pressure was still 140/86 on the first read. My nurse had me lay on my left side for about 3 minutes and when she rechecked it...it was already down to 110/60. Other than that all was well. Measuring right on and baby's heart beat was 148.

7. We had a play date with a neighbor friend last week at Hager Park. Mase had a blast running around with Amy's two boys (16 months older and 6 months younger). Can't wait for more play dates with them in the future!!!

8. Brian and I went to a wedding this past Friday. And I cannot tell you how rare it is for us to go out WITHOUT Mase. It was actually kinda relaxing but whenever I am away from my boy I miss him like crazy so I was glad it wasn't an all day (but just an evening) type of wedding.

9. After a long couple of weeks missing daddy (cause he was with his daddy at the hospital) we did a little family outing to a local pumpkin orchard Saturday morning. Go figure Mase would have a freak out RIGHT before leaving but we decided to go anyways. The weather was a little yuck. (It had rained the night before leaving puddles and it was a touch humid) but it didn't rain while we were there so we'll take it. Since he was in a mood he refused to have his face painted and he refused to ride in the pumpkin cart. (He thought it was great until daddy buckled him in and walked away...so he only lasted for about 2 minutes of the ride). He LOVED feeding the goats and going for the hay ride (to pick out a pumpkin)...but hated the vines he kept tripping over. He thought the slide was okay. But LOVED his pumpkin donut and apple cider. Overall still a great time but looking forward to our cousin pumpkin orchard visit in a couple of weeks!!! (He loves his cousins and always does better when they are around).
Feeding the goats!!! (Def his fave part of this outing).
Going down the big slide...
Happy driving til daddy walked away =)
Hay ride fun!!!
My lil bop (aka...paci) lover in the pumpkin patch.

10. And then Saturday night my friends and (their families) came over for a little hang-out sess!!! By the end of the night we all somehow ended up in the basement. Funny how much kids change what hanging out mean (and until when)...but they are oh SO worth it!!!

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