Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ten On Wednesday (And A Little Prego Update)

1. Week 30 (and 6 days) = Tired Mama. Belly shot will (hopefully) be taken will include it with my 31 week update!!! I seriously have had NO energy to get ready. Brian was hunting all day Friday (so Mase and I had a no get ready day). I worked all weekend (so not photo ready). And Brian went hunting again all day Monday (so Mase and I had another no get ready day). And yesterday I worked (well taught) and when I got home I was pooped so once again no belly shot.

2. I had my 30 week appointment yesterday and my blood pressure was somewhat better 128/86. So no side-laying action!!! I had to do my glucose test again. Lucky me. The only reason I had to do it twice was because of Mason's birth weight. (Thanks Mase)!!! And thankfully I received news this morning that I once again passed with flying colors. Believe it or not I got on the scale this morning and saw a shocking (or not) 190...which brings my total weight gain to...44.5 pounds. Pretty sure I will tip the scale past 200 (tears) which means I most def will break the record breaking 50 pounds I gained with Mase.

3. Thinking maybe just maybe I am sooo tired because Mase developed a cold last week Thursday. Which by now you all know means his (good) sleep habits went out the door. We fight with him for over 2 hours to go to bed. We want him in bed at 8:30pm (he wants 10:30pm). And his napping has also been WAY less than stellar. Reminder he is in a big boy bed so he can get out of his bed at anytime. We always put him right back into his bed (when he walks into our room), we have given him stern warnings, and we have shut the door and let him cry (for short amounts of time). Aghhh hoping this is just another cycle that will (soon) pass. Mama.NEEDS.sleep!!!

Here is Mase in taking over our bed. He came in sopping (from his diaper) wet at 2am. Since he didn't fall asleep til 10pm...he slept in nicely til could one not when one looks THIS comfortable!!!

4. And then I go and get a cold Sunday night into Monday morning. Which has most def NOT helped in the sleep department. I can't breathe through my nose so mouth breathing it is...which leaves my mouth BEYOND dry (and sore). Head is up on 3 pillows...another behind me and another in front. (Brian LOVES my pregnant sleep habits...leaves him with a whopping 2 inches of our bed)!!!

5. Mason found a new hiding spot...
(Hanging out in the laundry room behind the washing machine).

6. Our church did its 1st ever trunk or treat this past Saturday. Like I mentioned above I had to (of course) work all weekend but thankfully I found a coworker to come in a little early for me on Saturday so I could trunk or treat with my boys. Mason had a blast...saying trick treat and watching candy drop in his basket but the little stink pot made me carry him through the whole line of cars. Definitely will be sporting the wagon tomorrow night. Here is my handsome big boy with our adorable little bum...
Sign says...Will WORK for candy!

7. Mase and I met daddy for breakfast on Monday during a break in daddy's hunting. (He hunts only 35 minutes away on his cousin's property). Brian's cousin also joined us for breakfast and oh you know Mason was AWFUL. (Shocking I know). I think it was a combo of three things...his poor sleep habits, the cold, and I think he was scared of Brian's cousin. Bottom line..he was so embarrassing. Brian took him out in the lobby for one chat and I did for two. Things continued to get worse when we went back to his cousin's house. His cousin Bob was going to take Mase (and Brian) for a gator ride (something Mase normally LOVES) but contrary to this picture...Mase wanted nothing to do with it. We played inside for awhile instead and then Mase and I headed home (for much needed naps)!!!  

8. On Friday my (super) mom was baby-sitting for 7 of her 8 grandchildren. The only grandchild she wasn't watching was Mase but since I had the day off we headed over so Mase could play with his cousins and so I could help my mom a bit. No pictures to share but I just love the excitement on Mason's face when he plays with his cousins. He loves them so much (and gets SO hyper excited when he sees them). Hoping he loves his baby just as much!!!

9. I am making Mase an ABC book for Christmas. I got the idea off Pinterest and crazy as it is the person who made the book (that I pinned) actually went to high school with me. I thought it was a cute learning idea (for Mase). Here are two of the pages...

10. Does anyone else's child refuse to say please...thank you... and sorry?

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